Oct 31, 2015


I have to stop feeling left out when the truth of the matter is that I'm not close to them 😔


My principle of life:
People wouldn't know that I'm engaged. No fancy hantaran. No fancy pelamin.


One of tumblr obsession 

Then another self obsession


Part of me is upset of how I am not looking forward for growth. Because I am always yearning for a job like you only need to stay in office and you don't need to travel elsewhere. Because it will be a daily routine and things don't have to change and you don't have to find places and you don't have to adapt to that new situation every (average of) 2 months.


That turn off moment when a good song have bad lyrics.

Like Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On and Love Me Like You Do


Oct 26, 2015


When I had no one to go to the concert with, my friend willingly did. Before the concert, I got in early. So I stood at the middle, second row, with my other two pentaholic friends met over tumblr.

When she entered the area, I went to her, and asked her to join standing at our place. So we stood for some minutes. Then after a few moments, she walked out from the crowd and sat down somewhere uncongested.

Then I received an SMS. From her. "Kita ingat Erin takde kawan tadi.. Honestly that's why I bought the ticket in the first place."

I was contemplating to abandon my post and go and sit down with her or just stay standing at where I was standing. I was thinking that if she's my friend, and she knows I'm so crazy in love with PTX, she would understand. This text might just be nothing. And I have other (newly) known friends here standing with me.

But then her text really hit me. My tumblr friends, I just met them.... Concert or whatever else in the world, friends come first. Dan hati orang kena jaga. I thought about the aftermath if I didn't abandon my post for her. It seemed bad.

So when I went and join to sit down with her, I was glad. I felt relieved. I didn't lose my friend. She's one of the the sweetest and coolest person I've met and I didn't want to lose that. When or if she mentions me, I would be so honoured to be called as her friend. And anyway, my tumblr friends joined us a few moments afterwards, 'coz seriously it took a long time to wait.

Oct 24, 2015


Lol I miss how I had all the time to actually write the whole thing of the day and not just some censored cut scenes with emotional kick


When you are in the crowd
or when you look at a photo of people
your mind was set
your eyes couldn't help
but to search for that one person
and as you lay eyes on him,
you could feel a rush of tranquility sinking in
and everything else does not matter


The ridiculousness in my good looking guyfriends
I give up

Oct 23, 2015


Lol I'm in love with some friendship that I have noticed here at my work place. They're so close that they just talk to each other effortlessly.

And today I coincidentally wore the same pattern of shirt with two of my seniors. If only I could get us together for a photo, that would be cute.

Oct 4, 2015



Oh how I feel flattered when I caught cute guys staring at me (but this is when I don't wear glasses). But still.

Idk man. I feel so giggly lately. I mean, I watch Plan Cinta Tak Jadi and like damn that drama makes me feel all bubbly. Maybe I miss feeling that way. Because in some way, we have stopped being so. Or maybe because it's hard for us to meet. I don't know.

So many cute guys.
The airport dude.
The bawak pokok dude.

Damn it I really want to run away from this country. I really want to go there. I do not want to stay here. I do not want to do MBA. I want Professional Accounting. I know I don't know what I want to do in the future or what business I want to create. I just, want my parents to be happy.


ACCA is already a master level. Yet you are still not entitled to hold the "Master" because honestly... they're just exams