Dec 31, 2009

Quote from Night Angel

As the Night Angel thought to himself, "Why am I attracted to her butt? How weird is that? Why do men like butts anyway?"
Hahah! That caught me ;)

Dec 29, 2009

Some facts on me based on my birthday month

I got this from atul's entry. I don't know where she got it, but some of them hit straight to the bulls-eye.

Bulan Februari
Berfikiran abstrak,
sukakan benda yang reality dan abstrak, inteligent,bijak dan genius,
berpesonaliti yg mudah berubah *Mood swings, I've never been consistently happy.
mudah menawan org lain,
agak pendiam. *Not agak. I AM a quiet person.
Pemalu dan rendah diri. *Yes, I'm quiet because I'm shy. HUMBLE, yeah. There are just people who are better.
jujur dan setia pd segalanya *If this is about a guy, yes, I will, once I get involved. If it's about friends, they are the one who were there when I needed them, so it's a yes.
keras hati untuk mencapai matlamat *always. I want to achieve something, but it's hard. My body doesn't work for it. Something is just stopping me from getting it.
tidak suka dikongkong,
mudah memberontak apabila dikongkong,
suka kegiatan yg lasak *I do! It's extremely fun!
emosinya mudah terluka dan sgt sensitif *even for tiny things, I don't know why. I don't often show it.
mudah mempamirkan marahnya. *What I think is, I don't get mad too easy but I don't about what other people think. I just fear that I might become like my dad - getting mad without realizing he's doing it.
tidak suka benda yg remeh-temeh,
suka berkawan tapi kurang mempamerkannya *happens every time meeting new person! Even my old schoolmates. I keep in touch very less :( In school, it's just too had to talk 'coz I'm quiet and shy.
sangat berani *Yeah, in activites and in front of public. dan suka memberontak,
bercita-cita tinggi dan suke berangan-angan dan ada harapan utk merealisasikan impiannya *All of these are true. I like to build castles in the air and I could see there are possibilities that I might achieve it although I'm stubborn to achieve it :p
pemerhatian yg tajam *Never fail to detect cute guys. Haha.
suka hiburan dan sukan *I like sports, do it everyday in school. But at home, it's just too cozy for sports but very suitable for entertainment :D
suka benda yg bersifat seni *Like what? I like to draw once in a while.
sangat romantik pada dalaman tetapi tidak pada luaran *Always think about romantic stuff to do with my beloved but it's quite hard to show it. Hmm.
berkecenderungan pd benda yg tahyul *As in FANTASY? Heck yeah. I wish I have dozens of books of those.
amat mudah dan boleh menjadi terlalu boros *Mudah belanja? TOTALLY. Not buying clothes, but something else and still boros.

Moral of the story,
belajar untuk mempamerkan emosi. *always tried the minute I knew myself for so long ago.

Dec 27, 2009

In the world of Midcyru

These past few days, I've been reading The Night Angel Trilogy day and night. It's like I was addicted to it. I didn't even care to go online. Much less to reply people's message. Jumping into this world of Midcyru, it was fantastic. I was so focused I didn't care what happened to my surrounding. I had to finish these books 'coz when school starts, there won't be any space for this fantasy world to fit in in my packed schedule. Except for Pendragon.

Anyway, I could have read this book little by little during the holiday. By doing so, there wouldn't be so much pressure. The thing is, I just realized that school is going to start very soon. And I didn't like that. Reality, it's just pain in the butt.

Now that I've finished reading it, I think I'm lost. If ever there were a fourth book... which actually there is, but 2 years from now. But still, life must go on!

Dec 24, 2009

Fung Wan Online

I still remember the SMC meeting, where they discussed so much, and I just smiled.
"We talked all the way, and all you give is a smile?"
"Mysty, a smile won't solve this problem here."

Even though this game is not reality, I still learnt new things from it. About life. I appreciate it so much.

A piece of memory to bring along

I finally got an SAB shirt that I can show off in my new school! Bwahahaha. Who ever gave that idea of a long-sleeved cocu shirt, I LOVE you, even if you're the *cough* principal. Haha :D

That reminds me of NADIA, my tennis partner back in SAB. Where ever you are? :( I still have her medal with me. Does she ever want to claim it? Have it ever crossed her mind about it? -_- The last message I got from her was that she asked me how's my PMR results as in at this time, today. Such a long time ago, ey? As if knowing what's going to happen, I took a picture of only us before I shifted out that very day. After that, I heard no news about her. I'm going to try to ask her best friends.

*sigh* I was something to her but I couldn't care less. She tried to know me, she gave me a piece of her and I only took, never gave a piece of mine in exchange as real friends do. And now, when she decided I'm no longer a someone, I miss her. I didn't know a tennis partner could be this special. Of course they could. I've spent time with her mostly every evening after school. She is a part of me, a part of my world as my other best mates are. So pathetic to be whining about this. Hmm.

Dec 22, 2009

Three Hooligans

Ainaa have told us about the hooligans before. I've forgotten about it until she reminded us the name. That is sooo different! And I like different. Haha :D Ainaa, tell your mum I love her. Haha.

