Aug 31, 2016


Sebenarnya korang tak payah duduk sini pun takpe. Bazir elektrik je :( Cuba bayangkan korang yang duduk sini, bil elektrik RM500, tapi takde siapa nak bayarkan? Aku takde. Korang nak ke duduk sini? Time tu baru tahu nak saving


Maybe you need to pay people a visit and not waiting for people to visit you. Knowing how bad a host you can be, they wouldn't even want to visit you. They wouldn't even pity you the fact that you're alone in the house.

It's sad tho. You're going to rot alone. Nobody is there but yourself and The Almighty. 

Sometimes I wish I am another person... This one is too.. pathetic. I'm upset with myself


Today a pang of realisation. That I'm in working life coz at one point ada topik yang lari dari current life 😂 

Aug 12, 2016


One glance and the avalanche drops
One look and my heartbeat stops 

Two hearts beating at one beat, faster every time you look me
Trying hard not to lose control

Wanna see the lights in your eyes
I wanna see the shadows on your face

All these lyrics that captured me lol