Mar 27, 2017

#395 Walimatul Urus

Allahu. Disebabkan takut apa orang kata, banyak benda sanggup kau belanja untuk tutup mulut diorang. Fun fact? They will still talk nevertheless.

In this wedding planning, there are many things that I don't want to do but is forced to. 

But for now I want to talk about the groom's dress and accessories.

I actually do not have the perfect idea of my own dress. But I know I will not wear high heels like stilettos. I know they look so pretty and to-die for. But it's a big no to me. I am definitely going to wear a pair of black high heels boots where I will feel comfortable walking in. 

So when my sister-in-law asked me, 'Have you thought of what shoes to wear?' (As if I did not think about it ie lepas tangan). I have thought about it so long time ago the first time I saw a bride on a wedding ceremony. Which is, I don't know, at so young of an age? I do not care if it would not fit the colour of my dress. That it will ruin the theme. To hell with it. It would not. Do not say no one will look at my shoes. People judge. Every single damn time. I even got that 'What?' from my best friend and I don't blame her but that's how people are.

My cousin and I talked about the theme colour. I said I don't care what colour my family wants to wear. As long as it is mutually agreed, that it would be at least matching, then I'm good. So she said that does not seem so me because she thought I'm that aesthetic kind of person. Like, 'Wouldn't it kinda ruin the picture? Even though you don't care, they will still be in the picture?'

Girl, yes, I am aesthetic, I express myself so. But I could not seem to execute that. I could not make that happen, because I could care less. What is best important is how good the bride and groom look like together. 

This leads to the subject of my dress. I had to spend so much on this dress???? What??? I do not care if it is a once in a lifetime thing... but to have spent so much. Anyway, against my stupid not wanting to spend, I hope it's worth it. I still haven't receive my dress! I used a dress from Arab that my cousin bought, as an example for Baba Nyonya to make my dress. Let's pray that it looks good. 

By the way, while we were looking for the perfect embroidery for my dress, akak saleswoman tu sibuk kata ni cantik, dik. Untuk wedding kita kenala spend banyak sikit. Nanti orang lain yang lagi stand out dari adik, tapi tu wedding adik.

Akak, seriously, I do not care if other people outshine me. Wear whatever you want. Outshine me. I do not care. As long as I know I look pretty with myself the way I want to, and not the way people expect me to be.

Talking about "What is best important is how good the bride and groom look like together", about the photos. I do not even want my photos to be published. Like, maybe a simple photo of me and my husband, not on the wedding day, just saying that we're married. And yea I'm talking about Instagram. And insyaaAllah, our wedding photographer, they are very professional that they would ask us if they could post anything on their social media. (Umm, maybe this is from all photographers, idk)

Because you know, I like the wedding photos. Girls are pretty. The theme and all are goals. I am not lying that I want a wedding like that. More specifically like Twilight. But I gotta be real. I can't picture myself in that spot. And I do not want to show people my wedding in beautiful photos. I am saying about my account. I will let my future husband and the photographer do that part. Lol who knows in future I will change my mind. 

More about wedding photos, I have mentioned before in my blog (I can't remember which post), that I dislike intimate wedding photos especially close ups. If you are advised to not be intimate in public, what more in photos that people can scrutinise every single detail of your spouse?????????????? 

In these photos, the look he gives you, of where his hands are placed on you, of how you could see the bride's body shape. If I could think this way, there could be other people who think alike. I do not want people to stare at the photos like I do. It's a shame. If for the Muslim without hijab, it is worst... a portrait photo showing how much the husband loves her, and you could see her neck and people can imagine the unimaginable. 

My post is so full of negative vibes lol whatever 

Since it is now 12AM, the timing for game events, my ideas are out. I might continue this later.


Mar 9, 2017


This is frikin true. Except maybe the very easygoing and love to joke around part. Hmmm but I am easygoing and love to joke around. With the right people and mood :D So this is wholly true :D

Mar 8, 2017


I think the way I give instructions to people is not clear 'cos they always don't do exactly what I told them T_T