Watched Avatar in 3D version. It was painful as for my eyes coz you know, the specs were holding me back. As to regain my energy for my eyes, I couldn't wait to eat. The weird thing is, Atul said she wasn't hungry. LIAR LIAR LIAR big FAT LIAR. She ate the whole bowl of mee -_-

I'm very grateful that for after a long time, I got home feeling a total relieved and no worries. Perhaps 'coz I got home early. Perhaps 'coz Ainaa finally made it in time :P. Perhaps because thousands of stupid picture we took. Perhaps, it's just what we've shared along the journey. Geez. I'm thinking how we would be in five years ahead.


I was on my way home, taking the route of "GEMILANG" - as I recall it. A woman was intensively looking at a board, taking into account that she might be someone's mother, not just a visitor.

As I passed her, she said, "Excuse me, are you a student here?" It kills me to say no. But if I say yes, she'd ask me questions about the school that I wouldn't know the answer. However, it took me some nano seconds to say, "Yes."

"Oh, sorry," she apologized for no reason, and continued, "This is the form two exam results, right?" I just nodded, while examining the classes. Got it, I've spot there was a 2H and nodded knowingly. "So is this the end year exam results?"

Oh my, what the hell have I gotten myself into? So to be sure, I made a quick check on top of the list. 'PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2009' it said. "Oh, no. This is the mid year exam. The one taken in June... May," I said in hesitant. Lady, it is so obvious that it's the mid year exam result!

"It's not the end year, the latest one?"


"Okay, thank you," she smiled.

"You're welcome," nodded and smiled and I took off.

In conclusion, I'm still not letting go of SAB.

Dec 18, 2009

Very greenish, very blue-ish

The trailer does not fool you. It is as amazing as the real movie. Very awe-inspiring. I love the wild animals, I love Eywa, I love the legendary wildlife - Toruk Mocta (or something like that), I love the word skxawng, I love the Na'vi's accent, and I looooovee the BOND from the na'vi's hair. The list could go on and on. I like the way the things glow in the dark as you touch it. This is like so a fairytale. When I knew it's James Cameron's movie, I have no doubt that it would be awesome :D Soon I'm going to watch it 3D. Yea baby!
* * * * * *
Things didn't turn out well today. Just like on last Wednesday. On wed, the movie was horrible but we could see Atul - but still late and Mad couldn't make it.

As for today, the movie was indeed wondrous but the tickets for Petrosains were SOLD OUT. We were like trying to talk to the workers to let us in, but to no avail, of course. I was so damn pissed off. I knew that would happen. I heard it from A'an. Dang it.

In any way, you need to turn things around. So, we still got to see a great movie :)

Dec 16, 2009

Petrosains, the first visit

BORING. That's all I can say. My time was wasted. I wasted my money for a dang movie -_- Maybe I'm not the big fan of the comic, but, a watcher can tell.

Guilty was crawling in me all the way as we watched the movie. 'Coz the worst part of all, is that I was the one who CHOSE the movie for us. WTH? All the way the movie was played, I was like, what crap is this? -_- Actually, as for me, I don't mind about the money. But my peeps? I hate dragging people into my own interests. SORRY for millions guys T_T

Mad and I first went to Muzika. 'Coz I don't know, that worker said we can only go in the Petrosains at 1 pm. So we stepped in at 4pm with Ainaa. Too bad Mad couldn't come! Lastly it was just Ainaa and me. Thankfully I asked her to come, or else I would be alone in Petrosains. To add that up, I could be lost in there without any guidance! ~.~

Or perhaps I could ask the Faci's if I got lost. HAHA.

First we bumped into Sa'emah, and then Nazi, lastly Onn Gie. We were like searching people with green T-shirts. And hijab plus FATTY >> ATUL. HAHA. The things in there are indeed interesting but they became the opposite as I was too hungry that made me got a slight headache and so less energy to get excited about the interesting exposures. Besides, we only got 30 minutes to look around. Atul and the gang's experiment is so cool. I could've steal that for my SEM. *evil laugh*.

In result out of hungriness, there were less pictures taken. I only noticed it when I browsed through the pictures. Swell.

First visit but the worst T_T and it happened on my 100th post. Huh.


On their way to stardom!

Darn I forgot to wake up early to wish you guys. Haha. *Dush kantoii* I wonder if you guys can online there. Duh, what am I kidding, of course you can, just that, is there time? I'm sure you guys still make time for it? Haha.

Anyways, GOOD LUCK Azra'i and Azri. Great, another pair of best friends of almost the same name. Guys, get Bioloid to shake it wiiildd! ENJOY while you can! Heck, you guys are in KOREA. Don't let no small frustration ever bring you down. Like I freaking did in Japan. I know you guys can rock the world :) Don't forget millions of pictures

or perhaps videos as you guys PROMISED us, alright!

Dec 15, 2009


Sometimes I feel the distance between us is getting bigger. But the past kept us together. And girls, I'm still holding on to it :)

They play

I thought those guys don't play in the morning. Well, I was WRONG! They came like 10 minutes before 9 AM and yes I was concerned about the time :P

As I sat on a swing while waiting for daddy to cool down, I watched them play and it got me thinking - why don't I have friends to hang out with in my neighbourhood? They could have been my friends. I could have known them.

Unfortunately, the hurtful truth is, I just don't. Somehow it's my own fault to be this way. I don't go out much. Except for movies. Maybe I'm just too busy wanting to know people in another world, until I'm oblivious of what's right in front of me. Reaching to a realization, I smiled to myself watching them, thinking that they're just not meant to be in my world. I already have great ones ;)

HOWEVER, not knowing who they are doesn't stop me from doing what I love :P They have just boost up my effort to jog in the morning. Haha!

