Aug 31, 2009


AT LAST I finished reading The Pendragon Adventure, approximately at 4.14 A.M. Yes, I stayed up late just to finish it. The cliff-hangers were killing me, especially when I did that myself. I left it for about 2 months. There were probably 200 pages left to end it all. But then I left it behind, as to give my brother the chance to read it, and another reason was because the book was too heavy and way precious to bring to my college.

Anyway, if it hadn't been for my take off to Kuantan today, I wouldn't bother reading it until late in the morning. Midnight is the limit.

There's an explanation as to why I sounded a little literary in my previous entry; for I have ended my journey of Pendragon Adventure. It was heck worth the time.

Why you?

I have always stung many times by your casual criticism. Oh, it was so easy for you to blurt out those to me. For your concern, it took me days to recover, literally. Those critics sent me on the verge of breakdown. My confidence has shaken by then. I waited for time to heal. Yet every second of our lives is precious. People in my radar at any place I've been lately, woke me up and I soon settled down and thought it all over.

Your words may stung like a bee, but they rebuild my confidence. Then I would try to be a better person from what you've seen before. This event always happens as if you push the rewind button. That's the best part; I could be aware of the time, so that I wouldn't forget the reasons I'm here for. And I thank you for that.

Aug 24, 2009

More movies

The air-con in my bedroom is usable now. A lot thanks to dad for extending the wire. My parents are really concerned on my sleeping whereabouts. Previously I always took over my brother's bed and he slept somewhere else, air-con-LESS. Pity him. But now he need to worry no more!

I thought of having a self-schooling. The time where I would study by myself like schooling on Friday. Unfortunately, I failed to do just that for today for some technical problem xD. I just gotta put more pressure on myself and make myself with no regrets in the future! Swell. Someone please push me off the cliff!

Therefore, rather than staying home, I went out with Atul to watch G.I Joe. Luckily we didn't need to queue up. I went straight to the counter but dear 'innocent' Atul followed the queue line where actually was empty.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching G.I.Joe. Snake Eyes caught my attention for he is very mysterious, and buff (duhh, a fighter, of course!). I liked Channing Tatum for his slang, a real joker.

Orphan: I thought the girl is a GHOST but in fact she is a WOMAN. Some kind of disorder that made her still look young. I squinted my eyes every time she attempted to kill someone. She just smashed, sliced, and murdered like it was a normal thing to do. Dang, this s my second movie of horror and thriller, after SAW. At least not ghosts. Phew.

* * *
The best part of this hang out is Atul, Ainaa, and I got the chance to unite again. Ainaa joined us at around 2.30pm and we watched the movie Orphan together. Apart from that, we talked nineteen to the dozen whenever we had the chance. This was a great gathering. I know an occasion like this is not easy to do for many times in a short time. Thus I cherished every minute of it. I love you guys!

Aug 23, 2009

New skin

I feel like a noooob! I'm not so good at editing blogger skin other than just use what they give. I don't know whether I'm fond of this.


This new skin is very cute, in my opinion. HOWEVER, it takes a while to load the background image. So I thought, I don't wanna trouble my readers, and was searching for a simpler skin. Come to think again, it would only hurt for the first visit to my blog.


It is small. I feel unsatisfied reading the entries -.- I think you guys agree on this. Wth, just move on.

It's a custom template and classic so there's no 'Add a widget'. I'm really gonna miss that.

* * *

I've seen other non-navigation skins and they're easy to handle. I might change to new skin very soon. HAH!


The first day of Ramadhan.

Started off with a big sigh. Then straight ahead to the world of internet. My dad was really mad xD I just can't help this addiction! It's too powerful.

There wasn't much going on. I slept mostly in the morning.

In the evening, I stared at the Biology reference book, going, 'What the heck is this?' but managed to finish up my homework. My Pendragon is still waiting tho. I can't continue from the last time I left it hanging. For my own sake, I needa read it all over again. I have to I have to!


Aug 21, 2009

Bethany Coop

I was 30 minutes late for this movie.
Fortunately I still didn't miss out funny parts of the movie.
Frankly I don't think this movie is that entertaining.
Maybe not mature enough to watch it? LoL. Whatever.
Not my kind of movie, The Proposal is better :D

This kind of movie, is preferably watched with friends :P,
For we haven't seen each other for weeks. Glad that I urged myself to go,
and I'm a bit regretful of my own deed, which was late in getting a cab.
I should have done it earlier. Dang, I'm so not disciplined even in going out :s

Milano's again. Sheesh, fats! xD

Najat - bajet ayu, Atul - bajet cool, me - just making the picture alive, A'an - over-excited :D

Nice captured, A'an! :D

I had fun with you guys! Although we only had a brief chat after the movie.
Aqilah, I'm sorry. Ko taw kan aq ni blur blur sket.
Actually I was going to say, I will miss you too =)

Anyway, on this Sayyidul Ayyamm, I experienced changing LRT lines. Which, gonna make my brother's life easier. So that he wouldn't have to fetch me at KLCC - terrible traffic jam! :D A BIT thanks to Atul for encouraging me heheh.
What's more, I bumped into my seniors, Saff and Jaja. Haha. What a coincidence.

Aug 20, 2009

Sleeping can be fatal sometimes

Today. Nothing much. I missed the chance to meet Atul, because I freaking slept. I pampered myself too much. That's why I dislike home!!! Dang it. Basically just another boring day.

Aug 19, 2009

A date

I woke up feeling lethargic, lazy to get ready. But then, thinking of the chance to watch movies, I quickly cleaned up myself.

Alien in the attic? I consider it as an okay despite the cute little girl, Hannah. It's hard to say no to little Hannah, for god's lovely creation. Hahah.
Ashley Tisdale, she acts almost similar to Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
And Ricky is sooo goofy and a jerk! So not hot like in Step Up 2 :P
Tom, the genius, I like the part where he calculates his target. It was really cool.
All in all, most parts in the movie made me laugh ;)

Anyway, a date with whom, you'd wonder? The picture tells it. Had the first 'date' with Attira a.k.a Tyra a.k.a tennis partner. Haha. And she was the first from college that I go out with! I had a blast hanging out with her. Let's do it some other time?

Is it already?

Has it reach 3 months already? Sorry, I'm not good at calculating days, unlike my mann, A'liah. Everyday she would count the days left to get home. Nevertheless, three months or not, I think this is actually the time that I've targeted to post a new entry.

Previously I've stated that I'll be coming home with great news. I have plenty indeed. My marks have increased and it has raised my spirit. All the while, I knew I could do better.

As for being optimistic, I've found considerably a good reason to stay there for a few weeks.


Why in the world did I build walls instead of bridges? WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, ERIN?! Perhaps I got so caught up thinking about home. Frankly, I kind of build walls between me and my roommates. We just don't clique. Or am I not being an open-minded? Swell, it's always awkward being around them.

Whatever it is, I've learned to appreciate friends. Who else will be around when you're alone? ;) You just can't stick to the old ones!

Aug 18, 2009

I've paid my own debt

Betapa leganya hati ini!! Setelah menonton DUA tayangan di pawagam!!
The Proposal and Setem !!
Hahahahahaha excited ni!

For real, man. I've gone nuts to have not watch any movie at the cinema for like 4 months, since I went to MJSC, in case you don't know. 'Coz beforehand, I was a movie freak. I wouldn't miss out any movie that came out in the cinema. I'd download if I have to.

But now I don't even have the time to do such little things.

Those two movies, memang berbaloi tengok kat cinema. Especially when I haven't seen any for four months.

They're a real comedy. Worth the time! ^^