May 22, 2017


I didn't reply her. Saja. This made my day. Hati berbunga. I didn't know a message like this from your friend could mean so much. 

I can't lie that there are times I terasa, there are times I know I make her terasa. A friendship is as such. And idk I just got past those small silly stuff (yes small, eventhough at the time anything happened, it seemed huge). We deal with it. Friends in need is a friend indeed.

I love you too, my friend.

May 13, 2017



When your best friend recalls the sweet things you've thought about your friendship ❤️


- Bro, datang tak?
- Datang. Nak ayam dada. I repeat dada.
- 😂Okay bro





-Jap aku kena kemas bilik dulu kot
-Bersepahnya. Sama je sepah macam kehidupan kau

Pasar jual earphones:
Do you want Beats?
Or you can just have my heartbeat

Chatted and passed by recycle bins:
- Do you wanna throw away your dignity?
- Which type?
- Plastic


Kenapa belikan anak umur kurang 3 tahun, mainan intended for ages 3+???? Kenapaaaaa

Kenapa bagi diorang main mainan yang dah sedia ada, yang sebenarnya untuk ages 3+ kenapaaaa

Membazir ah cepat rosak. Sedih I have to witness everything


Haritu beli air kat chatime, confused nak cakap English ke Malay??

Like I really think workers should be able to speak/understand local language(s)?

Unless you are in some professional ass company


So I saw this small thing on the floor that looks literally like the poop emoji. But I think it was hershey's kisses chocolate

But it could also be a perfectly molded poop


"A real sunny and hyper especially bila dah jumpa geng."

I wanted to question this. But after a fruitful thought, I second this impression of me 💩


You know what's great hanging out with your friends? They unconsciously blurt out awesome punchlines or pickup lines

and you're there to publish it #reporteratitsbest


*Roadtrippin jalan dalam*
-Weh landak mati. Asal elok je dia mati camtu macam tengah tidur
-Tu mati dengan iman

*Next sighting landak mati*
-Eh ada lagi???
-Mende landak, tu sabut kelapa sawit la ya tohan



*Penunggang motor India lalu*
*Dia pin pin*
-Eh awak nampak tak dia??
-Nampak. Sekarang siang ma, bukan malam


I got interviewed verbally for a survey from Digi. English terabur cam apa lol #smh

Well, face to face interview

Wasn't nervous. Indeed was very keen to help out. Like, I tried answering, then they rephrased for me. Like thank god you understood


Do you understand the feeling of not wanting to wear glasses coz you're just tired af


When my in laws are so talkative and chatty and friendly and teasy I went into culture shock. Like niggas please preserve some of my bubbles


When you want to shorten notifications as noti but then it sounds like naughty (malay accent) and awkward, *abort mission*


When you best friend texts you good morning and you're like.... nigga r u ok


Me: Kau buat pe harini? Mereput ke
Adli: Yes, currently mereput *bagi gambar baring pandang tingkap*
*pastu masing masing senyap mereput; tanya sebab nak ajak lepak tapi mereput wins 😂*


Have you ever felt so awesome that you just woke up and your hair is on fleek, like damn nigga, u look gud


On Thursday 11 May 2017, around 4pm I thought I have tonnes of work. But then time tu macam mati kutu rasa cam takde kerja #moodbalik

Serious cari kerja yang berlambak tu tapi tak jumpa. Then when I thought of going home, it was raining cats and dogs ahsjdkflhas


Excuse me while I spam my tweets here coz I want to find my awesomeness. Twitter is so limited lol


Read this thread! About grab.


But really, why wouldn't backseat passengers buckle up? How hard could it be

Even for a 2 km journey, I'd still buckle up at the front seat passenger

Mostly because the driver is my dad lol


Memang intended to sound like someone, hoestazah, rupanya sound like Ustaz Fazilah Kamsah haha


Sengal punya adli 


I wonder, how a brother dislikes his little sister. I mean I think I really behaved with my siblings.

But then when I think of it, sometimes I'm just too lazy to be an adult, I depend on them. For example tolong belikan makanan.

Ejad even told me ala beli je kat kedai yada yada yada - implying that seriously you can't do simple things in life? Lol yea

But knowing I'm an adult and making money, I reconciled with myself that I didn't exactly depend on them, like, if they can buy, alang alang belikan. Something like that


So dad went into the kitchen gaya dah habis makan nak basuh pinggan. But when I entered, ada nasi segenggam atas pinggan anak buah. I was like, 'Siapa nak makan tu?' Sebab nampak gaya Marissa macam tak nak makan.

'Ayah nak makan.'

'Hah? Okayy.. nak makan sekali lah.'

Sebab memang rasa nak tambah. Cuma entah, rasa malas camne tah. Pastu ayah nak makan lagi, iols pun join je la. Lagipun harini mak masak sedap (or Kak Yana masak, idk).

Moral of the story:
1. Tak best makan sorang sorang ya. The more the merrier (but I'm an introvert, so this the more the merrier is like just sometimes)
2. We can conclude that I'm clingy with my parents lol


True how kids can brighten up your day when you got home. She lifts up spirits. But as I observe her... why am I giving in lol not for you kid

"vroom vroom pin pin"

May 4, 2017


Lol rasa bodoh sebab aku suruh junior tolong request stationery. That's it. Takde instructions hahaha mana tak blur nye budak tuuu