Dec 13, 2009

A place to be

There's a park near my house (not in that picture, mind you). It's a walking distance that I can bear. I've never look forward in going to any park since most of them have the usual jogging track, trees, and fountains. But this. It has tools the gym has. Thankfully I don't have to urge my dad to buy them by giving him stupid reasons ~.~ - not that I've ever done it.

The presence of futsal court is just the extra toppings. Girls, you know why xD But to get that sweetness, I need to jog in the evening before Maghrib. You know, most youngsters are not a morning-person :P

"Jogging pagi lagi best kat sini. Udara dia segar kan." - Dad

You're indeed true, dad. I don't mind skipping evening jogs anyway. Morning jogs would give a better feeling. Except that I can't exaggerate it or I would collapse and couldn't do other stuff for the rest of the day.

The good thing happened today, is that I met my long-lost friend, Thanuja, as I recalled it. Stupid thing is, I glimpsed at her twice and the second time I did, I stared at her with narrowed eyes, and she noticed it xD Wth, I stared most of people today, and cares less. :P

Wedding and Birthday celebration

I don't want my holidays to be filled with immoderate SLEEPING. Going online is a different matter :P These celebrations, they kept me busy. Especially when I got to be the photographer, voluntarily - what? It's fun!

As for the wedding, I got to be the photographer for our family. The other already had their own, a pro of course. I felt as if I was challenged. But what the hell. He's a pro. I'm an amateur.

Still, it was a pleasure taking pictures of people's most important day of their lives. I know most pictures I took ain't that good, but tens in a million, there are some photos that could carve a smile on the witnesses :)) That was the the moment where I know, I've given them happiness ;)

Dec 10, 2009

Adi & Adli

Today started quite interesting.

My friends were already at our meeting location. But something got in my way. I had errands to run. On the run, my friends slipped out my mind. I was idly looking around and stumbled my eyes upon a big clock. It said, '8.50,' in the morning. Then I snapped. MY FRIENDS! I rushed to my house to get ready to meet them. Unfortunately there were too many disturbances and obstacles as I made my way back home. I almost give up and almost break into tears. Why is this life so hard?...

Until my eyes suddenly opened as fast as thunder, wide-eyed, but stayed still and went, "What the hell, JOGGING!" I felt under my comforter for my handphone. The clock said it was already 7:32am! I promised my friends I'd be there at seven! Then I read one new message. It was from Adli. I checked the time of message received. Got it exactly ten minutes before I came to reality.

Although I was relieved, I got up and had to call Adli. What the hell erin, what the hell? When you're planning to come early, you come way ahead. But when you're planning to come a bit late, you will run way off the track - happenned a few times before. I had 30 minutes to get ready. Another 30 minutes of upset, for Adli, I bet. Thankfully he was accompanied by Adi.

Eventually I turned things around. Eventhough I was late, I still made it. And got to jog 5 rounds around the tennis court. Could've done more but stamina decreased -.-. Not to forget to hit the tennis ball gracefully after a month not doing so. And my latissimus dorsi muscle hurt out of shock.

What's more interesting, is that I got to play with my friends whom I very seldom see. Wait, it was the second time, was it, Adli? Except for Adi, it was the first time to meet him :P Geez, you're tall! Haha.

Adli, quite good for a first-timer.
Adi, where in the world did you learn to serve that fast? I envy you -.-. Heck, I envy GUYS. Even though they play some sports for the first time, they could master so quickly. But it's okay. Among both of you and I, I'm better at the skills. HAHA :P

Time is of the essence. After I got home and cleaned up myself, my dad and I went to Maybank to activate my bank account. Hence now I can withdraw some cash freely. Mwahahaha.

So apparently today is slightly different from some typical day during a boring holiday in spite of meeting them. Yay! Thanks guys :)

Dec 9, 2009

7th spec in 5 years

" Ambik yang murah-murah je. Nanti in six months beli baru jugak."
- Dad

Everything in there was in sale, as in promotion. I tried the lowest priced spectacles but ended up buying a higher priced specs. Expensive things always look more fancy. I still wonder why dad didn't nag when I chose this - you can say expensive - specs and didn't remind me of the price. Anyway, I thank him :D

If you notice my lower front teeth, I have new striking pink string on.

I always wonder if my family and relatives ever check out my blog,
except some of them.

Mission accomplished

FINALLY! We successfully completed the experiment! They changed the plan but it was for good. The previous project was somehow too sophisticated for us. Dr. Azizi even told us we could get PhD if we can nail that project. Heck, who were we kidding? We are so not that level. Instead, we changed it to a simpler experiment.

So, experiment done. What's left is the portfolio and presentation. As for the portfolio, I brought the DSLR along. Ty was too JAKUN, she took freaking too many pictures, as in 250 pictures. Some were captured by me but, I bet she snapped more.

What happened yesterday, has been settled. Thankfully we're back to normal.

They take away the pain

Both pictures and my close friends!

