Jan 30, 2009

Skating 2 Days In A Row

FIRST day of Skating

Putra LRT. We were going to Kelana Jaya station.

Ni dah mmg sangap. Hahah. Waiting for the LRT to arrive at Kelana Jaya. It took 30 minutes to arrive from KLCC. Sweat.

Najat seemed emo hahah.
Dah sampai KJ, we took the rapidKL bus T623. Pegi Sunway Pyramid kan.

Before skating, we certainly have to look good. I mean, people could see you from above. Kot2 nanti bila kluar from the rink, someone would confront you ke, kan? Hahah :P

Sekadar mengambil gbr dgn AD dia je. Haha.
We saw this thing when we were going down from escalator.

'Ainaa, so excited to choose what to eat, ey?

Boycott KFC and McD. So went to Pizza Hut instead. Hehe.

Promoting mushroom soup. Mmg menjadi. Sedap btul aq tgk haha

What's that you're eating, Ainaa? I still don't know what it is xD

In the ice rink! My posture was indeed awkward.

Happy faces show that we were enjoying the skating :D

Athirah! Takde gbr dalam rink, only had the chance to take her pictures outside ;)
Sometimes I adore her childishness hahah

Atul, as usual. Me with my mata kuyu. Najat with her stunning smile. Ainaa with her.. umm tongue? Athirah, with her childishness :D

I like that guy at the back there hahah.

Atul somehow hurt her leg. Huhu. Ainaa urutkan kaki dia. :D

Nak balik baru amek gbr kat sini. Pegi skating je mesti amek gbr kat spot ni. Takde tempat lain! Hahah.
Oh, without thinking much, I asked a chinese guy - cute chinese guy to be exact :PP - to take a picture of us. Heck, he took TWO pictures of us at this spot. Hahah. He got the nerves to do so because his friends were around ;)

Second Day of Skating

It was my cousin's treat. Well, she postponed skating with me from last year. So she just wanna tebus kesalahan, kesalahan la sgt huhu ;)

Anis and Ayus. Haha so cute.

Curi-curi amek gbr. Haha

Okay, just wanna show off lolx!

The results of skating

Bruises on both of my knees. BIG RED bruises.
Muscle pain.
Hungry all the time.
Thirsty all the time.
Buku lali MELECET. Sedap weh. Aq suka. Yea rite.

But the most important thing is, I enjoyed skating, on the second day. Like how Atul, Ainaa, Najat, and Athirah enjoyed it the previous day =)


That night, before we watch BRIDE WARS (which was totally hilarious!), I met my dear friend Zharif. Zharif, if you're reading this, I wanna apologize that you waited so long to meet me. Huhu. It's your fault too that you didn't join me skating! :P

Had fun talking to you. Hahah.

Jan 24, 2009


Dunno what has got in to me.
I'm too emotional.
Maybe because I didn't eat well.
Instead, I slept from 1pm to 6pm.
Crazy? Indeed.
Because of that, my energy has been used up thus making me lethargic.

Another thing that bothers me is: Atul.
"What your problem?" I'd say, "Atul."
I hate it when she talks.
Whatever she says hurt me.
I know she's just joking, but still.
I hate it when she's right.
Coz the way she made herself RIGHT is just troublesome.
Can't she say it NICER??
I admit it. I hate it when I'm wrong while she's right. ABOUT my things.
Yea I do. Just that, I hate of the way she says it.
She hit straight to the heart. OUCH! OKAY?! OUCHH!

Then I didn't or must I say FORGOT to bake cupcakes.
Coz I slept too much.

I know today is erin's-do-nothing-day.
But not SLEEPING day.
Shouldn't sleep previous evening
Okay, so I don't do SCHOOL stuffs.
But do CHORES instead.
NOT sleeping.
Sometimes you're just too dumb.

New guy came into our school.
He's cute and that bothers me so much.
'Coz I'm gonna get out of the school SOON.
Can't even have the chance to get to know him,
Even from FAR.

What even bothers me is the fact that,
NABILAH, sat beside him and asked him things,
without much EFFORT.
Things like, NAME, DOB, EX-SCH name, ADDRESS.
And even MYSPACE
(but he doesn't have one, he tak layan these kind of things, he says).

I hate to be emotional.
What I should do now,
is finish up ALL of my homeworks.
Yea, then ONLY I can think CLEARLY.

Jan 23, 2009

DOUBLE Celebration

Wan 'Ainaa Izyan dan Norkhalizatul Akmal

My LOVELY DEARLY BEST FRIENDS also known as my sisters =)
BIG sisters to be exact. Hahahah.


