Mar 23, 2016


Quoting tweet because your opinion is slightly different or just different and you're actually not questioning the original opinion lol

Idk but I feel the need to let it out coz the person I quoted the tweet seems like she was offended. I quoted and comment for what actually applies to me, not correcting your tweet and saying you're wrong. Most people do that. 

But maybe I didn't explain well so it has lead to people being offended #shrugs

Mar 19, 2016


I'm trying to take my friend's advice. To live life and go out with friends when you can, putting aside your tiredness just to have some time with your friends.

I like how she's having great times hanging out with her friends. I'm trying to do that. But today I realise I couldn't. I can't make the same her life and mine. Different people have different ways. I can't compare hers to my solidatory life. I am this way. Maybe I am more comfortable being this way. I know it's a lonely way to live but I just don't know who else to hang out with.

What more going to something beneficial.  It's hard. This one I should rethink about tho.


So I decided to delete photos from my IG but then I realise why I haven't. Coz they represents memories that I love...

Maybe I will take them down when I double check if I have posted those photos on my tumblr. If I haven't, I will upload them in my tumblr first 😁

#249 Request a follow on IG

I'd request to follow random IG just to look and tap like at their awesome photos and when I'm done I'd just unfollow 🐱

Mar 18, 2016


Geez somehow I don't even know what I'm talking about here. Like...Dear erin, your point being????

Because everything I have posted here is not wholly transparent. Kena tapis untuk jaga hati kalian pembaca setia. Kalau pun masih membaca lol

So when I don't actually mention a name or the actual situation, I really couldn't remember what I was talking about smh

Mar 14, 2016


I want to say shallow, but no. Her opinion, I respect that. I also agree with it. But on the other hand I would also comment it on another side because everything has two sides. Or more because people's perspective varies in many ways.

A clever person doesn't enter such reality show but focus on life and commitment.

But also a clever person cleverly thinks of the good s/he could do with the prize she'd win. Or how by becoming known, they could influence people to do good.

Maybe that's the commitment they are willing to take. The change in their life. You don't need to be what the degree cert let you. You embark in anything that makes you happy.

Maybe the questions are that way because it involves stage fright. I mean lol seriously think about it. The association takes into account their personality other than IQ (or which they should).

Lagi lagi Malaysia. Kalau show budak Are you smarter than 5th grader tu, like, they're Americans with good education since they were young! Malaysian education somehow lacks in that so the "simple" questions really explain that.

Nevertheless I also agree if they could give a higher level of questions (even though I also couldn't answer some of the questions last week 😂)

I mean, if it were me, I'd be nervous like hell that I couldn't answer any question right. So I definitely understand if that's the case.

Anyway. When giving thoughts, we need to think in many perspective and have the empathy. #shrugs 

Mar 13, 2016


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.

Orang nak pakai jubah, hg hingaq
Orang nak pakai mcm rockers pun hg hingaq.

Orang nak nikah muda, hg komen panjang. 
Orang berzina, hg kutuk.

Orang nak makan nasi arab, hg kata bid'ah.
Orang nak makan subway, hg kata belagak omputih.

Lama saya tak tulis apa-apa di FB.
Inilah luahan hati saya. Asal bukak FB ja mesti ada post2 gempak. 
"Pakai jubah, ilmu tak ke mana...." 
"Obsession in early marriage..."
"Geng ini bid'ah......"

We need more LOVE, people.
We need more SALAM.

Kalau awak rasa tak mampu nak pakai jubah, diam.
Kalau awak rasa dengki kat org yg nak menikah awal, diam.
Kalau awak rasa takmau makan nasik arab, banyak ja kedai siam.

Yang menulis post-post begini kadang-kadang kawan2 saya.
Yang "like" pun kawan2 saya. 
Saya kadang2 resah gelisah nak post begini. Nanti dikatakan saya ni kolot, tak faham perubahan zaman. 
Saya suka nak scroll FB nak tengok perkembangan rakan2. Tapi kadang2 post2 begini membuatkan saya rasa sedih. 

Dulu kita semua bersatu. Tahu apa maksud toleransi. 
Faham apa maksud sabar. Sedaya upaya kita jaga tutur bicara supaya kawan2 tak terasa. Menegur dgn cara bijaksana.

Harap maaf. Itu sahaja. Terima kasih."

Wise words from a friend. Especially the last bit. We should think it through before posting anything.

'This is my twitter/fb/IG I post whatever I want. You don't like it? Just unfollow. Simple.'

But we're your friend. We want to follow through your story. If you ever want to express in such a way that it could hurt other people's feelings, please be logic and sensitive and considerate to actually post it somewhere else where you are anonymous or where only you can read or minimal selected viewers. 

Memang adab/akhlak untuk kita jaga hati orang. Hablum minallah hablum minannas. Dunia ni bukan kau sorang je hidup. It doesn't evolve just around you. 

This should be first class mentality. Be considerate. Be wise. 


When I saw photos of my friends hanging out on IG feed, terbatal niat nak post gambar kat IG. I just hate the feeling that I don't want people like me to feel that way. It hurts.

So here's a photo for you

Just nothin actually lol

Mar 11, 2016


Alhamdulillah today I decided to just go up to client. No one actually arrived except for the cleaning lady xD

Mar 10, 2016


Getting "pretty" and alike as a comment doesn't feel right to me... It feels like I'm just ordinary.

In fact, getting any praises kills a person. (Or giving praises kills the person).


Mar 7, 2016


You have two ways of intrepreting the tweet from @isterinajib.

Good or bad.

One thought you'd see it as mocking. Another thought, you'd see that actually it's just a way of praising (if you treat the tweets individually from the account, I haven't even scroll thru the account but it seems full of huge sarcasm).

Anyway, masyaAllah she's covering fully, and just so happens to be a star and being too pretty. The comment from the @isterinajib could mean that he's saying what I just commented! And not saying that what she did was wrong.


Although I admit he kind of disturbed her in a way, I still think she's over reacting tbh. What more using cuss in your moment of anger or humiliation?

She showed an invitation to threat tho. First class mentality doesn't take things personally. First class mentality should know the consequences of his own doings, both good and bad.

I am actually so done with people who reacted negatively on these jokes when initially their action invites sarcasm. 

Tapi masalah jugak la orang orang yang p batu apikan dia. Tapi masalahnya jugak benda ni lawak. I don't get these people.

I feel like making a comment on each of her sentence above like how can you be so shallow......... I cry for you

But then, the anger she showed here, I somehow understand it. I say stupid things when I'm angry. I once posted it here. Only a few have read it (I think). And it was stupid. So after that I thought, if I'm angry or upset, I'll just need to keep it to myself, even if I want to write about it, I write privately, or tell someone.

Idk, to me, her caption is not... witty. #shrugs


Orang yang tegur kat IG artis perempuan suruh jaga aurat ni... Kau tak tegur pulak yang lakonan diorang tu pun sebenarnya haraam kerana menyentuh lelaki ajnabi? Kenapa tak tegur suruh berhenti je berlakon? Hm? 

Tapi kalau private message diorang lagi bagus kot kalau nak bagi teguran? Kita tak nak lah memalukan dia, which is the same as mengaibkan dia kan? Hm