Guess which is who's

Our first time getting on the bridge. I had to gather all my guts to stand at the center. Actually this picture is so censored for Azri. But there's no other way. Sorry man. Haha. And I just noticed the 'Sunway Lagoon' at the back. It proves we were there :D

Dec 8, 2009


I always see it coming, the minute I told you. No blame is put on you. Somehow I believe it's the wrong thing to do. But I did it. And now I'm in total guilt. Can we turn things around?

Dec 7, 2009

Fatal flaw

So it's a sad song. It touched me deeply. It used to be his song. But now, it has become mine. Whatsoever, I don't take it too seriously. I don't take any song too seriously. The feeling just comes only as I listen to it.
* * * * * *
Today I had to wake up early to start our mission. But dear Tyra made us wait for her at the LRT station. And I was dang sleepy. All the way until now. In result, I got a headache.

Somehow I doubt about our project. It seemed.. impossible for students like us. How can we manipulate the experiment? It's almost out of our grasp. How can a simple title be so complicated? Dang it.
* * * * * *
Ah, I bought a new pairs of spectacles. They are indeed stylish yet I don't know if they suit me. Let's hope they do. After all, I was the one who chose that specs.

Dec 6, 2009

Cousin's Wedding

Nazri and Narimah
Newly Wed ;)

I thought of editing the pictures of just the two of them, but it'll take years. Laziness.
Anyway, this' me, excited to get a hold of the D SLR all by myself. xD

Excited to have a new hijab ;P

That toilet sign seemed rather interesting ;)

Lobby of Hotel Seri Malaysia

Cuzzie ;)

Black spots. I know. Gonna service it soon.
Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang

I got a lot more to learn. Not that I want to be a pro. Hmm.

Dec 4, 2009

SKTS Reunion 2000-2005 BBQ Party

I thought, you guys would want to take a close look at the group photos. So here they are. Great times, guys! ;)

Click to enlarge.

Lol I did a burst shot so Imran seems to pose the same way :P

Dec 2, 2009

Terrible breakdown

Despite of getting so pissed off with the fact that ALL our precious pictures are gone, another awful feeling came to me. It portrays much about my feelings in the song "White Flag". Every single word in that song is true. This' a part of it.

And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
Will be there still
I'll let it pass
And hold my tongue
And you will think
That I've moved on....

Dec 1, 2009


First-timers award goes to Azri, Azra'i and Mokh. It was their very first time to step into Sunway Lagoon. Somehow happened on this quite interesting date - 1st December 2009. Unlike me who went there for the second time and Tira for the... I dunno, countless times.

The hell. I'm actually not in the mood to talk about this wonderful trip. Wanna know why? ALL the pictures are gone. Literally. Dang it.

Nov 30, 2009

"Take it slow at a time"

That. I'll try, my dear atul. It's just too much going on. I picked out topics very randomly. Anything that popped out in my mind. There's a lot more to tell. Perhaps even until eternity would not suffice. Nonetheless, with those stories, shortened stories told, I could imagine your life full with colours. It's good to know that we still hold on.

No offense. I thought it wouldn't be the same after I left. That it'd be awkward between us. The hell. I was wrong. I can tell you ANYTHING. Sure I got a ~little~ bit jealous of the freedom life in Kuala Lumpur but when with you guys, things are back to basic. And I'm very glad they do.
* * * * * * * *
For the third time - or so I thought - I've went against the rule and watched a 18SG film. Which, they really, really mean it. The freakin' fighting, or must I say, killing scenes are so overly violent. I literally squinted at times when the blades obviously cut through any part of the body and even when someone's head is banged on a concrete. It sends chill down my spine, despite the coldness. I would've held on to a guy beside me if it weren't a sin. Sorry, hormones. Instead, against all my will, I leaned near to Atul. Atul, eww. It's not scary. Just ridiculously violent. Especially when they show the damn wounds.

Apart from all, the title of the movie attracts me. Recently I've been reading an assassin kind of book by Brent Weeks. They're very interesting. I got to half of the book for two or three days, despite all the work I have to do. Frankly I don't imagine that violently, that should have been , for the acting scenes in the book.
The movie and the book are merely the same. Especially the shadow part. Like they have Talent to use. It's so cool that it fits my imagination.
* * * * * * * *
So after the great movie, something rather cool happened. I luckily hopped in a taxi that is driven by a band guy. Indie band I suppose. I know, like so low profile, working as a taxi driver. So what? It's cool. I think I've never met one, the band guy that likes to share things and blabber. I thought he was cool. I could have like, be crazy, like tell him "Hey, look here. Do you mind I take a picture of you? It's for my photography thang (which is true that I AM a photographer). It's like random pics." His picture would be handy. 'Coz I could show you. IF, only if he doesn't mind. What the hell, I don't have it anyway. And how was I NOT excited to meet a guy that's in a band, for the first time? Not famous, but still.

I thought of that crazy doing because he was so laid-back and liked to speak out loud. He even said he likes to just go to the point. The kind of person whom I so comfortable with, literally. 'Cos all the way to my house, with the traffic jam, we just talked like we've known for so long. Just blabbed about anything. Personal or not. That comfortable? Yeah. But the part I hated was to reveal my age. Stupid? Yes. But it was for comfort and I didn't know how else to twist the situation.

