Dec 30, 2015


Hahah funny how I'm in love with young Luke Skywalker in the 80's. He's so handsome in his own way. I can't get over this.

Wow this is like Avi Kaplan all over again. Mark Hamill was so handsome! And getting to know him made me not unlike the old him because he is such a sweetheart.

Dec 16, 2015


I know what's going to happen.
I know what he is going to tell me.
The eagerness that he shows in phone messenger is too obvious.
He actually just couldn't wait to tell me the good news.
To tell me about the girl of his dreams.
To tell me how wonderful she is.
To tell me how it went from thereon.
To tell me how it got to being serious-to-marry relationship.
And I will just have sit there across the table
and listen to all his happy sappy stories about the girl he loves.

Oh I am sure. So sure, that even though I know what would happen,
I also know that I wouldn't know how to respond.
As a friend. As a close friend.

I keep playing the what-could-be scene over and over.
But I couldn't seem to visualize myself of how I would react.

Well, Erin. Get ready to hide everything you feel like you want to show.
I suppose things are going to be left unsaid.
Where lips are sealed.
Just like all these years.

Dec 14, 2015




My feels hahah


The rules of forgetting a person whom you think you like, are:
  1. Do not write about them
  2. Do not talk about them to anyone
  3. Do not mention or utter their names
  4. Do not contact them unless it's work

Dec 13, 2015


So many times in my career, I realized that I had to work at one place, so I could learn what I needed to know, to excel at the next. It’s a process. So much knowledge comes with age and simply living life.

Take your time. Read. Breathe. Live. Someone is always going to be ahead of you. That’s their story, their path. And if you don’t “make it” until you’re 30, 40, or 80 it’s what was supposed to happen. It doesn’t mean you failed.

I find that if I try to rush my progress in life, I just hit a wall. Something bigger is at work here. We are always moving into what we are ultimately supposed to become.

 Heidi George


I agree. It's the sad truth. But when I think again, for muslims commenting on muslims, one of my pet peeves is that based on a photo yang MasyaaAllah mendatangkan fitnah, people praise their relationship. I don't know how to elaborate this further, but I just, it annoys me.

I admit I do express relationship goals, especially on non muslim posts. And it's basically goals for when I'm married. So actually, how does this differ from muslim expressing relationship goals on muslim's haraam relationship? Hahah whatever. My justifications would always have my side.

Maybe it's the fact that it seems to me as if people want that before marriage relationship when they say goals and when they praise too much of their idols when actually it shouldn't be something you wish for? Religionly speaking tho? Anyway, a certain source says it's not wrong to have a relationship before marriage, considered that you do it right.

And I think the source of this problem is mostly on a photo uploaded for the whole world to see even if you don't intend to. Coz well. People talk.


Those times when you want to tell a really good joke but then you have to hold back coz only your family and extended would understand it


No filter makes a picture as natural as it is. But then I simply enjoy a photo with a good coloring.

Dec 11, 2015


I thought of sharing the photo of our selfie but.... I just really don't want to immortalize him on my blog lol

Dec 10, 2015


I hate that I'm too attached to your songs. To the songs you have introduced me to. To the songs you're in. It's not relative. It's from those you appear in videos with that background music. And what more to the songs you just randomly talk and tweet and sing.

Nov 30, 2015


We've got work in the morning
But it's nearly 5am.
Is this really what we envisaged?
We won't be 21 again.


Maybe we'd marry and we'd work it out fine,
In some other time, some other time
And we are happy when I'm walking that line,
It's all in my mind, all in my mind
I paint the ceiling so that nobody knows
I cover it slow, cover it slow
It's like you've never even met me before,
How little I show, little I show

Nov 25, 2015


There are always times when I know and realize that I'm not doing well for my own being. I'm not person I visualized myself to be. It's the point of time when I think I am no fit for anyone. Because I am just useless and hopeless as a person. Even the closest person has lost faith in me. And there could be a possibility that... I don't know.

Change is inevitable. But it seems as though I have changed to the worst.

Nov 19, 2015


I received a quite number of head-shakes because of my driving.

What I remember is that I got two from motorcyclists and one from a pak cik.

From motorcyclists:

1. It was because of me changing lanes. So this Indian pak cik geleng geleng kepala like I did really wrong. Like WTH dude, I gave signal light, then the traffic light was red. WHAT DOES IT DO GOOD FOR YOU TO SPEED UP WHEN IT WAS FREAKING RED. THINK BRO.

2. It was because I tried to make one lane to become two lanes. The traffic jam was terrible. Cars are crawling on the road. And the one road lane was so huge that it could fit two big cars, not just some Viva or Kancil. To my logic, you should maximize the road by compacting cars side by side, to let the cars behind not to queue so freaking long. So dude, WHERE IS YOUR FREAKING LOGIC

I really dislike some of motorcyclists. Like, sometimes you guys also need to anticipate drivers' thinking. We have really bad blind spot. 

From a driver:

I think I have already told this before.

So there. It's just bothering me that what I think I did right, they saw it as wrong. But whatever, people think so differently.

Nov 14, 2015


"Kreatif Menutup Aurat"

Kreatif Menutup AuratBy : macamcantik.comMore : Sukan Star TV @ Sukan Star .com @
Posted by Sukan Star TV on Thursday, 12 November 2015

The comments who said this fashion is stupid, seriously, GTH. Ok jk. No, I mean, this has helped me a lot in terms of tutup punggung. And wanna know something else? It has already existed in the early 2000's because I know my sister wore it this way back in the days when she was a student. 

Like dude, to me, it's not serabut. C'mon. Kat luar tu dah ada famous designers yang buat baju shirt, then jahit ngan kain lain sampai dia tutup punggung and atas peha; just to give the double layer effect.

It's also not about 'Baik pakai jubah, senang, berangin, sejuk.' or 'Pergi la beli je baju dah siap tutup punggung semua, murah je sekarang ni, ada banyak.' No no NO. It's about using what we already have.

So what if it will look weird to other people, if you comfortable with it? So what if it does not conform to the current fashion trend? You wear what makes you feel good to live the days out there.

Honestly though, I've done this fashion so many times in my life, that it's funny when famous designers this year are just starting to pick up the pace.

This might seem 'berlagak' but oh well, you guys are my friends :P

Oct 31, 2015


I have to stop feeling left out when the truth of the matter is that I'm not close to them 😔


My principle of life:
People wouldn't know that I'm engaged. No fancy hantaran. No fancy pelamin.

One of tumblr obsession 

Then another self obsession


Part of me is upset of how I am not looking forward for growth. Because I am always yearning for a job like you only need to stay in office and you don't need to travel elsewhere. Because it will be a daily routine and things don't have to change and you don't have to find places and you don't have to adapt to that new situation every (average of) 2 months.


That turn off moment when a good song have bad lyrics.

