Apr 26, 2011

Short and Simple

I've lost my 2010 a page to a day diary which was full of wonderful quotes and notes about my daily life. I don't even have a picture of it! GEEZ. It was my 2010 resolution to write a page to a day, even short and simple. But then I lost it. Now I could never know EXACTLY how I was when I was in Form 5. Not detailed, no.

Nonetheless, my 2011 resolution? It's the same resolution. To just write about each day in 2011, in short and simple way in my diary (coz apparently I'm busy in University). So short and simple would be nice. If I have mood, I'd write more than just a quote of the day. That's all. It's crucial to me. And it starts today.

Apr 24, 2011

Book Fiesta

So much for the name. We went there just for fun. I didn't buy even one book but only played games. And that was the best part.
My outfit yesterday for the fiesta was in the picture above. And because of that, I got some credts :D

There was a game. You gotta buy SINAR newspaper for RM1 then only you can play the game.

I was so excited to do crazy stuffs. I didn't care the fact that Imma do it in public anymore. No one knew me anyway, and no cameraman for a show.

Yet, while waiting for my turn, I saw the contestants before me got really crazy dares. Seeing them play just made me wanted to turn back. SEGAN kot -.-

But then I thought,
where's the fun without a bit of craziness?

First you gotta pick out of an envelope randomly. And the game host (afro guy) opened the envelope for me. He started reading it,
'GIGITAN CINTA. Itulah bla bla bla... anda perlu makan buah epal hijau dalam masa 20 saat bla bla bla dan jika anda berjaya anda akan memenangi rm20!'

The price was intriguing but the dare was.. WTH?!?! With the braces on, I couldn't even finish a SMALL apple in 10 minutes so how could I finish the big one in 20 seconds?!

It turned out that the second game host gave me 1 minute to finish it which was still not enough. Sweet niblets.

Then the third game host, whom was really good-looking handed me the apple.

'Adik pakai camni, saya kasi up sikit la. RM40 saya bagi,' he said while examining my outfit. Of course, I was flattered! Hahah.

One thing I don't like about an eating game is that people can see how I eat, especially with my braces on. And the fact that I had to eat in front of this guy -.-

Nevertheless, I didn't care. I just made a big bite each. But I couldn't do it fast. I just had to chew -.- I think one rule for eating game is that you don't chew. You swallow.

'Habisla rosak gigi camni..haha,' the third game host said. I didn't care and kept on eating until the time went off.

'10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 !!'
I went, 'YAY!!!' Nak buat apa lagi, dah tak habis, just embrace it lah -.-
The fact that this good-looking guy.. HIHI

And then another game host of Roda Kata at another place, called me out, 'Haa yang pakai macam Yuna tu, mai la sini.' Yang ni serious mula mula aku taknak main -.-

Other staffs were hanging out with my classmates and no rushing home. It was the best feeling so far :)

Apr 16, 2011

No better than my loves

No one can replace my dear sweethearts. Each of them has their own strength. And..
Each day is always with laughter no matter how gloomy the day would be.
We really got each other's back. We won't leave out anyone.
I still can't imagine if we're in separated rooms :(
you guys plainly...