May 22, 2016


It's funny how my friends are there in Setiawangsa but I'm still at home doing my own business while they hang out and about.

I guess I just have to face the fact that this is how it is.

May 15, 2016

#270 zumba @ dance @ aerobic

I read an article about differences between zumba and aerobics. And actually I'm not satisfied on why both need to have different names when they are just almost the same. Or maybe just put zumba to a more popular word like a dance class. Zumba has choreography stuff in it so why differentiate it to a dance class?

#269 makan dalam talam

I think it's inappropriate to force someone to finish the food that you yourself serve with a volume you didn't ask before . I mean why do you serve too much at the first place? Why don't you ask first how much it would suffice for them?

I know it's good using talam to eat together but really, serve with the volume that is apropriate for the consumer 😑

#268 dulang girls

Coz I don't agree much on dulang girls esp about the top 8 like MySpace. Unless if the good comes out of it then okay 🙂

May 8, 2016

#267 artists w no IG

I really respect artists who don't have instagram

May 7, 2016

#266 lipstick

Mum when I told her I bought 3 different colours of lipstick [for the first time]: Hah, ye ke? Mana? Nak tengok nak tengok #veryencouraging. Because I was never into lipsticks 😂 


I didn't know it gives me tranquility and soothes me to not know how many likes I got. I hope I don't ever peek the numbers, ever.

#264 tinder

So I commented that I swiped left to see the rest of the photo.
Like after zooming in, you wanna see what else is written on the photo.
Then Atul was like, girl you are exposing your secrets!
I was like, what secrets? I'm an open book!
Ni mesti dah biasa sangat swipe ni

Then it got me. Was this all referrence to Tinder? I mean hahah it's totally a different thing!

But whatever. I can't blabber at Atul's IG comments tho. Too many people know her. So here I am 😌

May 2, 2016


I'm a huge fan of 'summer' flings. They're short, they make you feel butterflies. And that's it. It only lasts so quick, you have to move on with life.