Dulu aq jumpa atul time form 1. Skema gila weh. Bukan dia yg skema. CARA kiterang BERKENALAN yg skema.
Erin: Hye, nama awak siapa?
Atul: Nama saya norkhalizatul (senyum nak taknak).
Erin: Oh, nama saya edzfarina. Panggil awak apa?
Atul: Atul je.
Erin: Oh.. :). (Pastu aq pun blur, biasala kan).
Masa tu meeting kelab PELANCONGAN yg, masa tu agak bosan. Hahah. Lepas tu, terus kiterang tak jumpa, bual2. It was as if I lived in my own world, I didn't communicate other than with my classmates.

Ainaa pulak okay la lagi. Better than my first meeting Atul. Hahah. Ngan Ainaa, aq kenal dia through KAWAD SYAHBANDAR. Sorry to say, I'm not good in recalling how I meet people. BUT what I know is that she had the highest above the maximum spirit for Syahbandar, you know. And I was like, WHOA. Hahah.

Maybe I couldn't recall that, but we got a lil bit closer when we were in the same club, TENNIS club. Yeah, I've always asked her if she was gonna play or not. I was craving for a partner. Hahah.

Technically, I wasn't close with them in Form 1. Like I said, I lived in my own world. But knowing them, made me opened myself to let other people walk in to my life. They saved me from my lonely world. I owe them big time =)

All the things that I took seriously from u guys, I didn't mean to. It's just my nature. You both are my prrrrrecioussss (LOTR hahah) that I treasure most.

I love both of you, 'AINAA and ATUL, forever.

This friendship, the wonderful memories that you've planted in me, I will not let them wilt.

Lots of lots of lots of <3,
Nor Edzfarina

Nerdy AN



My cute, cute friend whom is my classmate, and also sits beside me. We share one common thing: MENAHAN KEBAHANGAN MATAHARI yg memancar directly to us, every, single day. Hahah. Sabar je la.

Anyway, back to the real thing. Today is her FIRST day wearing spectacles! WOO! Hahah. According to her, she looks SOPHISTICATED wearing specs. So true. Hahah.

So, congrats AN! Hahahah :D


Ibu jariku melecet disebabkan surface landasan larian lompat jauh yg berjeniskan TAR. Mmg sedap ah. Nasib aq tabah.

Then all my plans for today, didn't work out:
  • Having lunch at Restaurant Rejab,
  • Play tennis,
  • Buy the files,
  • Kawad.
  • As all of my plans didn't work out, I made another plan, nak balik awal. Tu pun TAK JADI.

Eee cepatlaa MARA. Hopefully my name's on the list.

Jan 22, 2009

Silly Mistake

Total SILLY mistake!

I got all excited when I saw the kind of file that I wanted and need to buy. In fact, I was excited because I don't need to go elsewhere FAR or ask people to buy them, which I truly not prefer and could feel terribly sorry to ask them.

However, as I didn't have the money with me, I couldn't buy them. So I told the cashier to reserve 17 files. As if. For sure they have stocks for that item, duh.

So I went home feeling all relieved that I solved my problem.

But the silly, silly thing was, I forgot to look at the PRICE. The tag price. The dang, freaking tag price. Weh, how am I gonna ask people for money if I don't know the price?! Eeeeeee it's an unacceptable mistake! What a treasurer am I?!

Like any other problems, of course I have solutions. You can't be too emotional for small things and make it a total BIG deal - though I admit I always do that, but kept it to myself.

Just that, how could I FORGET to look at the PRICE?! Ugh, I was thinking too much of the future about what I have to do next after I found the file. Eee.

Note to self: FOCUS on the PRESENT.

My tenth entry! Happy anniversary! Hahaha

Jan 20, 2009

Kelas Terbersih

Ting 4 Minggu 2!

Raihan, my model, my victim. Hahah

Why is it a
big deal to me? Last year, I couldn't get my Form 3 Kamil class to get the title. Got once, but, I dunno, I just didn't feel excited about it. And I wasn't happy cleaning up the class. It was only me, me, me, me. No one WILLINGLY to sweep the floor, to wipe the window, to throw out the rubbish. YET I know there were some, and I much appreciate it. It wasn't consistent tho.

The fact that my classmates are mostly nice-not-naughty people has made it easier for me to ask them a favour, either asking them to pay class fee or to clean up the class. Hahaha :P I'd say I'm NOT gila kuasa. I just care about the class' cleanliness!

Haihh, terubat la sikit hati ni. Terjadi gak impiankuu hahah.
You know, when I heard 4C won the title, I was like, "YESS!! WOOO!!!" and as if jumped up and down while I was sitting. Haha. Org lain pun pandang slack je.

