Apr 24, 2016


This is how my sister actually is. She's so strong and kind-hearted.

But I'm just amazed by how my sister knows the right things to say to patients, but not so good in outside of her work. I think it's not just my sister. There are people like this. People who are different in their jobs than in real life. Maybe because it's like, "I'm out of my work, I want to be the real me."

Like how Avi Kaplan replied to a request from a fan to sing/speak with his bass/low voice. And he said something like, "NOOOO, I don't want to do that. That's just when I'm singing. I wanna talk normal now."

So yeah. Avi actually has normal voice, not that deep, when he talks.

The point is, people are different in every situation.

Apr 17, 2016


That struggle when you pick your nose but then the stuff gets pushed further inside your nostril

#260 see through

Wow I'm so upset by descriptions of "not see through" when you can clearly see the colour of the hanger inside. Then like, wrinkle-free.

Like... People. GET REAL

Apr 11, 2016

#259 too many clothes

Life has changed worst since I had more options. Things get more difficult. Time wasted just on making decisions.

Apr 10, 2016


"Writing is good. It commemorates the things that happened, the feelings."


Things I have kept from Twitter

I actually haven't been following my budget for entertainment like seriously my entertainment expense always exceed significantly 😪

Why do young boys want to enter magcon tho? Like are there any rules to enter as one of the mng person? 

When client hasn't provided you with management account, you go awol.

Tumblr notifications coming in like whoa hold your shit

Client ni tak bagi lagi MA camne nak report nye ._.

I like bridges that connects building

I'm surprised how my granny knows that Australia is far away from here. Then I think again, she's not so ancient that maps were not available during her times lol I needa stop thinking so shallow or silly

Apr 3, 2016


I guess the style which I'm always attracted to is bohemian style. All lose and cotton linen material. Add some hippie with flower crowns or linen bandana, some beaded bracelets, cute rings and what not

Maybe add some coachella for that hippie style

Apr 1, 2016


I want to RT this but afraid that some people would be offended. 

What I'm trying to get from this is that no matter how different a person is to your way of life, respect them and have these kind things as said in the tweet.

They are still people and you don't know them well. So be kind.


Muslimah sejati? Really? Really?

Lol anyway it could be her friend playin around but really?


I hope there would be an appreciation dinner for the team so we could take photos together 🙄

Padahal boleh je even during work ke apa, like how my friends and their teammate are. Maybe I just don't know how to be that open 🙄