Mar 8, 2018


Depression. Is it really? I feel bad for myself. Like in previous posts. I'm pathetic. Even rich in apathy. All these years, I am always not there for my friends and family. I am always not a part of their life progress. I might not even be there for myself. I love seeing people happy. More so the feeling of making people happy. I did that. But then it is just once in a blue moon. I've been shutting down myself for a long time; I can't remember since when. I lack the love from people especially family and sisters, not because they don't offer but because I refuse to reach out. It is sickening, yet still I am.

Feb 21, 2018


I'm currently helping out my husband's business. I love especially updating the website because I have experience in editing my tumblr page before. Wordpress is different but still have some similarities. I'll make the best of this insyaaAllah.

Feb 9, 2018


All I had to do was open my heart and let go

Anyways I’m back on IG but really I don’t wanna get involved. Just feels good to have your own feed with your own favourite photos

Jan 2, 2018


I’m so pathetic

Dec 25, 2017


Yesterday was great. I’ve never felt so much positivity and happiness in what I feel such a long time. I miss my family and extended family. I needed that. 

Dec 23, 2017


I’m always curious and wondering how my friends are and what they are up to. Like I really miss them every day.

But then I got too caught up with my own problems to even ask. Yesterday was okay. I mean I only stayed at home. 

See. My life is dull. Ever since working. Or 2016. Like there’s no life. Like it’s pathetic. Yet I know there are always things to be grateful for.