I hope this would be consistent throughout the year :D

Jan 18, 2009

Decorate The Class


This one happened on the last period of lessons, which was ADD MATHS class. Earlier, anyone whose book had 'See me' written on it, went to see him - our bapa angkat - in front, one to one. People didn't seem to care to usha2.
I had the 'See me' on mine because I didn't draw the diagram. Sweat. AND also those who had to do corrections. So again, I had to see him. And thennnnn only we started cleaning up and decorating our class!

Mr Tan so kind, helped us clean the whiteboard with thinner. While we, just stared at him and did nothing :p Especially JASON (yg tgh mendagu, on far right), was he worshiping him or something? But not the ones at the back.

Rajivan was so into wiping the window. Just look at the face. Earlier he swept the floor a bit, then this. Sheesh, semangat! Bagus2, teruskann!

Some magazine we got for free but had been ignored, UNTIL Francis and Yoong Kong discovered it :P

A'an is so cute. Haha. Oh, take a look at Sir behind her. Tengah melayan jiwaaa. :x
"Bilalaa aq maw pencen"

THE man wasn't looking so without wasting time, I snapped the picture! He didn't know I brought a camera at that time.

Sir got angry because Zhan Wei lifted his leg like that. Others, didn't care and just smiled at the camera. :D
Earlier, Najat, Nabilah and I already asked Sir to take pictures with us. When I took my camera out, he looked at it as if I didn't ask him about the camera before.

Sir: "Kenapa bawak itu camera?"
Me (I think I did a oh-my-god-i'm-busted face, but it only lasted like 1 second and FINALLY - yea, it felt like hours - I found the words I needed to say): "Oh, saje...untuk ambik gamba klas," I said it while looking back and forth at Ooi Thong and Sir.
Najat then cut in: "A'ah, untuk decorate klas." (Thanks for backing me up!!!)
Sir: "Okay."
Then I was like sticked my tongue out A LITTLE and crinkled my nose at Ooi Thong. Hahah. Alasan je tu untuk 'decorate klas'. Wahaha.

A picture with sir, with me in it. Done posing, sir went, "I saw your hand, Jason." Yea, Jason's the one doing the tanduk at the back of sir. Hahah.

See Teng: I love her laugh. It looks so natural! I've never have a candid picture of me, laughing ;'(
Yoong Kong was jumping up and down, I wonder why. I've thought of saying, "Yoong Kong, stay still please," but I was in a rush.

Eceh Zhan Wei, looking sideways. Konon la yuh :P
That pieces of paper were, I think, the last ones to be stapled on the board.

TUTOR?! NAJAT, baca TUTOR?! Dunia dah nak qiamat.. Hahaha. And Emi, what was so thrilling about BUKIT KEPONG novel?

YAY! TADAAAA! Done decorating the board! For now.
Previously, when the board was still white as my uniform,I was thinking a lot of how A'an would decorate it. Frankly, not a lot. This is just what I've learnt from previous years of having 'AJK BOARD' post. I ended up decorating the board so hideously, like, baik tak payah buat - -". So I thought it would be very hard to decorate it yet it looked so simple. I tend to mengusutkan diri sendiri by thinking way beyond simple. SIMPLE is good. Why do I always wanna make things hard? Sweat.

  • So we've done decorating a part of the class. Although it was only a few, at least it was better something than nothing at all. Hehe :D
  • Dey, why can't the font be bigger?!?! Every time I edit it myself, it always disappears.

First Syahbandar Practice

We were gonna do SIT-UPS, for UDTA. I got A for this but B for push-ups. Dang, my spine was aching while doing push-ups. I'm rather relieved that my muscles weren't in pain because of this exam. But because of I performed an exercise for 30 minutes on the next day, early, way early in the morning before going to school. The hardest part was lying down on bed. My abs were suffering! T_T

Let's move one with Syahbandar practice. This was when we were lining up ikut form. As usual, kiterang still melepak, buat2 lawak. Kesian cikgu susah nak control :x

Waiting for our turn to jump for long jump :P I tell you, that girl without scarf is really good. I can't compete with her. She outshines me. Sob sob.

After long jump, we went for lontar peluru. I've never lontar the peluru that far. Perhaps I was too mad towards most syahbandar members whom didn't show any spirit! The attendance was even only a few! I'm in RAGEE! :p

Then I was ready for 100m. Heck, I think only 5 girls of form 4's ran for 100m. Farah was there too of course. She was the first.