Like Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On and Love Me Like You Do


Oct 26, 2015


When I had no one to go to the concert with, my friend willingly did. Before the concert, I got in early. So I stood at the middle, second row, with my other two pentaholic friends met over tumblr.

When she entered the area, I went to her, and asked her to join standing at our place. So we stood for some minutes. Then after a few moments, she walked out from the crowd and sat down somewhere uncongested.

Then I received an SMS. From her. "Kita ingat Erin takde kawan tadi.. Honestly that's why I bought the ticket in the first place."

I was contemplating to abandon my post and go and sit down with her or just stay standing at where I was standing. I was thinking that if she's my friend, and she knows I'm so crazy in love with PTX, she would understand. This text might just be nothing. And I have other (newly) known friends here standing with me.

But then her text really hit me. My tumblr friends, I just met them.... Concert or whatever else in the world, friends come first. Dan hati orang kena jaga. I thought about the aftermath if I didn't abandon my post for her. It seemed bad.

So when I went and join to sit down with her, I was glad. I felt relieved. I didn't lose my friend. She's one of the the sweetest and coolest person I've met and I didn't want to lose that. When or if she mentions me, I would be so honoured to be called as her friend. And anyway, my tumblr friends joined us a few moments afterwards, 'coz seriously it took a long time to wait.

Oct 24, 2015


Lol I miss how I had all the time to actually write the whole thing of the day and not just some censored cut scenes with emotional kick


When you are in the crowd
or when you look at a photo of people
your mind was set
your eyes couldn't help
but to search for that one person
and as you lay eyes on him,
you could feel a rush of tranquility sinking in
and everything else does not matter


The ridiculousness in my good looking guyfriends
I give up

Oct 23, 2015


Lol I'm in love with some friendship that I have noticed here at my work place. They're so close that they just talk to each other effortlessly.

And today I coincidentally wore the same pattern of shirt with two of my seniors. If only I could get us together for a photo, that would be cute.

Oct 4, 2015



Oh how I feel flattered when I caught cute guys staring at me (but this is when I don't wear glasses). But still.

Idk man. I feel so giggly lately. I mean, I watch Plan Cinta Tak Jadi and like damn that drama makes me feel all bubbly. Maybe I miss feeling that way. Because in some way, we have stopped being so. Or maybe because it's hard for us to meet. I don't know.

So many cute guys.
The airport dude.
The bawak pokok dude.

Damn it I really want to run away from this country. I really want to go there. I do not want to stay here. I do not want to do MBA. I want Professional Accounting. I know I don't know what I want to do in the future or what business I want to create. I just, want my parents to be happy.


ACCA is already a master level. Yet you are still not entitled to hold the "Master" because honestly... they're just exams

Sep 27, 2015


When a person is handsome or beautiful, you couldn't much deny the fact that they are, and the fact that any interaction between you and him (in this case it's a guy) makes you giggly.

I could always be peramah and ask him stuff but I didn't. To all the people I began to talk with, I let it hanging. It ended just there. What a bummer. I could have done something.

So I reread this on 19th November 2015 and thinking, when was this? Which guy? Damn I could not recall a thing.

Okay. Update: This is about the airport dude. I mean, this entry was posted on 27th September. I was at the airport that day, coming back from Melbourne. How did I not think about it? I've forgotten the date I went to Melbourne lol. It crossed my mind when the post about wanting to do MPA instead of MBA.

So this airport dude. Haha. He helped me with my luggage. I mean, seriously, my luggage was HUGE. The way I was lifting it, it could easily tell you that it was heavy for me. I had to do it by myself.

I was queuing for the custom, not knowing a cute guy behind me, until it was my turn. It felt really silly to lift the bag because it was freakin' heavy. The women police was not that friendly to help me with it. Yea I mean whatever, you're trained, I know you can carry anything heavy.

Yeah it took me some long seconds to put the bag on the tray. When exiting, I was like, okay, Erin, prepare to lift the bags without taking too much time. But no. The smaller bag came out first. So I just simple lifted it and put on the trolley first. But then how was I supposed to put the bigger bag? So I was like, trying and trying to put the bag on the trolley, but failed. I decided to just take out the smaller bag aside, to make room for the bigger luggage.

Then at that time, gosh, that time, he asked, "Boleh ke? Meh saya tolong." "Oh ok.." He easily lifted the bag onto the trolley while I took a glance on how he is. He's a skinny guy. But I saw he kind of brought some sports tool. Badminton? I can't recall. He's not just a skinny guy. Maybe because guys are meant to be strong even when they are skinny. So he seemed to be a strong guy. He lifted with ease, cam tak terhegeh hegeh.

Then after the first bag, I wanted things to end so quick that I took (or tried to) the smaller luggage. But then he also offered his hand to lift that bag so I just simply 'okay' and handed him the bag handle and accidentally, our skin touched. His hand was quite cold.

Then, done with my stuff, I just said, "Thank you." I mean, just imagine how I don't talk that much??? Ruginyaaa. Then I just went off without waiting him or look at him in the eye to say thank you or whatever else. I saw him went off first when we arrived outside. I had to wait for my parents. So there was where it ends. That's it.

Sep 25, 2015


Phone cameras are rubbish unless they have optical zoom. They all have tiny sensors. Digital zoom is just image degradation. End of report.
Link. My savior, thank you.

Sep 24, 2015


I have an unhealthy obsession over my friend's beautiful face.

Sep 23, 2015


You set a trend not following the shariah. And millions of people follow, bearing the sin in which you are one of the cause. You have already sinned, then you make others follow you. How terrible is that?

I feel deeply sad seeing people looking up and follow the trend set from these hijabsters.

Very skinny pants. Ankle-length pants with no decency to cover up the feet. The style of hijab. The smaller and above the breasts, the more stylish looking you are. Then the sinsing lengan. That looks cool, ey?

It's true. Benda yang dapat dosa ni memang best je bila buat.

It's also really hard for me to not follow the trend though. You just need to take a step back and look everything as a whole.

Sep 22, 2015


There are many small things I want to talk about. But the strongest feeling now, is to apply for Monash University for MBA which costs AUD38,700. Multiply by three would be around MYR 120K.Like... where do I get the money... I really hope and pray my brother in law could help me on this.

But before applying, I have another obstacle. One of the requirement is to have English language as medium of my degree course. But ACCA is 100% English. What more do you want? I hope they reply me ASAP...

I'm going to apply once I get the reply from admin. Then only I think of loan from MARA. The intake is Feb 2016 and I need to act fast. Oh Allah please hear my prayer.

Sep 16, 2015

#162 Pieces of 5A

Raya made some of us reunite. It was Syaf's open house specially for us. It was late, but for the sake of my friends, the feeling to meet them was so strong.