Can you guess what was he respond after I revealed my age? He thought I was a freaking damn 25 years old. Heck I don't blame him. I did look like one. And always do. It's the matter of fashion, that's why. Well I didn't say it out loud 'coz I ain't that type of person as my lips are always sealed, and I hate it. When there was silence in between our conversation, I thought I was hypocrite. That wasn't fair to him. Why in the world do I care?

"Saya terus terang je. Lain la awak kan. Nak control2. Cari boyfriend. Makan pun tutup mulut," he said it dengan slumber and smirked. I actually can't remember all but then I was idle for a second and wasn't sure what he was saying so I went, "Siapa pulak camtu?" He went, "Tah, saya cakap je." Owned.

He'd be really thankful to me of writing about him. LOL. It was actually the first time I really talked to a taxi driver with no much worries. Of course! He was in his twenties. Almost having the same thinking. He even met Yuna. A humble person he said. She does look like one.

After I hopped in the cab, things turned out well. 'Coz Tira can make it to Sunway. Having a cool taxi driver was just the extra toppings. This made my day ;)

Ice rink, here I come.

Nov 29, 2009

Lazy much

I find it interesting but it doesn't amaze me much. Perhaps I was too busy chewing the popcorn or maybe just not.

Nov 26, 2009


Too much shopping in Jakarta and Bandung, where you could visit places that are more worth of your time. But what the hell, when there's a chance, I ain't letting it go.

Nov 21, 2009

Resist to leave

Time runs too fast. I felt like I wanna stay there until everybody has gone home. And I can't believe I actually felt so. Why in the world I only realized the sweetness of staying there, one month before school ends? But still, many great things happened as I cherish every last moment I had there. It's still good coming home. Heck, home sweet home! ;)

I paid a visit to SAB yesterday. Actually wanted to go there exactly at 10 am but there were technical problems :P So happy that people still remember me. I tell you, I saw many changes going on. Hmm =)

Officially Kuatagh.

Sep 27, 2009

Not Enough

Celebrating raya for only a week ain't enough. Especially when I'm studying in a boarding school. As oppose to my friends in hometown, they could go beraya anywhere they want, whenever they want. Unlike me, I'm gonna be stuck in that prison. People call it prison because you just, can't, get, out! No wonder some students break the rules as couldn't hold themselves much longer.

Even so, I know boarding school is undoubtedly beneficial. And FUN.

Perhaps I just wanna be home. It has already been five months!

Sep 25, 2009

I want what you have

Being unmindful as I often do, I just knew that I always want what you have. It can't be jealousy. It's just that, I admire your sense of style. As well as your personality. If only I could be more like you. Sometimes I get so angry at you as you say you lack of something, when the thing is you don't.

Certainly you don't know this until just then, right Atul? :P I'm sorry, it's just my nature to keep things to myself teehee.

Nonetheless I can't be like you. You are you and I am me. Just two different persons posses different qualities. Apparently I have yet to know what I actually want.

Sep 23, 2009


I wanna tell you a stupid thing that I've done. It took place in a computer lab. There wasn't any usable computer left at the back. And the teacher gave us an assignment. So I had no choice but to use the computer exactly at the front, that was very obvious to teacher.

I don't know what I was thinking. It hadn't occurred to me that teacher actually cared on what we were doing to the computer. So I bluntly surfed TWITTER and BLOGGER, since students can't access Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook.

Actually, I tried to access blogger as to update my blog. Surprisingly I couldn't get in. I mean, blogger shouldn't be blocked. Somehow it's the source of information.

I was dang worried, so I tried to go to Yahoo!. Failure. Then, MSN, yet another failure. Even Google! It seemed as if I was such a fool 'cos if you can't get to Yahoo!, it's quite impossible to access other webs.

The twitter window wasn't closed yet, so I finished off the sentence and clicked Update. Of course, it loaded so long. Heck, it didn't even connected to the internet.

A pang of realisation hit me that the teacher blocked my account's access to the internet. When I turned my head around to the teacher, he was intensely doing his work. I wasn't silly to be oblivious of that. I knew he saw it. Nevertheless, if there was a slight thought crossed my mind that teacher was obviously gonna block it, I wouldn't have surfed those web in front of him.

Let's hope it ain't permanent.

Aug 31, 2009


AT LAST I finished reading The Pendragon Adventure, approximately at 4.14 A.M. Yes, I stayed up late just to finish it. The cliff-hangers were killing me, especially when I did that myself. I left it for about 2 months. There were probably 200 pages left to end it all. But then I left it behind, as to give my brother the chance to read it, and another reason was because the book was too heavy and way precious to bring to my college.

Anyway, if it hadn't been for my take off to Kuantan today, I wouldn't bother reading it until late in the morning. Midnight is the limit.

There's an explanation as to why I sounded a little literary in my previous entry; for I have ended my journey of Pendragon Adventure. It was heck worth the time.

Why you?

I have always stung many times by your casual criticism. Oh, it was so easy for you to blurt out those to me. For your concern, it took me days to recover, literally. Those critics sent me on the verge of breakdown. My confidence has shaken by then. I waited for time to heal. Yet every second of our lives is precious. People in my radar at any place I've been lately, woke me up and I soon settled down and thought it all over.

Your words may stung like a bee, but they rebuild my confidence. Then I would try to be a better person from what you've seen before. This event always happens as if you push the rewind button. That's the best part; I could be aware of the time, so that I wouldn't forget the reasons I'm here for. And I thank you for that.

