Jul 27, 2016


Sebenarnya time camni, aku lagi rela pergi Melbourne dan duduk je dengan kakak, layan si Ayra.

Aku tak lalu nak fikir banyak banyak walaupun apa yang kita nak buat tu jalan-jalan je. Still kena fikir macam macam. Fikir makan. Fikir transport. Keselamatan barang. Walaupun aku tak dapat list semua benda, tapi dalam benak fikiran aku ada macam macam lagi.

Mungkin sebab kerja kerja aku yang akan ditinggalkan dalam masa seminggu. Aku patut jangan fikir apa pun pasal kerja, masa aku tengah cuti. Please erin, don't spoil your holiday, don't waste your valuable time with worrying.

Jul 26, 2016


"Be good to your parents. Be good to your parents."

An enchantment that I have to tell myself every time because I'm an ungrateful child.

These past few days were filled with so many arguements with my parents that I hate myself. I wish to die for my existence just hurt people.

'Bagitahu la mak kat mana kamu kat sana nanti, kot apa apa emergency... Kalau bukan kamu yang emergency, kalau kat sini pun ada emergency?'

She was referring what if she or dad will be gone while I'm away. It's a simple thing, just respond nicely, talk nicely, and tell your plans. Easy. But I had to raise my voice at them. Why? Sebab hati tu keras.

Now I don't even feel good to travel other than to visit my sister. I feel terrible.

Jul 24, 2016


Oh man I think I made my sister mad for asking her about my friends staying the night......... T.T 

I know I shouldn't have. When they ask me to, I already know I shouldn't have. But shit I was also being emotional with the question bombarded again like she's pregnant, shouldn't you know.... 

Then again I shudve prioritize a pregnant's woman feelings first than my selfish shit 

Jul 20, 2016


I hate trends and the need to follow it lol

Jul 13, 2016


So honestly I don't wanna disturb my friend who is actually having her final exam 😑😑😑😑😑 I'm so inconsiderate sometimes.

Anyway here's the thing. I only applied for 5 days. But not for the Friday. See, my manager thinks I am chartered to another job but according to AO I'm not chartered to any. Which does not jive with the initial email....

So I'm thinking of MIA. Telling my colleague that I would be MC and she'd just keep it to herself. Idk if I would pass this time?? Idk. Kalau nak kautim ngan manager pun, masalahnya she thinks I'm chartered to another job.

So macam ni. I will pulun and do my best for this current job. Work my ass off. Bagi semua perfect. I mean... Tengok lah partner dia siapa. I don't want this to be like previous job... Menyusahkan.

And heck I don't want her to come find me on the Friday which I wouldn't be around and kantoi?

Tapi fikir balik camne chx cuti and AO check takde cuti pun 😑 lol siod je idk just be cool and do your part ok. Now you can focus on this current job! Nail it! insyaaAllah 

Jul 11, 2016


It's kind of a torment when naturally you're the type of person who is easily worried on petty things

Jul 10, 2016


Lol my cousin Kak Noren asked me kamu buat apa dengan gambar gambar tu? Tak share kat wasep ke

Bullseye! Hit straight to the core hahah 

My brother in law Hezrique also asked me that, coz he feels that I'm wasting my taleny when I can make money out of it

I think my UiTM friends also wonder the same


It's pretty sad that no one invites me.. Or ask when I would come to their house or anything like that......

Why is my life such a sad story


All the nigga dance I wish to learn 😩


I know why I don't post there. I'm afraid I won't be as cool as my friends. It destroys me

Jul 9, 2016


Ala why my cousin didn't put credits to the photographer? He deserves it. Promote his art :(


Okay from this problem, there are many possibilities.

First, Hezrique shouldn't have gone pissed off like that. Because married couples deserves their own space and not contact with their former friends. They have the right to choose. Like how you have the option to let go of things, leave things/people behind.

Unless if Epi/Ya did maki hamun Tasha and family, then something might be wrong.

To me, it's okay to putus kawan for the sake of Epi's family, even when Tasha's don't give a damn about it. It's not about masing-masing tak akan menggatal sebab dah kahwin, but it's to jaga hati what's more important to Epi. The reality of what's more important to Epi is his own family. Kena hasut atau tak kena, to me, it seems to be the right decision.

Next, the way he voice it out is very disturbing. He posted it on our family group WhatsApp, when all of us can read it, know about it, when initially we had no clue about it. It seems as if he really wants to pecah belahkan keluarga ni... Which makes it worst. Makes me more disappointed in him... No, you can't judge that a person is bad only because of one wrongdoing. They are still good at heart, I know.

I'm just really upset


Sometimes I don't agree with bridesmaids bacuse it's like a competition, like who wears it best. And kesian kat less good looking person unless among them they know each other so well and let it out because true friends/relatives are open to each other and help out each other

Jul 3, 2016


Miscommunication and misunderstanding are very dangerous