I am so grateful that I made that decision. Remember when I said my 5A classmates are the best classmates I've ever experienced in my whole life? It's true. That day has proven to me again, that they really are the best. We gossiped on so many things lol (istighfar)

Also, my guyfriends at high school are as cool as my UiTM guyfriends. I mean, I felt like home already. I felt like I was hanging out with the boys, but actually it was with my high school boys and girls. I think the sole reason to this is because my college guyfriends are also from MRSM, and they kind of have the same treat one way or another.

I wish I could have joined the trip to Kuantan. But this raya visit was sufficient.


That moment when you can't get over how wonderful your work turns out.

My friends since UiTM (might also be since MRSM) have been asking me to pursue this interest of mine. I didn't see myself to be doing this. Because there are just so many photographers out there. What more when they capture neat photos just by using a mobile phone. Even when I was the photography for my batchmates and activities in UiTM, there are just more out there who took better photos than mine. I feel insecure. I feel like it would not be my field.

My batchmates have asked me to take classes of photography to enhance my skills. But I didn't. I thought of every possible thing, but I didn't make it happen. I didn't make it happen.

One opportunity came to me; a friend who knows my amateur photography skills. And I don't ask for anything. Coz I know my skills are not up to that point. So I thought. Why not. To help a friend.

One thing in life is that, never do things half heartedly. Like some people they might not do things whole heartedly and at their best because they don't get paid enough. No. Do things with sincerity. 

Besides, I know it would be a great exposure to me. I have never done an actual photoshoot for a business. To be honest, I've been experimenting skills on capturing models. I have a lookbook profile for it. I look at random profiles and try the poses on my own. Also I try to capture the photos, which usually Ha is the model. We try tho.

And finally I have used it for the real deal. I don't know about wedding photography, I don't much like it lol tapi kalau di situlah rezeki, kita terima.

My cousin was right. Just hangout on weekends to get exposure, to capture whatever you find interesting, even if you don't get paid. I didn't listen to him though. I stayed at home instead. Silly me.

However I still have more spaces to improve. Because I lack interaction. Which is something very important in this world.

Sep 15, 2015


It's so magical how something you always have in mind to do it but redha je coz it seems impossible. But then it actually happened.

To elaborate about this, I've been wanting to take photos together at Skypark when the three of us were in one team. But me being me, I always couldn't get myself to ask them for a photo.

Precisely, it's the incident where us three took a photo together. And.... my creys
Honestly I am almost as tall as Qad on my left here. I just did so for Zalila.


I dreamt of singing with another two close friends and we had the loveliest voices I never thought we would. Only that, it's because our minds are capable of the impossible.


This morning a pak cik with I think ranger rover or HRV sounded the horn at me because I was blocking the way. Little did he care that I was going to park. As if I'm the immature parking person... Then you gave me that look... Like wth....
I realize tho afterwards, I could have just gone into the lot first, then only adjust my car when the road is free..
Whatever pak cik


I'm the kind of yang benda belum mula lagi, tapi dah gelabah cam lipas kudung. And it is always regarding passing exams.


I just don't make time for people. I wonder how my house mates get along so well and I'm here like potato. It's like I didn't exist. I don't make time for any of them and to rant this to them is useless because it's my own fault. I have them as friends but not like Mad and Atul friend. I guess I can't change because it's all on me. I chose to be this.

And it kind of still happens in my working life... coz I have Faris and Ha. I don't know what's wrong with me


At National Mosque for our second photoshoot, a foreigner asked me to take a photo of him in the mosque. Then he asked where I was from. I don't know know to whom he directed the question; to us or to me. So I said, "Oh yea we're local."
"Oh, so you live in Kuala Lumpur?"
"Yea yea, we live here."
"Ahhh I see. Have a good day then. Take care!"

He waved and carved a wide charming smile. I replied, "Hey, you too! Take care!"

I couldn't help but feel so happy. Right then I had a theory for myself. I might have a unique face that people think I'm just not a Malaysian. Kekekeke

Later on, walking back to our sitting spot, I was like, Eh but he sounded like an Arabic guy. Why did he have to wear that robe? Maybe he was not a Muslim. Hmmmmmm..... no idea.

Lol I was rambling to myself in front of a merely stranger. Whatever.


I feel like, Twitter is not safe for my freedom of speech. The more I know that more people a reading, the more insecure I would feel. Of course I would love for people to read my thoughts. But Twitter kind of beats the purpose. Twitter is somehow for lazy people. They are interested to scroll through because it's easy to read bits of this and that and not wholly.

And it's always because of the word limitation that could get the wrong message to be delivered. Or the message to be wrongly interpreted. Though yes, people look at things differently. My tweets are always vague that I sometimes feel pointless to tweet about it. Sometimes also I feel like my tweet could hurt some readers or raise issues and dramas so I just couldn't make myself to voice that freely.

Nonetheless the word limitation to deliver a message is a good of an art of precision. Which I am not good at. Unless sometimes I just like to babble.....

But hey, it's a pity for me that people couldn't know what my tweets really mean. Because most of them are just one out of a thousand pieces of the stories.

And the stories are always more than just that one tweet.

Sep 12, 2015

#153 Graduation gift

From my dearies Teha and Amal.
I smiled like a goof receiving this parcel. Things like this are always heart warming, they're so kind and loving, that I feel like such a bad friend all these years.
I wish you know how much I appreciate everything.

Sep 9, 2015


I am meant for more than just this.


Kenapa rasa asyik nak berhenti kerja? Rasa tidak syukur? Ketahanan diri tak kuat? Kerja yang tak sesuai? Colleagues tak menarik?

Sep 7, 2015


To my long bearded friend, I was awe struck to actually witness your beard in real life. Like, dude, shit got real


Remember when we all used to joke about who's going to be the wedding planner? Who's going to bale the cakes? Who's going to be the photo/videographer? Who's going to design the wedding dress? The wedding place? All of us have the talent to do that. But because of time constraint and we being in a state where we don't know what to do with ourselves at this young age.

And the time actually came. It was Haz who has gone first. With the lovely adorable Mona. They were depending on me for photos. But of course I am always not ready... my skills are not on point. Or the lighting was not helping much I just feel terrible for the bad photos... 

Aug 30, 2015


As I look at the photos of Mona and Haz together, I couldn't help smiling like a goof and keep telling myself that this guy has married, has become someone's husband. Like, this is the first time someone close to me has gotten married. The near tears were real. I fell in love with all the simplicity. I don't know how else I would tell this. I'm run out of words that this should be what it is in humanity.


MasyaaAllah how simple was the nikah. Especially when the guests were the people who sincerely came for the majlis ilmu to gain knowledge and barakah, not the people you invite. How simple that they didn't need to bring any hantaran along with them, only the rings (and perhaps the mas kahwin which I didn't see in physical lol). How simple that they just wear simple clothes for nikah. Knowing how kind of rich my friend's family is, everything about the nikah was so simple. And having Sheikh to tie the knot for them is such a huge blessing masyaaAllah.

I hugely respect this nikah. Nothing ever can top this.

Cakap orang sampai mati. Kenapa kita kena kisah?

