Feb 15, 2011

Pusat Sukan

I played tennis alone. And then a guy whom I thought was in his forties, asked me to join him. It turned out that he actually looked like he was in his twenties.

I got to play with them. But I couldn't be friendly like, 'Heyy, what's your name?' and go all chirpy. It's in me, playing in my head, but not in me to do it.

My friend thought that's sort of sombong. Oh geez, could they be thinking like that too? Was that their first impression of me? Man, I always put bad first impressions.

Nonetheless, after knowing what I did was rather not appropriate, I should be more lively. Just don't get myself embarrassed.

Live it

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly, and without fear for newer and richer experience.
This relates so much to my university life. All these days, all I think was the chance to go back home. I didn't realize that activities at UiTM are so much more fun than staying at home, surfing the internet. Or I call it, doing nothing. I don't do good staying at home. All I do are going online, watching tv, eat, sleep, and getting fat. Chores? Helping mom in the kitchen? The accountability still doesn't appear in me.

I'm just jealous listening to my friends talking about how great some activities were. They got to mingle with each other. They knew each other better. And I missed out that opportunity.

I should have reached out eagerly to taste what life is by joining all the activities. That should not be included as a geek. Participating means socializing. And I should do more of it. Not just staying home or my room. That's why you say live life to the fullest.

I think I needa get my head in the game. To think like how I've been thinking in MJSC Kuantan, and not being a spoiled brat.

Feb 12, 2011


February 8th 2011
I got out of the class, reached for my bag for the phone to read the new messages that came in during the class - to see that the red phone was not there. I got panicked and went back to the class to see if I left it. But I was so sure that there was no sound of a phone dropping on the floor.

Whoever would take it? I could not accuse my classmates, my friends - they were too good of a person. I believed them that much.

In the cafeteria, I found out my camera was also gone too. I thought I brought it everywhere and was very sure that I've put it in my bag. I didn't leave it at home. It was too precious. I love capturing moments. I couldn't sit still and decided not to eat and go back to my room.

The sad part was that, my friends told me to think carefully - perhaps I misplaced it, perhaps I didn't even bring them to class. They made me think I was being careless, or halucinating. That made me got angrier. How could my friends say that? But maybe they were right. Because sometimes I AM careless.

My friends didn't help me search for those stuffs. They were like, it's okay, they must be in some place somewhere, don't worry. How could I not worry when I lost them at the same time? Why did the stealer didn't take my purse too? I felt pissed off with myself and also with them.

I felt like a ghost took it, like toyol. Like there was a huge power at work here. Stupid, I know. I even thought there was somebody that was making a prank on me. Kusut gila ok.

At night, I was like, pasrah, redha and tawakkal and went to eat at Medan Selera Seksyen 2. My friends pun macam tak risau sangat, so I didn't want to burden them with my griefness. It felt so light to go out without my precious things.

When I was eating, I felt a thump in my heart, feeling so incredibly sad, but what else I could do? I lost them already, and I tried to search for it. I even lost my black simple handphone, when I was not in the room. Geez.

But when we got home... a happy birthday song was sang, by my batchmates. I cried so loud, especially when I saw my camera in the hands of Fadzlin. Like, 'OMG camera aku, camera aku!!' Of course I got mad at them, in a good way. Really, I could feel the relief washed through me.

Thank god you guys didn't see me cry and I ate for dinner before I knew I got punk'd.

Muka Ada paling annoying haha

Cats camping behind the house

My dad is a cat-person, a cat-lover. But there is one thing that holds him back from keeping one. I think feeding the cats is one way to show his love for the cats.

He started feeding them some time in the end of last year. Since then, the cats always come to our house, waiting to be fed. They've become so fluffy from skinny bones. Heck, they even eat chicken bones, wholly. Like wow, aren't chicken bones supposed to be so hard like rocks?

Well, today I gotta chance to see them being fed. At first, the cats camped at the back of our house. I thought it'd be interesting to capture a picture of them. So I ran off to take the camera and came back, to see there was no memory card in it. The cats saw me.
I left the kitchen to take the card. Surprisingly they left the place, thinking there was no food when they saw me leaving them - except for one cat.
When dad threw a small piece of meat, then only they gathered back. Such hypocrites!

It was unexpected when they prioratize the kitty to eat first. Such kindness in the cats. They even feel that.

One thing that captured me was their eyes, magnificent eyes. When I looked at them in the eyes, it was as if they were asking for sympathy, asking me to give them food. Their eyes were like the eyes of Puss in Boots in Shrek 3 - round and big eventhough not literally, but that was how it seemed and felt like. Amazing.

Feb 6, 2011

Fake infatuation

To me, you're different from any other guy because you talk to any girls. You are a gentleman to every girl. And I got that treatment only from you. No other guy would really wanna do that. So basically, the infatuation is because you're the only guy who treats me like that. But the truth is, you treat me like you treat other girls just the same.

That's why I'm just imagining things. You easily fool me. And you don't even know.

In conclusion, there's nothing to be infatuated about you. I'm just a friend. I realize that :)

Just imagination

Actually I created you and me.
You make me treat you just the same as the others.
That makes you nothing special.

18 years of life

You guys made my 18th year so wonderful! :)