Jun 25, 2012

Without trust, a friendship will go to a downfall

Without trust, it could destroy a friendship

Jun 13, 2012

Sometimes you try to catch up with your friends, of the changes they’ve become

and you try to fit in with the changes, but you it’s so hard to understand, you just give up trying to fit in.
And in the end, you just let it be..

Immortalize moments

Immortalize moments by any way possible, writing, taking photos, because all the moments worth every second you lived.
Sometimes you might want to remember exactly how you felt back then.

Like, how a person staring at you. How you reacted to someone’s words. Someone’s expressions. Someone’s comments.

Ustaz Ghafar once told us,
“Tulis la semua benda yang terjadi dalam hidup. Ingat tu memang ingat. Tapi takdelah ingat macam kita mula mula ingat. Tulis la untuk cerita kehidupan..”

You know, every single smallest tiniest the most irrelevant detail, those things, immortalize them. It's your choice.

When you’re having so much fun with your friends, when you’re too attached to them, you just don’t wanna let go. You just don’t wanna go, to separate to your own ways. 'Cause if you do, you’ll feel so lost in a place you’re not familiar with.