And oh we went to Farah's afterwards. But not all of us. It's a trend that we do every year for Raya. I can't believe it has already been a year since I went to Farah's. This one is no kidding.

Aug 25, 2015


I always got angry or giving faces with my seniors. Padahal sebab kerja je. As a person, they're nice people. And actually, as a person during working, they're nice persons too. I really need to learn to contain my feelings lol

Aug 23, 2015


The thing I like about DeFam's Supergirls is that they didn't confuse the pronounciation for between Malay's letter R and English's letter R. They are pronounced differently and they did  it perfectly. Especially the Malay rapping. Coz honestly, I feel sick listening/hearing people using English R in Malay conversation lol


So, as of 23rd August 2015, I have renewed my IC and passport at UTC in Keramat Mall on the lovely Sunday morning. Not crowded. Not long to wait. Not like back at the time I was doing in Shah Alam in around 2013. That was nightmare. I had to go there twice.

Operating hours are different for each Jabatan I think. Coz I saw for Jabatan Imigresen, it's opened from 830 am to 930/1000 pm. As for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, on Sundays (and actually everyday), it is opened from 830 am to 830 pm only. They are definitely closed if during public holidays.

So thank goodness for UTC

More info

Aug 22, 2015


The best would be that, people don't even know you are engaged until the day you tie the knot. Oh worldly


It's always not fun tweeting. I don't explain things much. Elaborations are a'ways in my blog instead


Do you understand the joy when you see your guyfriends being too handsome you feellike crying coz you're so proud of who they have become like
My kids are growing up *tears*


Masa takde kerja, tak nak bagi kerja. Sibuk nak siapkan benda lain. Pastu suruh orang kerja masa weekend. Pui. Subordinate management tak bagus. Kenapa la tak boleh rate your senior ini tidak adil.
Penat woi duduk depan laptop. Nak guna saja saja pun dah malas blergh

Aug 17, 2015


What I learnt, don't just say okay after someone asks you to do something. Process the data, and actually do it.


I wasn't nominated by anyone for anything, even for best gifs (?!)

I got so many positive feedback from messages. But no one or more than five or two nominated me :(


Aug 14, 2015


i forgot what i wanted to talk about
lol i really love to bother the seller with my item. like it's already 3 months and i'm waiting for refund and you are local not overseas
then like for babyshawl wth dah dua minggu patut sehari je ok wth salah customer sedih ah gini

Aug 11, 2015


I really like the outfit of one of my senior here. Like, she got the coolest clothes man. I wish I'm that rajin to wear mine.

Aug 10, 2015


I know it's a trend. But I should stop doing and buying things because of Instagram. It's sick. The world is sick. The cruel truth.

(I'm talking about my phone and how I always think of IG when I want to post photos)

Aug 9, 2015


There were too many things to tell. But we got so little time.

Aug 8, 2015


Apparently I'm the kind of staff like what Cik Ta described. Forgetful or just too shallow to think further. I only photocopy the tax information for one company, and not the other two companies. As for this one co, the tax comp and other forms were not in then file. I only found the refund. But man, I know I should have made an inquiry to the client about this. Sigh. Tapi aku sanggup je pergi balik client base.


Okay so I wore shorts and short sleeved shirt and no scarf on my head. I went out to the car inside the gate, to find out my neighbour just came out at his door house. And I kind of buried my head in the car to get my sis in law's brother's satchel. Then I was like do I hide inside this car or just ignore everything and walk into my house? I do the latter. I didn't freak out running dashing into my house tho. Lol so much for keeping it cool. Now he knows what has been hidden T.T

Today I woke up at 1030 am still feeling reluctant to get out of bed, thinking if I should go to Bukit Jelutong or not. But then it was already 2 pm. Like around 330 they were already going to Nilai. So I was like ok jumpa sana.

Then I google mapped Mek Reel's place in Nilai. From my home. Wth 45 km with 50 minutes journey. Alone. Then reaching home at night, alone. I might need to pass this trip. If it was a convoy, I would have made it. But then, to even reach to the meeting place is too far. I've sacrificed myself too many times to travel to Shah Alam from home sobs

Aug 7, 2015


Please accept your mistakes. Throw away your ego soooo far. Please.

Aug 6, 2015


I'm watching If I Stay again. The beginning. About her best friend taking random pictures.

And it makes me remember how I was in high school. I was the person who is always with a camera in my hand. And the fact that I was also a photographer for the school's magazine, I just took any photos I wanted. Any people I want. Mostly of course I took photos of attractive people, girls and boys. And I like to see how they enjoyed being captured. And they deserve it.

But hey, my main point is capturing attractive people. Especially guys. I push away all my cowardice and shyness and just snap. I kept my poker face on, while sometimes they responded with delightful, sometimes they didn't notice, and then I just whisk away, feeling giggly. Hahah silly me


That stupid feeling when I ate lauks yang dah berusia hampir 2 minggu (14 hari) and the fact that I think they still taste okay..... lol Sue me


Drama Silir Kasih ni, diorang based in kawasan kampung. Sorang mamat baru habis sekolah ni bermasalah. Suka kacau perempuan. Yang sedihnya sebenarnya,mcara ex schoolmate dia ni tolak invitation dia. Dia dah la bermasalah, pastu asyik kena bandingkan dengan member yang dah banyak berubah. Kena pulak ditolak perempuan dengan marah marah. Mana tak lagi dia nak buat jahatnya. I do think one way to affect people is with kindness. Not harshly.

Aug 5, 2015


Me writing in English: A+++++++++++
Me talking in English: F beyond the deep ocean


Bila performance materiality level naik, FAHAM TAK PERASAAN GEMBIRA TAK PAYAH BUAT BANYAK KERJA AHSDFLHASJKDLF thank god T_T Alhamdulillah

And tomorrow is finally the time to use my one time experience of stat auditing with Mr. Qad. I hope everything will be smooth.

Aug 4, 2015


Kalau kamu betul sukakan dia, jangan lepaskan dia. Kalau sekali kamu lepaskan dia, terlepas sampai bila bila.
— Calon Suami Novelis

Don't judge (laughing historically) 


I always got really pissed off with my seniors. They always detect the things I did wrong when I thought I was right.

Stupid right. This actually indicates my egoism. Gosh, habits really die hard.

I still remember how I was so unsatisfied when my claasmates found the error I did in Maths. I confessed to them before SPM the next day tho, that I'm that ego kind of person, so that I just wanted to make it clear to everybody so they could forgive me.

I guess I need to try harder to change.


As I watch the drama Silir Kasih, baru nak hati bunga bunga dengan babak babak comel ni, pastu tiba tiba ada orang tak puas hati, benda buruk mula berlaku. Weh baru nak gembira ngan hidup, berapa minit je berubah.

Then I was like, hidup... camnilah...

