Apr 23, 2018


Today in KLIA shop named Kashkha I was greeted in English and she even proceeded with English along the way. I didn’t speak much... but I’m just assuming she thought I was a foreigner (Arab) which I’m flattered lol or maybe it’s just that’s their procedure in customer service. Because a face doesn’t define their language. So you needa be safe and use English as a start instead. 

Apr 20, 2018


The other day I’ve thought about my sister. How it’s sad that we couldn’t be close like a family should be. Like from I was little, I want to talk to her about so many things. Like best friends do. But then it’s like she shut me out. 

I know for a fact that we have a 10 years gap. And that now she’s married. But still there’s always that void in my heart for her to fill. 

As I’m an adult now, age gap might not matter. But whatever I tell her, would be known to her husband. I wouldn’t want that.

But then she has her own problems to deal with... I might just make things worst. 

It’s more sad the fact that you know Mum and Dad are growing older day by day... they couldn’t help you forever... they don’t deserve to worry that much about their children... 


Apr 13, 2018


There’s never a day go by without me thinking I wanna die. Please someone kill me. 

Apr 4, 2018


I always have ideas to voice out especially via Twitter. But since I’ve no longer an account, selalu terseksa nak voice out. And I always forgot about my blog. 

So today I wanna tell you, good wedding present are like storage stuff like from IKEA. Instead of tons of glassware?? 

Another thing is, preloved Cotton On miniskirt is way better than the ones people are selling right now which are called ‘shirt extender’. Dah la lambat betul nak masuk fesyen ni kat Malaysia. Like it was already out there in 2006-2008. And now 10 years later. Lol. 

Mar 8, 2018


Depression. Is it really? I feel bad for myself. Like in previous posts. I'm pathetic. Even rich in apathy. All these years, I am always not there for my friends and family. I am always not a part of their life progress. I might not even be there for myself. I love seeing people happy. More so the feeling of making people happy. I did that. But then it is just once in a blue moon. I've been shutting down myself for a long time; I can't remember since when. I lack the love from people especially family and sisters, not because they don't offer but because I refuse to reach out. It is sickening, yet still I am.

Feb 21, 2018


I'm currently helping out my husband's business. I love especially updating the website because I have experience in editing my tumblr page before. Wordpress is different but still have some similarities. I'll make the best of this insyaaAllah.