Aug 24, 2009

More movies

The air-con in my bedroom is usable now. A lot thanks to dad for extending the wire. My parents are really concerned on my sleeping whereabouts. Previously I always took over my brother's bed and he slept somewhere else, air-con-LESS. Pity him. But now he need to worry no more!

I thought of having a self-schooling. The time where I would study by myself like schooling on Friday. Unfortunately, I failed to do just that for today for some technical problem xD. I just gotta put more pressure on myself and make myself with no regrets in the future! Swell. Someone please push me off the cliff!

Therefore, rather than staying home, I went out with Atul to watch G.I Joe. Luckily we didn't need to queue up. I went straight to the counter but dear 'innocent' Atul followed the queue line where actually was empty.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching G.I.Joe. Snake Eyes caught my attention for he is very mysterious, and buff (duhh, a fighter, of course!). I liked Channing Tatum for his slang, a real joker.

Orphan: I thought the girl is a GHOST but in fact she is a WOMAN. Some kind of disorder that made her still look young. I squinted my eyes every time she attempted to kill someone. She just smashed, sliced, and murdered like it was a normal thing to do. Dang, this s my second movie of horror and thriller, after SAW. At least not ghosts. Phew.

* * *
The best part of this hang out is Atul, Ainaa, and I got the chance to unite again. Ainaa joined us at around 2.30pm and we watched the movie Orphan together. Apart from that, we talked nineteen to the dozen whenever we had the chance. This was a great gathering. I know an occasion like this is not easy to do for many times in a short time. Thus I cherished every minute of it. I love you guys!

Aug 23, 2009

New skin

I feel like a noooob! I'm not so good at editing blogger skin other than just use what they give. I don't know whether I'm fond of this.


This new skin is very cute, in my opinion. HOWEVER, it takes a while to load the background image. So I thought, I don't wanna trouble my readers, and was searching for a simpler skin. Come to think again, it would only hurt for the first visit to my blog.


It is small. I feel unsatisfied reading the entries -.- I think you guys agree on this. Wth, just move on.

It's a custom template and classic so there's no 'Add a widget'. I'm really gonna miss that.

* * *

I've seen other non-navigation skins and they're easy to handle. I might change to new skin very soon. HAH!


The first day of Ramadhan.

Started off with a big sigh. Then straight ahead to the world of internet. My dad was really mad xD I just can't help this addiction! It's too powerful.

There wasn't much going on. I slept mostly in the morning.

In the evening, I stared at the Biology reference book, going, 'What the heck is this?' but managed to finish up my homework. My Pendragon is still waiting tho. I can't continue from the last time I left it hanging. For my own sake, I needa read it all over again. I have to I have to!


Aug 21, 2009

Bethany Coop

I was 30 minutes late for this movie.
Fortunately I still didn't miss out funny parts of the movie.
Frankly I don't think this movie is that entertaining.
Maybe not mature enough to watch it? LoL. Whatever.
Not my kind of movie, The Proposal is better :D

This kind of movie, is preferably watched with friends :P,
For we haven't seen each other for weeks. Glad that I urged myself to go,
and I'm a bit regretful of my own deed, which was late in getting a cab.
I should have done it earlier. Dang, I'm so not disciplined even in going out :s

Milano's again. Sheesh, fats! xD

Najat - bajet ayu, Atul - bajet cool, me - just making the picture alive, A'an - over-excited :D

Nice captured, A'an! :D

I had fun with you guys! Although we only had a brief chat after the movie.
Aqilah, I'm sorry. Ko taw kan aq ni blur blur sket.
Actually I was going to say, I will miss you too =)

Anyway, on this Sayyidul Ayyamm, I experienced changing LRT lines. Which, gonna make my brother's life easier. So that he wouldn't have to fetch me at KLCC - terrible traffic jam! :D A BIT thanks to Atul for encouraging me heheh.
What's more, I bumped into my seniors, Saff and Jaja. Haha. What a coincidence.

Aug 20, 2009

Sleeping can be fatal sometimes

Today. Nothing much. I missed the chance to meet Atul, because I freaking slept. I pampered myself too much. That's why I dislike home!!! Dang it. Basically just another boring day.

Aug 19, 2009

A date

I woke up feeling lethargic, lazy to get ready. But then, thinking of the chance to watch movies, I quickly cleaned up myself.

Alien in the attic? I consider it as an okay despite the cute little girl, Hannah. It's hard to say no to little Hannah, for god's lovely creation. Hahah.
Ashley Tisdale, she acts almost similar to Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
And Ricky is sooo goofy and a jerk! So not hot like in Step Up 2 :P
Tom, the genius, I like the part where he calculates his target. It was really cool.
All in all, most parts in the movie made me laugh ;)

Anyway, a date with whom, you'd wonder? The picture tells it. Had the first 'date' with Attira a.k.a Tyra a.k.a tennis partner. Haha. And she was the first from college that I go out with! I had a blast hanging out with her. Let's do it some other time?

Is it already?

Has it reach 3 months already? Sorry, I'm not good at calculating days, unlike my mann, A'liah. Everyday she would count the days left to get home. Nevertheless, three months or not, I think this is actually the time that I've targeted to post a new entry.

Previously I've stated that I'll be coming home with great news. I have plenty indeed. My marks have increased and it has raised my spirit. All the while, I knew I could do better.