Lately I keep on laughing to myself whenever I relate the things I see, that those nostalgic things quickly crossed my mind. Those bittersweet memories. Hati berbunga.
Then I wish, I wish to go back from the beginning and wishing to never have met you. The problems between us were so obvious, yet we were oblivious of the future. We only lived the present (we went with the flow).

But then again, I have learnt so many things. Like how a best friend teach you things, you have always done it. I do not regret a single thing. Going to separate ways seems impossible. And I've been hanging on a loose rope.

Aug 2, 2015


"I'm going to sleep early tonight so I can go to work early and do some work."

But this always fails.


Now I understand how mum feels when she does not care to sacrifice her resting time in order that she could provide the best treat for her beloved kids. She does that so her kids would want to come home on the weekends. She wants them to feel welcomed and at home. Because living alone without nobody at home, waiting for husband and one lazy daughter to come home is very lonely (at least it does sounds so, to me).

So when my siblings come home on the weekend, I have the need to stay at home to hang out and just be around them. Not with other people. I know I would miss meeting my friends, but I have the feeling my family is more important. I yearn for the presence of my family. And especially when my parents are getting older.

It's all sad thinking about this. I should be strong. Have faith in Allah.


Out of all guardians, I'm more inclined to get to know Groot's history. He is very interesting to begin with.
I believe his race’s language is so difficult to interpret that to the untrained ear the noises they make when they talk just come out sounding similar to the words “I am groot” to people not speaking his language
- Soure quote

In conjuction to this, what I understood was that, Groot grows so much that his form became firm and inflexible thus it's hard to speak as what people understands. Also, people who always communicates with him could eventually understand him, just as raccoon does.

In one source, he is a former king. In another, he actually just proclaimed to be a king from Monarch Plant X but that's only his claim.

I like the quoted above, of how complex they are. Their species deserve so much respect.

Jul 28, 2015


You told me to let go. But how could I, when yet you trap me again with your loving words? It's already tormenting enough to hold on to a loose rope. You know I won't and would not dare to let you go. You know I am afraid to say anything. But I always want the best for both of us.


So, I RTed this and my dear friend openly responded

Then lol at her next RT.

Jul 27, 2015


But I never saw you wear it. A bit kecil hati. From that moment on, I will not ever give someone any clothing. It just seems like my taste is so bad that people do not wear what I gave them. It's like a slap in the face.

Also from that moment on, I should ask the receiver of what they want. No surprises. I ain't a good one.

And why give when you do not exactly know their taste in fashion?

I'm just old fashioned I guess. Trends are not what I go for. Or so I thought.

Jul 26, 2015


The saddest is when your friends visit a house i.e your lecturer's, but they never told you and they even posted a photo of it


Jul 24, 2015


That silly feeling of feeling upset because I missed the drama series of Abang Sado today lol and I don't even know if there is one playing today.

Jul 16, 2015


The craziness of my lappy keyboard strikes again. Wh7e3n I -pre3ss 4, th7e3re3 is a g4. And many oth7e3r le3tte3rs. I'm trying4 my be3st to be3 calm about th7is. I h7o-pe3 sh7e3's g4onna okay soon.

I can't e3ve3n ty-pe3 some3 of th7e3 le3tte3rs. _Pe3rh7a-ps numbe3r one3. Yeah7. I trie3d.

G$oodluck reading

Jul 15, 2015


I remember when I was having exam in a few days, that I watched Titanic. And then straight away made a research on Titanic late night. It's silly how I still had the time to do those things unrelated to my sole objective of the semester. Lol

Jul 11, 2015


There are songs that give the vibe of you are having fun in life and it's like you are in the movies while listening to the song. U2's City of Blinding Lights, or Smallpools' Dreaming. Like you really feel as if you are traveling around the world. 

And with Dreaming song, I couldn't help but imagine myself in the lives with Avi and PTX members, while still being a Muslim and fully cover my aurah. Silly, ey? How would a Jew love a Muslim to build life together?


I always feel sad when Ha is going outside of KL without me. But it makes so much sense for the better of his life because he's living alone. He's not living with his parents. I would have wanted to go home too, or just anywhere with any other soul in the house. Me being sad that he left is kind of the wrong thing to do. I should let him be free.

Jul 9, 2015


How weird that I feel a tinge of pain when he talks about the girl of his dreams. I should be happy for him. I should be more thankful for what I have now. Everything happens for a reason. I am still contemplating on whether it was really love. Hahah this all seems funny and silly.

All is good.

Jul 8, 2015


I'm feeling left out of my current job. So I tried to do my work in between the training sessions. But my mom told me, 'Training is training, work is work. You do not need to think about work while you are in training.' Especially when I'm just an AA. And I remembered that one of the trainers warned us to not think about work or reply to our seniors regarding work.

So I think I have made a mistake when I asked my team members about work. Like I want to solve the taxation, but then an SA2 was already charted in to the job, not replacing me but just I think for more workforce. Coz I'm having a four days training and I'm going to chart out soon though. Might as well just have a replacement as early as possible.

SO today, I'm not going to ask for work.

Jul 5, 2015


I’ve been into this one particular book lately, amongst all other books that I bought at one time, which some are religious and some are romantic comedy. Usually I would be so into romantic comedy, but I don’t know why I have chosen to read this fantasy book first.

It’s The Novice by Taran Matharu, a writer from London. As I write this, I was googling the novel. And wow, it’s a popular book, I’m glad I decided to buy it! But I bought it in the hopes that it was a one off novel. But I just realised, after reading a few chapters, that it stated on the book cover so clearly that it is “BOOK ONE”. The sequel would only be published next year. This series would be worth waiting for.

This would be my next Pendragon. Yeay!

Jun 16, 2015


Being at home not working feels silly. Coz we actually have so many things to get done, but then I'm here at home, chillin'. I want to work, to help my teammates.

I don't know what they think of me now. Am I the person who does not get things done? Skipping work and such? Where is my working ethics? Do they think that I am not competent? I don't know. Maybe I'm just being too paranoid. Overthinking. Overthinking kills...

I've been complaining that I had to work late, to take the train to go to work, walk so far, etc. But then the truth of the matter is, other people have it worst. See. It really looks like I am not grateful of what I already have.

Hidup ni pun kena la cari rezeki, bukan goyang kaki, dapat duit. Mencari rezeki tu pun bukan semudah tu. So I need to stop complaining about this current job.

Or is it that because of this current team, that I feel so burdened to go to work?

Sigh. What the heck. This is life. Everything does not go your way. You need to accept that. Learn and grow.


I have a thing with regret. I let myself be haunted by should'ves, would'ves and could'ves. Just because I do not learn from my previous mistakes. Eurotrip, the concert, now the hiking.

I don't know if my problem is after the incident, or during the incident. Was I not living the moment? Was I not taking all in? If I did, why am I not being grateful for the experience, even when I didn't immortalize it? What is actually my regret? What is actually my definition of having the best experience? What is it that is not enough?

