Jun 20, 2010

Disfigured boy

Ja'i, don't take that white thing off, I wanna see it. Wahah.
Ko memang bertuah dapat cuti. Aq jeles.
Tapi camne ko nak study? Kalau ko nakla haha.
Get well soon, buddy.

Heading off to the battlefield.

Jun 18, 2010


Girls, you'll always be at the most top ranking, don't worry.
I never want it to change. If it's not mum, I could always count on you.

You're right. I'm going to have to go through the maze. I cannot get out. The game is a part of me. I'm gambling on this. In or out, the risk is the same. Thorns or holes, I'll get through them imperviously. And I almost forgot my new year resolution, make the best out of everything.
Thank you for zillions.
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
...you'll be a man!
p/s, Atul, thanks for the cupcakes. I am now FAT.

You Always

I talk to him, I tell you.
I freak out when I see him, I tell you.
He's written in my diary, you are too.

Time passes by,
Dear diary knows countless new guys
They come and go
But what remains is you

Then I thought
I should stop writing

Yet every time I think of any guy
there's always a picture of you

When girls tell about their guys
can't help but think of you

Just play any song that exists
it must be something to do with you

Even if diary does not know
in my head is always you

For whatsoever reason,
I should just think of You, Allah.

Dream bedroom

Nuna made me yearn for this.
The bedrooms are just sick. Spacious, simple and neat.
Not to forget, GREEN. :)

Really, you don't need to fill up the room if it's big.
Bolehla aku menari gila-gila dalam bilik.
Someday, erin. Someday.

Eating habit

Life in the college has taught me to accept things as they are.
Plainly not everything can turn out your way.
Like main meals DS served? I just stuff ‘em into my stomach - tasty or not.
It's only a matter of surviving. But honestly, sometimes they taste good.
And that's why I always get the same remark, from different persons.

"Aku tengok Erin ni semangat betul makan. Tak kira ah pagi ke, malam ke.
Aku rasa biasa je makanan dia. Suka aku tengok kau makan.
Respect ar kat kau."
- Various persons

And it never gets old.


Dreamt of him last night. And geez, he was good-looking. Fit shirt, really short-almost-bald hair, he just looked clean. I always preferred him a longer hair.

A dream can be anything you want it to be. But in this case, I don't know what in the world I was thinking, I should have make it sweeter, like all sweet dreams should be.

'Coz something I did in that dream made him leave me. I need a guidebook for controlling dreams.

No dirty thoughts now.

p/s, Dzaed la weh.

Jun 17, 2010

Falling-asleep syndrome

My school holiday habit. Can't help it. It happens.

To even bring and touch those books? I had to.


God, it's so hard to tell you, mum.
When will it be the right time? SIGH.

Jun 16, 2010


Tiba-tiba sahaja aku mengingati mereka iaitu sejak aku tiba di sini.
Aku tertanya-tanya di dalam hati
apakah yang sedang dibuat oleh mereka ketika ini?
Ah, perpisahan begini membuatkan hati merasa dekat,
padahal di dalam kelas bukan tidak sering antara kami
berselisih pendapat, bertengkar dan bermasam muka.

Barangkali sifat manusia memang begini,
hanya tahu menghargai sesuatu apabila sesuatu itu telah tiada
atau telah jauh daripada kita!

Masing-masing belajar berdikari dan merasakan sendiri
pahit dan manis hidup ini sebenarnya.
- Seteguh Karang

Ainaa, Atul.. I'm scared..

Jun 10, 2010

A delayed return

When all the students all over the country were ecstatic about going home, we (Form 5's) were busy attending PGG - Program Gerak Gemilang - for eight, long days. At first I thought it was such a torment. But as time passed by, I was getting to love it and hoped it went longer. It was all plainly because home is not the place for me to stay too long. There are too many attractions! Dang it, I gotta keep reminding myself.

Staying in school ain't that bad. I had fun with my mates :D

By the way, I've never achieved 80+ for English. It's pathetic.