Jun 14, 2018

Jun 2, 2018


Lol I feel like a creep. I really track my customer’s parcel to make sure Poslaju doesn’t do shiz. Alhamdulillah so far semua cepat dapat. 

Now I’m just curious if customers on carousell would know if an item is unreserved and available, like a notification email if price for an item has reduced. Hm. Dah dua kali iols reserve unreserved ni. Takde rezeki lol kena banyak bersabar. 

Yang sorang customer ni even tengok reviews dia, promising. Tapi tak bayar bayar. Sorang lagi ni ada satu je review. Tapi promising gak sebab cod kat Rumah je la pastu nak transfer dulu etc. Tapi he didn’t turn up. I’m upset. Kot la tidur lambat ke apa tapi janji kena la tepati. Hormat masa orang. Tak dapat datang cakap. Selalu check apps tu kalau dah tahu tak dapat notification. 

Idk. Apa pun masalah kita, we should be responsible for wasting other’s time. (Cam tak kena je tapi harap faham lah apa nak disampaikan)

May 26, 2018


Looll hari Sabtu memang akan penuh orang eh dekat Poslaju Batu Caves. Sebab dah la bukak sampai malam. Memang yang bekerja weekend akan pergi sini hari Sabtu. And I just knew sini tak jual flyers :( rugi rugiii. Tak tahu la akan restock flyers ke tak. 

Jadi tadi bila nak buat pengeposan, terpaksa beli prepaid Large which costs RM10.60 instead of my usual RM7.40... If I were to fold-roll the clothes, I didn’t need to buy Large sampul. Just Medium at least. 

But the good thing is I learnt how to use Poslaju Ezidrop. No need to queue. Usually you don’t need to queue but then since the Express Lane is closed, only normal lane is opened. 

Another lesson is that think of this as charity. Because you would have given your clothes to other people instead. So it’s okay, at least the sales price covered fuel and postage fees. 

I notice they hire pekerja buruh (Bangladeshi). I don’t think on weekdays they do. 

Well lesson learned!

So what I need to do next time:
  • fold the clothes
  • use my own sampul
  • don’t post on Saturdays or don’t go at 11am ++
  • if post on Saturdays, go early as early as 8am
  • try to post on weekdays 

May 23, 2018


Ukhuwah/friendship is so precious and beautiful. Seeing them giving surprises and whatnots, it feels like I’ve lost the chance to experience the beauty of ukhuwah. 

May 16, 2018


Lol I also bought these really comfy cotton wideshawls. And what I see with my naked eyes is different with from the photo. Kinda pissed off. But then I tried taking a photo with natural lighting. And it turns out that they have the same colour. That’s good! But then I’m still disappointed because there are two different colours and two different photos where they claimed as the same. But whatever. I’m done with the colours. I almost have every colour from that collection lol. Gonna stop now. Must save money!!

Moss green photo sent through WhatsApp

Moss green photo on IG feed

A photo in my car with very good lighting 

See? The one on IG feed is so different even when I already asked if that colour is moss green. Lol


Firetrap boots Preloved from carousell

So I tried it on memang longgar so best la. The feeling is the same with my previous brown boots. Puas hatiiii

But then 

Baru perasan ada pu leather dia dah terkupas. Nasib sikit je. So kasut ni maybe sempat untuk raya tapi for 3 years? Tak kot? My brown boots tu took 4 years to rot gila2 lol. And hanya pakai kalau nak g majlis. Bukan jalan jalan. 

Well idk maybe firetrap ni boleh tahan lagi lama? Who knows? I’ll try to keep it in good care.