To think about it, manusia tak pernah berpuas hati. I keep telling myself that, and also the fact that I need to be more thankful for everything that I've gone through. I feel like this has something to do with my heart and my imaan. I should feel tranquility, not regrets.

The thing with myself is, I get jealous too easy. I get jealous of photos of other people. The fact that they have great pictures, while I don't, even when I was with them at that moment. It's stupid. This feeling is silly.

Like seriously, for instance during the hiking, I know you need to enjoy the moment, but it's so tiring that all I wanted to do was just take photos of the scenery without the need for me to pose and show in the picture that I was doing fine.

My friend was right about one thing. When you see people taking photos of themselves, it would seem so disingenuous. What he said, to prove one thing, that a picture could mean a thousand things, and you wouldn't know what exactly happened. (This would look like just me comforting myself but what the heck.)

But all in all, I'm still glad that my friends would once in a while ask are you doing okay? Aren't you going to eat? Let's selfie, etc.

In a nutshell, it might be myself who was affecting my own mood.

This might have something to do with posting photos on instagram. Might be the sole reason why I am always feeling this way, hesitating to share photos. Just might be.

Jun 7, 2015

#105 Eurotrip2014

I say I didn't have the best days of my life there. But when I look back at the photos, I should be more thankful. I've been there. We got some awesome photos tho not every single one or moment. We got some videos. And I miss everyone in the photos I have. I miss them. This is a sudden heart ache. I miss everyone.

May 31, 2015

#103 PTX in Malaysia

Hahahhahaha I can't believe I've witnessed Avi Kaplan's beauty that close. I know the view was not that great, but I should be more thankful that I could watch them live that close. Honestly I don't even know which standing is the best. Middle? Or at the side? But if a cameraman is blocking your view even a little, at the side, definitely not the best standing.

It's funny to know they're going through jet lag. I feel like going to Singapore and watch them agian lol

The show was only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. I should have just video-recorded everything even if it'd be shitty and shaky. Not audioss.

I would never want to go to a concert alone tho.. I should have thought of that earlier. Thankfully my friend came last minute. Such a bless.

Excuse me while I tried to look at Avi the whole time during the concert like a frikin stalker and Avi was literally making out with the mike asdfghjkl

Well I did say this before, like how do you choose who to look at? Tbh even if Avi is my favourite, I still wanted to watch all of them as a whole but then you could not focus all at a time.

But still, Mitch slays. His high note. His killer dance moves. But he didn’t go to our side. Kirstin is so pretty her voice is golden. Kevin celloboxing was rad!! Like damn his Julio piece is beautiful. Scott, oh man. When he did these dance moves I died. He also likes to come to our side (on our left) and I think we made eye contact, then again I died

Aviiii asdfghjkl I was so close to Avi so I could see his face complexion. Like his skin is so flawless, his beard is well trimmed, his hair is so neatly tied to a man bun, he is frikin handsome in that all black outfit

He takes my breath away every second and in every move that he did. Because Avi was always at our side, I was like waving so mad at him to get his attention and we made eye contact a few times
Idc if he actually look at someone else but I could feel his eyes on mine asdfghjkl

I feel like yesterday was a short vacation to somewhere, like a dream, but then now I’m back to reality.

It was frikin awesome, I’m glad I put my sorrows away

Thanks to my new friends Aida and Cynthia, and my officemate and friend: Fatihah.

Teha bought the ticket coz she thought I didn't have anyone with me. That's when it hit me, I should be with her, not standing with my new friends. But I hope they understand, coz I really didn't want to leave Teha alone. She was like sitting at the back before the show started. I was like, why didn't you want to stand with me, but then wth.

Alhamdulillah I still got a nice view of close up Avi ^-^

May 21, 2015


Anak: Mak, nak berhenti kerja kat sini lahh...
Mak: Ish.. kamu baru berapa bulan je kerja... baru 4 bulan. Tunggu la. Sabar je. Tu la kerja. Mak ngan ayah lagi lama. Berpuluh tahun.

Anak: T_T

May 16, 2015


I have once heard a person saying this, 
"Do you like physics?" 
"Physics said, when things are pressured, they find space."
I guess I need that "space".


I hate how these people in the house freely use the AC in the living room, in which it has the biggest horse power hence use the most electricity like wtf can't you find another way to save the electricity?

Who's going to pay for it? NOT YOUR CHILDREN, SADLY. Because they are freaking oblivious and ignorant about paying the bills for this house in which they do not own and seldom live in since they were married.

'Don't be stingy when it comes to paying for your parents.'

But hey! What about don't waste your money when you can save it by saving the electricity?

The bad thing about parents is that they NEVER ask for money from their kids, and in the end they suffer. I know my part. But I could NOT handle it on my own????????????????

I hate this.

May 9, 2015


Media preview 
Hmmm what if those are actually the goals to do with your mahram (spouse) in the future? It's always different how people interpret things anyway

May 8, 2015


A friend is so crucial in your life. For instance, in my work life now, I'd be most comfortable to ask a friend even the silliest simple things. Like, what if you were there having no friends to ask, and you had to ask strangers/superiors... who might judge and look down on you

Like... these silly things, sometimes you know the answer, you know the logic, but there's always that little voice in your head that doubt your judgement. And from what I know, it's human nature to obtain assurance by other people. So that you would feel more comfortable with your decision.

And I feel so blessed to be working here. Even when a week like this is hard to come by, I still feel life's good so far. Whenever I have the chance to be at the office with these awesome people, or also the chance to be in a team with awesome people, I need to remind myself to always be at my best state and not grief. Like, "Just make ourselves worth knowing." I'd like to be that person.

"Be yourself." The one thing that the partners from Flemmings Chartered emphasized on. It's very much true.


I feel so excited when I heard my office-mates talking about current issues. Like today, I heard about TH making revenue and investing and whatnots. I wasn't sure what was actually the issue, coz I was not in the discussion and I was just eavesdropping, and the fact that I was a junior I couldn't just butt in.

Then back home, I read a tweet about Dr M's post on the issue. And now it makes more sense.

Actually I really crave for current issues coz I feel empty since after I finished my studies. In fact, I crave to groom myself into another level and not stuck with the mind of an ACCA-graduate.

It's funny how I feel empty whenever I don't have work to do. And then complaining to Ha like, 'I FEEL SO STUPID I WANT SOME WORK TO GET MY BRAIN WORKING'. But I think no one (or most poeple) would like no work to do and just surf the net the whole day, or just sleeping or whatever. Like..... what is the meaning of life if that's what you do daily?

I won't feel useful at all if ever I have no work to do.


This means so much to me, you have no idea. I always tell myself that I'm all these negative things as a person. But when other people like them look at me, they see me the other way. (On a positive side,) I might seem to be downgrading my own existence.

Like Ha said, some people are dying to be like me. Like completing my ACCA in a short time, and other things. I'm more than what I've given myself credit for.

I should be more thankful.