Wanna tell you, May Lee was ahead of me. Then I thought, "Eh, dia ni lagi laju dari aq? Dia ni, the smartest girl in school? Ahead of me? Whoa, takleh jadi. Noooo wayy."
So of course, I intended to potong her(I ran next to her lane). Slowly I caught up with her. Running beside her, still I didn't give up. I tried running faster. Slowly, I was ahead of her because I couldn't see her by my side anymore. I did a great finishing at the finishing line. And you know what? It felt DANG GOOD. I know I didn't run fast (I'd say it was 18-19s), but running pass someone felt totally good. :P

Every body else already gone home, but not us! Semangat syahbandar weh! Haha. Alang2 teman cekgu sign the koku books ;)

Setelah penat melompat jauh yg tak seberapa nak jauh, berlari 100m yg tak seberapa nak laju, dan melontarkan peluru yg amatlah berat, kami pun melepak bersembang-sembang mengenangkan latihan syahbandar hari tuu.

  • If I didn't have the spirit, I'd say the practice was indeed boring and gloomy.

Jan 8, 2009


  • Mr TAN called me Menteri Kewangan! Hahahha. I don't know why it's a big deal to me, but I'm just flattered to be called that. Wahaha. Sweat.
  • Actually, I was looking and smiling at him because I wanted to answer the ADD MATH question. Instead, he said, "Menteri kewangan, why are you staring at me?" with that tone voice of his. I replied with a grin, "Ohh, nothing." Didn't he know that I wanted so bad to answer the question?
  • I'm starting to TALK in English!! Hahah. I've never felt confident to even try to talk in english.
  • So, let's get back to my trip to PJ. Correction, 38-Form-4-students' trip to PJ. :P. Kat sana ada majlis AMANAT TAHUN BARU 2009. Maybe SAB was invited so we went there. Pictures will make it easier!
Going to Putrajaya by bus

In the building (the name's PICC MAYBE), going up

And up

And up again
(I love this picture. You guys rock! Especially Adhoy yg memeriahkan gambar ni. Hahah)

We got KPM goodie bags. They included food and water too :D

Gemok btul. Takleh ke tahan lapar? :p

Thina, Soufri, Amer, Adeeb


Fid, Dany


Syuhada and Farah

Atul busy maen fon!

Sempat lagi baca buku time org bagi speech haha

Adhoyyyy, Aqilahhh, dan tangan atul yang gemok

Guys at the back, Muiz buat keco gilahh

Makanlaa Atul. I thought you like eating? Hahah.
After perasmian, we went to the cafeteria. Free food.

Haa makan korang makann. Oh, we only got a glass of water EACH. Can't refill. Or maybe the water dah habis.

Atul lepas makan, relax cam gaya Datuk-datuk. Hahah.
Atul asked me to take some lauk. So I decided alang-alang I makan je la sekali. But just a bit of rice. Had no appetite for RICE. Too much CARBS. Hahahah. Naaaaa. Just had no appetite.

Kiterang je (SABIANS) yang ada kat situ, kat kafeteria. Yg lain suda naik BUS! After snap pics, rushing kluar building. :P

Luckily, they didn't leave us behind.
Going back to school!
Hindustan songs. So I bet Adeeb was dancing along. Haha.

There were two more girls who didn't get in the bus so we thought instead of wasting time waiting for them, we just went out and snap some pictures.

I was looking away because guys over my left were like saying BOOOOOOOOOOOO. Heck, I didn't care xD I look pretty cool in this pic anyway, right? Hahah. Perasan.

With 'Ainaa

Nice view

Me and Atul

WE WERE LEFT BEHIND!! We sooo thought we were.

You don't know how WORRIED we were when we saw our bus leaving! We were like running for the bus, "Weiii, nape bus gerakk??!?!?!?! Takkan la tinggalkan kita kot!!!" Wahahah. Then thank god Aqilah SMS Atul saying that they were just going to make a U-turn. Because they couldn't park there, have to make way for other buses. And of course we were soooo worried. Cuak gila because that bus was the ONLY transport to our home! BUT, I did think we could tumpang other school, like guy school hahahah

SAS? Don't know why I took a picture of their bus' butt. Oh, we did get into our bus. THANKGOD!

After school. Busan, takde keje. And diorang pun memang sukarela nak posing. Posing tak nak poyo lagik. Tapi takpe, I'm getting used to it as my cousins are like this too -.-"
  • Okayyy. That's all. I'm gonna remember this trip forever! I most love the part where Atul, Ainaa and I felt so dang worried to be left behind. Hahah. It was somehow embarrassing because our schoolmates saw us running for our bus. You know, like running for your bus because you were late.
  • And don't forget the cuci-mata thing! Hahah. Best best. Lepas gak tension aq!