Mar 19, 2010


I hate it when, I know for sure that I didn't bring them out from home, and when I go searching for it, like every single place - hidden even, but still I found nothing. NOTHING. Where could it be? STOLEN? Who the heck want to steal my phone USB?! And it's in my room?! I am so sure there ain't no one breaking my house (alhamdulillah). I think this toyol stole my things. ARGH.

Not a good start

Today began with a terrible painful stomach ache. If it happened at day, then I won't mind that much. Unfortunately, it stroked in the middle of the night, when I was having a wonderful dream! But on the bright side, my stomach has gone flat as it should be. Now I feel relieved. I thought I was gaining the flabby abs so quickly -.-

The day went on with finishing up assignments. In the evening, as usual, I hit the court, with dad and my brothers. I freaking suck on forehand. The size of my arm explains.

Oh, my tummy's grumbling. I better stuff in something now.

Mar 18, 2010


Random things happened today. Prep at SAB. Lowyat. Meeting your schoolmate. More randomness. Nothing was planned. Perhaps I felt secure being around my best buds. Like I knew nothing was going to break us when we were together. Such a feeling is hard to find. Although I sort of tried to get away from you guys - for no reason, you guys always come around. With no gayness here, you guys just plainly complete me :D

Mar 17, 2010


Coraline: Are you coming?
Tyler: Wait, let me check my diary... Are you kidding me? Absofreakinglutely!
I want to wish my gratitude to the person who has planned to do KADET POLIS marching practice. It's because of you, I've got the chance to see Atul and Ainaa :D, without me having to spend my money and asking dad to send me to your houses everyday :P - not that I intend to. HAHA!

So leaving Atul with her kawad, we played tennis for a bit. We didn't play that well due to empty stomach. I, in addition, was feeling guilty because my life at home is not balanced so far. Dad said I played too much but less reading. He was right. My parents are always right, I just could not argue -_-. Studying has to be constant. Holiday does not mean keeping education away. It is the chance for me to catch up with anything I overlooked.

So much for guilty... I only filled in three pages of blanks. Ainaa on the other hand eventually went into the wonderland. I was hoping the time to go slower, for there were many more pages to be filled in! But the thought of cinema was too intriguing. For the first time ever, I did not care on what movie to watch. Being way too long in boarding school can do that to me.

In result, we watched Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson. Just so you know, we had a hitch in getting into the cinema. On the web it certainly stated that it was a PG13 movie. But when we got there, they said it was a freaking 18PL movie. We were pissed off. But still, we got through.

Before going home, we had to buy Dark Mocha at Starbucks. It was just too yummy to miss it. We hung a few - including snapping pictures - then parted at the escalator. Thankfully I didn't have to spend money on transportation :P

Mar 14, 2010

Kadet Laut

Our total marks were the same as scout's. But because of our tidiness, we've lost to them. So we got the fourth. Sad? Yes. But not deeply, 'coz I could see that our effort was not much enough than of the winners. We barely practice our marching. Only once a week when there was only 5 weeks left. Can you imagine that? But still, fourth is kind of an achievement. With only that bit of effort. Thanks to our coach, Staff Shawal ;)
By the way, our girl's uniform was said to be 'hot'. Haha :P
This tough guy here is Anas. He keeps bugging me for pictures. Betul2 capub. Haha. P/s, I did not look my best here. See that baray? WEIRD.

Good news is, the burden's off! Now it's time to work that brain.

Four golds baby!

I bet my old friends could not believe this. I've never won even a gold in my life. Well, since childhood. The great thing is, Tok Sira, a GREEN house won the first place! Yeah. Finally in my five years being in a green house. Thankfully no kawad competition among the houses. Or not, we're doomed.
To A'an, I somehow stole your idea for that sepanduk. They ain't look that good compared to yours though ;) It was a last minute work anyway and we were not free to just get out and buy things. In result, of course we did not win for perhiasan khemah. Still good coz we did not get the last. Hehe.

If only I got one more, I could've get that olahragawati title. On the bright side, I've contributed kind of lots in the victory of the green house ;)

Mar 13, 2010

Miss it

I missed the freaking last chance that I had. It wasn't intentional to go there. It was only guts. In just those split seconds, I've thought of all the possibilities and uncertainties... It came to nothing. You just passed by.