I'm happy. I'm happy that I ended the week with positive vibes. I got the best of both worlds.

May 7, 2015


Oh man, these Chinese auditors are so pretty like model pretty. Like they are so going to go far in this career or in their life

May 6, 2015


Since when I started to care about what to post.. zz I should avoid this again

May 5, 2015


Ada bagus jugak selalu rotate team. Since I've teamed with my current senior, I feel like I talk so harsh, because he talks that way. And I'm the person who behaves like how the person I work/hangout with. He affects my attitude hence I should surround myself with girls more -.-

May 4, 2015

#92 Tumblr

It's so unsafe for me to have a FREE TIME because I would use it to NO GOOD.

Like all I care is to watch PTX videos and make gifs out of them, or stalk for quality photos and edit them, then posts the gifs and/or photos on my PTX tumblr. Then I'd be raping that Activity button to check out who likes or reblogs my posts. Are there any tumblr famous like or reblog my posts? Like, I would be worried if there's only little notes. But then I would be like WTH, I post what I want, what I like, and personally, honestly? My edits are neat and awesome. It's just a different view to other people.

Coz what I see from a tumblr famous, she also has posts with only a few notes. Hence learning lesson: Post whatever you want or like, just for the sake of your own being and interest.


When you perspective on a movie is different from your friend's 😒

May 1, 2015


I notice myself wanting to hangout with friends, girlfriends. I don’t care guys or girls. Just not only the two of us. Coz the only time that I got to meet my friends is when I could work in office and not at client’s place. Yes, my friends. And I also miss their jokes and laughter.

I know it’s hard to meet him too. But then, having the plan to get married in some years, we could prioritize friends first. (That's why you have a bachelor party). The fact that we started having lunch together with other office mates makes things better. We got the both of it. Anyway, that happened coz the other girls were out of office.

I wanted him to choose the guys over me, anyway. Coz I miss my girlfriends. I wanted to hangout with them.

I want to feel again for every chance I can get, the feeling of hanging out with your friends, with jokes and laughter, stories, good or bad. Because we don’t only need each other, but also friends to live by.

Especially when my weekends are always so lonely because I am a person of lack initiative.


What makes you keep on writing?
In hopes of people to discover and read your thoughts, without the need to announce it.


Me on weekends: Shut out from the world.

But then that's a lonely world to live in, even for a day.


It's not about you are bored with the person. You just need to colour up your life. You need friends and get positive vibes. Because every time, at the end of the day, it's with them that you would have the best laughs of your life.

Apr 26, 2015


I need to get a phone with a good camera asap. Coz I miss randomly taking photos of people and surrounding. My DSLR would be too big. And a GoPro would not assist me much if I were to use it during the working hours? Lol. The best alternative would be a mobile phone. And my option would always be iPhone. Although I do not like other features of iPhone, but the photos are better when sharing, etc. No distortion.

I don't take the best photos, but moments are always my thing. The difficulty in capturing those, has somehow made me feel empty. Like I don't have so many photos this year because of work T-T and also last year because I was not always around and the fact that DSLR is too much work. I always used my friend's iPhones for that. And that doesn't feel great.

I will buy it soon. InsyaaAllah.


Pergi ke lecture, sahabat tanya "Eh baju baru ke?", pastu rasa sangat terharu sebab dia sedar dengan our presence and our being :')


Funny how since I started working, I don't have online transactions and parcels arriving my house. Like the desire to shop online has gone. Like I already could not see the reason and usefulness of buying those things although they are mad lovely. For example, those hipster clothes that I love. It would be no use buying them because I could not wear them daily. And I already have so many that people don't know of.

But also, I have lost interest on so many things since I started working. The feeling is like giving up everything? I don't know. I don't know what I'm feeling

Apr 25, 2015


Moments I wait for:

  1. The end of the month.
  2. The end of the weekdays.

Being the reasons for:

  1. Salary banked in to my account. And I would feel so rich lol
  2. Time off off work. Especially when you didn't have the chance to learn to do things the right way.

Apr 18, 2015

#82 Engagement Team Members

Lol I am so happy working with my senior in charge. He’s like my guyfriends. Like it is so easy to ask him and like really be myself. He reminds me of Atep. And he’s like Kevin, like a huge huggable bear. Like so kind and friendly.

I should stop being an emo freak when I have a headache. Jangan ikutkan hati sangat. This means I should get myself energised. Mum is right. Aku suka ikutkan hati, tak layan orang, etc.

I think that I was the driver of the noisiness between us three. Coz I’m kind of loud and crazy.

I also like to think that my craziness is derived from the mixture of both of their presence. Without her, I might still be awkward. Without him, I might still be awkward too. Thank goodness for Zela’s presence. I am so sorry for wishing you away lol. Alhamdulillah. Everything happens for a reason.

God knows how I miss that life with the boys and also the girls. Like omg…. I realise that I could be so cracked up. That’s the real me, man. That’s who I am. I’m really thankful for both of them.

And you know what? I could express things like, best GILA, or itu JE. You know, that slang? Yeah. And that makes me remind of my guy friend in University. Coz that’s how that expression of mine begun.

He’s that type of guy. And the first time I really heard him using kita and addressing us our names, or sometimes addressing himself his name, I was like, this is so unbelievable, like, am I actually hearing this?

And what’s good is that, I don’t mind speaking English to him. Like also, if I were to speak in Malay, to explain things, I would cakap dalam cara skema. I like how I just proceed explaining in English, and he just layan, but I reply in English. Like he gets me. He adapts with how I am, and I also adapt with his. And the same goes with the VT.

I also like how he likes to use bro, then I’m like okay, bro. Like layan je ah. To think back, macam berani sangat je iolls respon camtu kat SENIOR? -_- But I also do that with my guyfriends, so actually I was, and being myself. I’m so happy you could tell.

I even got mad at him in a good way, but then accepted my mistakes in a good way. Coz I know I was wrong when he corrected me.

But then one time I was saying something, he thought I was correcting him, so he was like, ‘Siapa senior sekarang ni?’ I was like, that was not my intention. I was just trying to express what I thought, but I think I did it the wrong way. So I need to improve on that.

Idk if he’s the type of person who likes to gossip, but I wonder how he describes me. Shrugs. They don’t deserve my shitty emo behaviour.

Working life would be so great if you have these kind of people to work with. I won’t mind working so many hours with them.

#81 Family

My SIC wanted to go back early on last Friday. I was like, alaaa. He replied with, “I got a family…,” while smiling sadly.

Then it hit me. I am very not excited to get home. Coz of this PTX thing.

Another thing, Avi loves his family. If I ask him which would he choose, being in my shoes, I know he would still definitely choose his family over his idol. I mean, he loves his family so much. Another reason I should not go to the concert…

I am messed up

Apr 12, 2015


I hate listening/reading/looking at stories of my friends about the holiday we went together. Because my side of story was really really pathetic I don't know where to begin

#79 Revision Advice (?)

