Nov 30, 2009

"Take it slow at a time"

That. I'll try, my dear atul. It's just too much going on. I picked out topics very randomly. Anything that popped out in my mind. There's a lot more to tell. Perhaps even until eternity would not suffice. Nonetheless, with those stories, shortened stories told, I could imagine your life full with colours. It's good to know that we still hold on.

No offense. I thought it wouldn't be the same after I left. That it'd be awkward between us. The hell. I was wrong. I can tell you ANYTHING. Sure I got a ~little~ bit jealous of the freedom life in Kuala Lumpur but when with you guys, things are back to basic. And I'm very glad they do.
* * * * * * * *
For the third time - or so I thought - I've went against the rule and watched a 18SG film. Which, they really, really mean it. The freakin' fighting, or must I say, killing scenes are so overly violent. I literally squinted at times when the blades obviously cut through any part of the body and even when someone's head is banged on a concrete. It sends chill down my spine, despite the coldness. I would've held on to a guy beside me if it weren't a sin. Sorry, hormones. Instead, against all my will, I leaned near to Atul. Atul, eww. It's not scary. Just ridiculously violent. Especially when they show the damn wounds.

Apart from all, the title of the movie attracts me. Recently I've been reading an assassin kind of book by Brent Weeks. They're very interesting. I got to half of the book for two or three days, despite all the work I have to do. Frankly I don't imagine that violently, that should have been , for the acting scenes in the book.
The movie and the book are merely the same. Especially the shadow part. Like they have Talent to use. It's so cool that it fits my imagination.
* * * * * * * *
So after the great movie, something rather cool happened. I luckily hopped in a taxi that is driven by a band guy. Indie band I suppose. I know, like so low profile, working as a taxi driver. So what? It's cool. I think I've never met one, the band guy that likes to share things and blabber. I thought he was cool. I could have like, be crazy, like tell him "Hey, look here. Do you mind I take a picture of you? It's for my photography thang (which is true that I AM a photographer). It's like random pics." His picture would be handy. 'Coz I could show you. IF, only if he doesn't mind. What the hell, I don't have it anyway. And how was I NOT excited to meet a guy that's in a band, for the first time? Not famous, but still.

I thought of that crazy doing because he was so laid-back and liked to speak out loud. He even said he likes to just go to the point. The kind of person whom I so comfortable with, literally. 'Cos all the way to my house, with the traffic jam, we just talked like we've known for so long. Just blabbed about anything. Personal or not. That comfortable? Yeah. But the part I hated was to reveal my age. Stupid? Yes. But it was for comfort and I didn't know how else to twist the situation.

Can you guess what was he respond after I revealed my age? He thought I was a freaking damn 25 years old. Heck I don't blame him. I did look like one. And always do. It's the matter of fashion, that's why. Well I didn't say it out loud 'coz I ain't that type of person as my lips are always sealed, and I hate it. When there was silence in between our conversation, I thought I was hypocrite. That wasn't fair to him. Why in the world do I care?

"Saya terus terang je. Lain la awak kan. Nak control2. Cari boyfriend. Makan pun tutup mulut," he said it dengan slumber and smirked. I actually can't remember all but then I was idle for a second and wasn't sure what he was saying so I went, "Siapa pulak camtu?" He went, "Tah, saya cakap je." Owned.

He'd be really thankful to me of writing about him. LOL. It was actually the first time I really talked to a taxi driver with no much worries. Of course! He was in his twenties. Almost having the same thinking. He even met Yuna. A humble person he said. She does look like one.

After I hopped in the cab, things turned out well. 'Coz Tira can make it to Sunway. Having a cool taxi driver was just the extra toppings. This made my day ;)

Ice rink, here I come.

Nov 29, 2009

Lazy much

I find it interesting but it doesn't amaze me much. Perhaps I was too busy chewing the popcorn or maybe just not.

Nov 26, 2009


Too much shopping in Jakarta and Bandung, where you could visit places that are more worth of your time. But what the hell, when there's a chance, I ain't letting it go.

Nov 21, 2009

Resist to leave

Time runs too fast. I felt like I wanna stay there until everybody has gone home. And I can't believe I actually felt so. Why in the world I only realized the sweetness of staying there, one month before school ends? But still, many great things happened as I cherish every last moment I had there. It's still good coming home. Heck, home sweet home! ;)

I paid a visit to SAB yesterday. Actually wanted to go there exactly at 10 am but there were technical problems :P So happy that people still remember me. I tell you, I saw many changes going on. Hmm =)

Officially Kuatagh.