As for being optimistic, I've found considerably a good reason to stay there for a few weeks.


Why in the world did I build walls instead of bridges? WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, ERIN?! Perhaps I got so caught up thinking about home. Frankly, I kind of build walls between me and my roommates. We just don't clique. Or am I not being an open-minded? Swell, it's always awkward being around them.

Whatever it is, I've learned to appreciate friends. Who else will be around when you're alone? ;) You just can't stick to the old ones!

Aug 18, 2009

I've paid my own debt

Betapa leganya hati ini!! Setelah menonton DUA tayangan di pawagam!!
The Proposal and Setem !!
Hahahahahaha excited ni!

For real, man. I've gone nuts to have not watch any movie at the cinema for like 4 months, since I went to MJSC, in case you don't know. 'Coz beforehand, I was a movie freak. I wouldn't miss out any movie that came out in the cinema. I'd download if I have to.

But now I don't even have the time to do such little things.

Those two movies, memang berbaloi tengok kat cinema. Especially when I haven't seen any for four months.

They're a real comedy. Worth the time! ^^

Jun 14, 2009

Not as I imagined

Some things have not gone as I planned for this holiday. One big hitch is catching up Biology. This just can't be happening. I can't let myself having zero knowledge about Biology. It's sickening me.

To Syawal, you're still lucky you have watched three movies. At the cinema. I've watched none. Stupid thing is, I have wasted my time at home instead of going out. 'I need to be home with my family,' I thought. BOGUS! Not only I didn't do anything, I didn't have fun with my family.

Say, just 10 minutes ride, and I'm there at the huge house of Atul's, her father's precisely ;P. There I could have done a study group for many times in a week. I realized how worthy it was to go there, though only freaking once, 'coz I got home with some new knowledge. For the first time ever, I have to admit that I need study group partners. The problem now is, to get fond of my new mates.

This may be my last post for the holiday. I'm gonna be there for 3 months. 3 freaking heck of months.

I have to be ready for lessons soon. Coming home was like a delighting fantasy to me. Or was it being there a nightmare fantasy? Vice versa, I don't know which one is true. And time flies without I knowing it.

Dang, I failed to finish the
LAST Pendragon book! So it's just gonna wait for a long dang while. I'll miss you, Bobby. And of course I'll miss all of you!!

You might think, 'Pfft, it's just a school, it's nothing.' Heck, it IS something. This is a freakin' sensitive person blogging, mind you. Having the thoughts to go back there haunts me.

Now, now, let's look on the bright side. *searching for it*... *tapping* *thinking really hard*... *desperately squeezing it out*... Okay I got none. Please, do me a favour, find me one!!!

I'll be coming home with great news.

Jun 12, 2009

A Brief Study

It was brief, yet worthy. I should've done it last week. My precious time have wasted with stupid useless things, when I actually could've have fun.

Studying with Ainaa was so much pleasure.

Jun 11, 2009


Just got back from my dentist appointment, and, my two upper teeth are now gone, forever. There's no turning back. I had to lose those teeth sebab gigi atas dah ke depan sangat dari yang bawah.

Nak cabut gigi tu kenala kasi injection. Dah hampir 4 tahun aq tak kena inject kat gusi. Gila gaban sakittt. Sampai keluar air mata. Mula-mula, bajet dah besar and ada pengalaman, tak sakit la sangat. So try nak tak tutup mata. Tapi hmmphh hampeh la. Kena gak, untuk tahan sakit.

Gigi aq yang dah dicabut tu lawa dehh. Ada dua roots. Aq simpan dedua gigi tu. My masterpiece. Haha.

Masa dentist tu nak cabut gigi, dapat rasa sikit akar tu bergerak-gerak. Nasib sikit je. Yang gigi sebelah kiri pulak tak rasa apa-apa. Yang bestnya dengar bunyi krakk krakk masa nak cabut tu. Badan relax je la. Tak sakit pun. Diri sendiri je saja buat suspens.

Skarang ni aq takleh nak senyum dengan betul, nak gerakkan upper lips, nak sebut words yang ada huruf M, P, and yang sama waktu dengannya. Even nak kembangkan idong pun tak boleh. Nasibla skarang ni aq kat umah. Kalau ada hingus meleleh, sure aq tak prasan.

Slain cabut gigi, kena tukar wayar bracers pulak. Diketatkannya lagi wayar tu. Pergh, memang sedap ah. Rasa macam mula-mula pakai braces! Nak makan susah. Dah la aq lapar nih. Last skali makan pukul 2 pm tadi. Ni nak dinner dah. Takleh jadik!

Ni laa pengorbanan seorang insan untuk mencantikkan gigi. Haha. Sbenanya buat braces ni untuk gigi yang tersesat kat bawah tu. Tapi dia tak gerak-gerak. So kita abandon gigi tu, and buat kat yang lain. Why waste it? Proceed je.

Jun 10, 2009

Disastrous Plan, Yet

" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. "
In this case, that quote does not fit. Many couldn't make it. For sure I was upset. Might as well just go out last week. Perhaps it was because the host was as if a nobody, thus they ignored the invitations.

Swell. Why bother things like that? No matter. It is just the way it was meant to be. And I'm freaking using DJ Machale's words. Can't wait to jump into that world of Pendragon's again.