Buat Saudari,

Hmm aku tahu aku boleh buat/jawab soalan exam nanti. Tapi aku tahu jugak yg aku tak boleh nak jawab kalau aku tak buat revision atau kurang revision.

Like, banyak kali gak terjadi, kalau aku tak buat revision, aku menyesal masa exam, and I know exactly why I couldn't answer the questions. Coz I lack revision. And what more that you know your capability to comprehend what you have studied, you just need more practice.

So I don't want to feel that way again? And the fact that I don't want to repeat anything and waste the money invested during the semesters. AND TIME!!!!

And like, kau ada list of syllabus untuk cover kan? Spread it to until maybe two-three days before exam. So that you have that list of shit to do. Lol. Like kalau kau postpone gak benda tu, lagi la menimbun revision kau kena buat, NEARING THE EXAM DAY HJAKFLHKSFAJSD

You don't want to feel gelabah, you want self-assurance. (but of course whenever nearing the exam, you can't escape from that extreme anxiety), BUT at least you would have self-reassurance.

#78 Golf

We played golf on Friday, somewhere in Gombak, using Ha's brother's golf kit. Or whatever you call it. And I couldn't get over the phobia of breaking the golf head like I did when I was like 6 years old.
Seriously, man. Since then, I never even want to try playing golf. But because it was Friday night, and Ha was around, I was like, why not?

He told me, that when he was playing golf with his brother, they would target the car collecting the golf balls. And it was not a buggy. It was Kereta Kancil yang dah nazak. No lol actually yang dah hilang tingkap, hilang belakang, tapi enjin, tayar, stirring, etc, masih tip top gitu. 

Before we arrived the golf place, he told me about a khutbah by khatib, talking about "Always Have Hope". So he applied that to playing golf, coz he was a noob too, and teaching a noob like me and our friend/senior, Mus. And he added, always have hope, tapi niat kena betul....

Me: Okay... ATTACK KERETA!!!!

Of course you would not understand my story but I'm telling it anyways. It was funny. #mudahterhibur


Okay I found ways to bully my senior haha


Again I'm really upset of people supporting LGBT and such.

#75 Accent

A friend once said, that I have a perfect English accent. Like the American accent. Like, it sounds natural and whatnot. So I was really touched 'coz that just boosts my confidence to a whole lot of another level, especially when my friend is from Poland. And yeah, she has that European accent. And I don't know how I have developed American accent throughout my life. Lol

Apr 11, 2015

#74 PTX Concert in Malaysia

I'm so excited for this. I really hope I could make it.


I could not comprehend why people like Sex and The City. Isn't the storyline boring? Despite all the hot scenes. Like, is that just it? The hot scenes. Sigh

Apr 10, 2015


Thank goodness to the senior, I've found the best sitting position using the office chair. Like, I love it to be at the highest as it could go. I like it coz I tower over the laptop, and that my legs are not too bent, which I really dislike when the chair is not tall enough.

However, if I needed to eat or do something personal, of course, I lower the chair so that I could hide my face behind the borders. Lol

I'm loving this office. Like, they have Ikea chairs yo. Own cubicle, free wifi. How cool is this shiz.

Apr 9, 2015


New Laptop
I'm so happy today that I got a new company laptop, an exchange for the previous laptop they have given me before.

It has always been hard for me to answer anyone's question about section F. Seriously. Coz I have never done it before, but it seems simple to me.

So when people ask, do I know how to do section F? I hesitate. I take a moment to think of do I really know? Do I tell them what I've actually done?

I only did cross ref. That's it. Receive confirmation. Look at bank statements. Like it is so simple, I could do it in my mind. But I hesitate, of course.

So when I answer, I end up looking like I'm scared to answer. And this already happened to both of my senior. It's like, how I answered made them like, "Okay, chill. You don't need to be scared. Just say it. Takut takut macam cakap ngan boss pulak." I was not scared. I was just hesitate and thinking and it would be the same if my friends ask me.


Apr 8, 2015

#70 Stat Audit Report

Soooo. Today's stat audit. Funny. Coz my senior explains things in the car, and I tried to make sense of all of it, but nothing does. Then he was like, aku cerita tadi kau lupa, kan? *gelak* I was like... grinning coz it's true. I could not remember things I couldn't digest.

These are the things that I could remember only by actually seeing and doing it. And I made a mental note to write a report on what I've done for stat audit, for my own benefit.

For all I know, in ACCA, since it is international, it does not include local regulations like what Forms do a company need for Co. Secretary to keep.

For audit purposes, you only need to key in data for relevant financial year end and remove the previous audit work. This works like a checklist. Just answer the questions from the template given, and key in either N/A, Done, Yes, or No.

So today I learnt the Book of Registrar, which consist of many registers like, Register of Members, Directors, Secretary, Options, etc. It is to be checked against the most bottom of the word file.

Second, it was the Book of Minutes Meeting where they keep the summary of the meeting held. Common things like AGM, and what happen in AGM. Any re-elections, any new bank accounts, etc. To be photocopied.


Things to do:
  1. Read checklist in the word file and answer. Check accordingly to relevant books/documents.
  2. Photocopy a few documents.
  3. Cross ref (with red pen).

Things to photocopy:
  1. Minutes for the financial year end (found in Minutes logbook)
  2. Annual Return (found in black ring file)


Hmmm why are all mat salleh tourists in Malaysia that I've seen are all good looking???? Despite any country which they are from, they all look good. Like, where are the average looking mat salleh's? Are tourists supposed to be good looking and would that mean average looking mat salleh do not travel?

Lol excuse me

Apr 7, 2015


H: ada 3 AA
   erin kena jdi AA yg paling top

E: -_-

H: (y)
  nnti time AR1 mesti senior akn compare

E: nak average je
    lambat naik

H: =.=
  cepat2 la naikk.. gaji pun naik.. erin nak kahwin pun boleh awal2

E: pastu boleh berhenti kerja cari kerja lain :D

H: itu la
    buat apa buat acca kalau decide nak slow2
    you have chosen this fast lane in the first place


Perempuan "tercantik" di dunia is so overrated. Coz beauty is so different for each individual.


There's a manager here who looks so laid back, a bit slouch, not the really professional segak kind of guy, not tough, not skinny, and comel and good looking at the same time. He also wears spectacles. And like, he looks so young, for a manager, he is already married like wow his wife is so lucky

And suddenly I'm picturing my guy being the manager. Coz he's so laid back like that, like, he could be a great manager. lol


Can't believe we made it through 3 months or working and now waiting for shifting of office to another building. Alhamdulillah for everything.


When I was a student, it was sooo hard for me to remember what GAAP stands for. Like, now, or recently while doing paper AAA P7, I was like, this GAAP is so common sense that I thought I was so silly not to remember what it stands for

Apr 5, 2015


Why is bromance more attractive than the love girls show to each other?