Jul 10, 2018


Love isn’t something you can shove down someone’s heart. There’s only one way left - prayers.

- Madihahh

Jun 30, 2018


I woke up feeling sad and shed a tear, because the times that have passed, you couldn’t get it back. 

This thought crossed my mind mainly because I couldn’t see my friends as I wish (even though I’m given freedom to). While they’re single and free and going out and about as they wish. 

After the talk with kak ya, I realise that things happen. You kinda need to let go of your need to meet your friends, even not on a regular basis. I realise that family is the closest. Easiest to meet too, insyaaAllah. I know my situation is different than kak ya’s. But I can take the good from her situation. 

Yet I know the closeness with my friends instead of siblings, makes the difference. Who else do I talk to in person. 

Maybe I’ll find my way back. 

Jun 27, 2018


I become so nervous about starting work after five months being unemployed. Five months of stress-free of work... that I hate the feeling of nervous. I hate to bear it. I hate meeting new people, getting new environment and surrounding. The fact that I’d have 24 hours anxiety on whether to drive or grab a car. The fact that I have to text my employer. 

On the other hand, I still like new people, new environment, getting to work out my brain to good use, getting to use my specialty in accounting. Getting to work in photography/videography industry!!!!! And the fact that it’s near to our current home. And the fact that there are support in this house mainly on accounting stuff. 

Everything happens for a reason. I kinda miss this feeling of working. 

I know my negative side always want to back out. Always have no motivation to work again. But idk, this job feels like it could be something big. And I’m still young. So many things to explore. I should think about that. 

Jun 26, 2018


Harini Ha tanya camne nak main Angela (role support, my specialty). Dia tanya build dan map-wise. Rasa terharu pulak. Sebab dia selalu role carry je (fighter/assassin mostly) 🤣

Jun 14, 2018

Jun 2, 2018


Lol I feel like a creep. I really track my customer’s parcel to make sure Poslaju doesn’t do shiz. Alhamdulillah so far semua cepat dapat. 

Now I’m just curious if customers on carousell would know if an item is unreserved and available, like a notification email if price for an item has reduced. Hm. Dah dua kali iols reserve unreserved ni. Takde rezeki lol kena banyak bersabar. 

Yang sorang customer ni even tengok reviews dia, promising. Tapi tak bayar bayar. Sorang lagi ni ada satu je review. Tapi promising gak sebab cod kat Rumah je la pastu nak transfer dulu etc. Tapi he didn’t turn up. I’m upset. Kot la tidur lambat ke apa tapi janji kena la tepati. Hormat masa orang. Tak dapat datang cakap. Selalu check apps tu kalau dah tahu tak dapat notification. 

Idk. Apa pun masalah kita, we should be responsible for wasting other’s time. (Cam tak kena je tapi harap faham lah apa nak disampaikan)