Feb 26, 2017

#392 hate

I dislike someone to the point I want to hate them. But then as I live on, I realise I wouldn't benefit from hating, but more destruction to my life...

Feb 13, 2017


That one time when it was traffic congestion on Federal Highway, a redbull car was at the lane next to mine, and the passenger showed me the redbull drink, indicating it's for free. So I rolled down my windows and took it. Idk there was just a rush of adrenaline xD

Feb 10, 2017


Wow I am really pissed off with my junior sometimes.
Kalau bercakap, asyik nak gaduh je, said Mom to me and Dad.
It's true tho, we always fight just because of nothing. It's the way we talk to each other and really hurt each other's feelings.
I sometimes implant that attitude to my juniors. Okay most of the time. 'Cause I'm so impatient and I think my ego makes me want to win most of the time.

I mean I asked him to just email me, coz I fear that the file I choose to save would not be the updated one, and would lose one of the file. So it's safer to just email me and I can have a look.

I know the ways of the software actually. I can save my file at the same time have his version of file. But I was just so mad that I acted like I didn't know how. I texted, 'How?'

That's it. Coz I'm so done. Lol I know being immature. But whatever 'cause... I always try to be nice. I must be.