Nonetheless the plan still went on, and in this journey, I experienced new things. It was more worthy and exciting when I experienced them with my friends. Not alone and scary like in Kuantan.

Whatsoever, I was late, because of someone, again. He wanted to come along but was not so sure and it took me a while to be confirmed. Fortunately we hit the ice when there were less crowd. Najat stayed out from the rink. Seems to me she wasn't thrilled at all to go ice skating. Isn't that right, Najat? ;P Conversely, I was so eager to hit the ice, I wanted to run to buy the ticket. But, of course, I'm still sane and may god let it be like that.

I felt a great sensation as I stepped on the ice for after.. months. Didn't take long to adapt. One round, and I was good to go. Too bad, after a few small rounds, I got a dang small painful blister on my right buku lali, I felt my skin was torn, literally. But I was still in doubt. And I checked it only after one hour had passed. This didn't happen before. I probably skate too early before I could really swoosh the right way. Anyway, the company was kind to give out plasters without a price.

I was still in pain and that made me lose focus. Okay, that sounded like I took this too seriously. I just couldn't get myself to skate well and not care about the blister. So I made no improvements. And always unbalanced. Fell two times. Scored 2-0. Well, Atul won. She skated a weird way, but she still moved and felt the cold breeze. That's the best thing about skating, you could skate smoothly and feel the cold wind brushes your skin.

Then again, big whoop! Worrying about it was not worth 'my' money and time. I put myself to ease and went through it blissfully.

Just so you know, we already felt the pain for only after a few slow rounds. It showed that we didn't exercise. I don't like that. I HAVE to exercise. Thinking that skating could do me a lil favour, I made it through the pain and that's one of the reasons. What's more, we never failed to make time for pictures :D

And we were caught red-handed! xD

Lepas letak plasterr.

Faithfully waiting for the ice rink to be well frozen. Really faithful.

Oh heck, I forgot to take pictures in McD. Atul and I had lunch there after we got out from the ice after 2pm. Pity Atul, she only ate biscuits beforehand. For sure la gelojoh makan haha. So McD was the place where we met Mus together with Faisal, who seemed to be a quiet guy, and a few minutes later, Ainaa, who, out of the blue hugged us from behind. And what time was that? Around 3 pm. Looking at the bright side, thankfully she arrived safely.

So we talked nineteen to the dozen until ATUL didn't realize that she finished her french fries! Gemok la atul! :P Wait, Ainaa helped Atul to finish it. And I ate mine alone. Well, I ain't fatty 'coz as you guys said, I need 'em fats. Hehe. Let's just say McD's french fries were soo delicious than any other. Dipping it with salt was the extra flavour. Atul, if I ever get high blood pressure, it's because of you. You taugt me, you're the blame :P

After eating, of course we got some business to do.


Na, not me. I give 'em privacy. Not like atul perrrverrrt :P

My pretty sixteen year old friendss ;')
Mus, Atul, Najat, Ainaa

Gotcha!! SMS ngna siapa la tuu. Ahaa.

There might be two meanings. The small cute button on the bag, and the background.

The picture obviously says it hahahah!

Laugh out loud, bebeh! We wandered around the mall. There wasn't anything - that made me go, 'Aww that's cute!' 'Omigod cool gila!' - attractive to me just then. Maybe I was too tired. Heck, I was walking unsteadily as soon as I stepped outside the ice rink. Then again I gotta walk with high heeled sandals. Plus the blister. Plus the muscle pain. Plus the bruises on both knees and thighs. These always happen excluding the blister.

Anyway, I wasn't entertained by anything except for one - chocolates. They were too yummy to resist!
"I got to have some sweets," Ainaa stated.
Yeah, that was undoubtly true, despite almost two months of no chocolate (yet still gained some weight).

Really attractive wallpaper xD Tell me I'm not skinny!!!

After Mus and Faisal and us parted, we were off to take the bus.

Friends till the end, buds!

This' Najat wearing Mango T-shirt, which I just knew (or remembered) that MNG stood for Mango. Like, what a loser haha. Don't any of you know a clothe brand called Orange? I'm pissed off (not entirely), that my friends don't know the brand and haven't heard it till I told 'em. Swell.

We took a bus to KL Sentral. This picture was taken when we had to change to another bus, which we waited for what it felt like, hours! What a relief when we saw the bus driver coming.

When we first got on the first bus, Najat only realized that the red button on a pole in the bus could be pushed. Heck I didn't laugh at her, coz I figured out just before her. We were on the same page and like waayyy behind. Ye lahh, jarang naik public transport. Walaupun dah 2-3 kali pergi Sunway ni. Haha.

The other thing that we figured out was the first bus went further into Shah Alam, then only make a U-turn. Why didn't it cross our mind? Not that we had other transports other than taxi. We've gone through it before, with Athirah, but how could we forget?

It took 2 and a half hours for me to get to KLCC, and then waited for my brother for another half hour. Others, from what I heard, till 1 am, 'coz they were brought to some place by.. someone's sister. Ainaa's maybe. Pfft. 1 AM? How did you guys hold it?

* * * *

Phew! What a dang long entry. I think this' the longest entry I've written. No matter. I haven't blog for longer than I thought, until I almost give up on it.

The Pendragon series also made me write this long. Well, whatever!