Jan 2, 2018


I’m so pathetic

Dec 25, 2017


Yesterday was great. I’ve never felt so much positivity and happiness in what I feel such a long time. I miss my family and extended family. I needed that. 

Dec 23, 2017


I’m always curious and wondering how my friends are and what they are up to. Like I really miss them every day.

But then I got too caught up with my own problems to even ask. Yesterday was okay. I mean I only stayed at home. 

See. My life is dull. Ever since working. Or 2016. Like there’s no life. Like it’s pathetic. Yet I know there are always things to be grateful for. 

Dec 20, 2017


Not saying that I don’t do any work and taici my work to junior but then if I do the execution then they won’t have things to do. 

And it seems as though they want some work to do or else they’d die out of boredom. And also it seems that it’s no stress much for them. 

All I need to improve are soft skills and subordinate management. 

Dec 19, 2017


Sunday was horrible for one part because I was caught red handed playing Mobile Legends at the dining table with husband. Lol!!! Dah la my parents in laws pantang orang main games but whatever. 

Then yesterday I worked from home starting from lunch hour which happened the same today. But instead of at home, I went to client’s place. 

Seriously if you’re at home, it’s hard for you to do your work. The same like it’s hard for you to study at home. 

And the best thing about today is TAP TAP FKING REBORN 2 !!!!1!17!!!


Dec 16, 2017


Wow I never thought about it since... idk when. The reason I like to blog was to hold onto the memories and yet I fail to remember that. I shall do it again starting today. And maybe do throwbacks since the last entry!

Well today I played tennis with husband and family for only 30 minutes. My heart couldn’t handle it lol My stamina is so bad. Staying with my in-laws today. Nothing special.