Apr 27, 2014

Shoes galore

Scroll..scroll...*spotted photo of platform with damn high heels*
"OMG so pretty!"
Look again... "Uhh reti ke pakai heels tinggi camni? *Imagine the penguin walk* Hmmphhh o k a y..."

Haih, can I just buy all the shoes that I like on this website hasdjkfl Everything is below 100 ringgit

Apr 22, 2014

Bulan Ramadhan

Salam. Tadi lepas program Ustaz Don Danial, ada trailer yang lucu dan sangat menarik. Sampai sekarang tak boleh nak lupa.

'Orang muda tanya Rasulullah SAW, kalau nak cium dahi isteri pada siang hari dalam bulan Ramadhan, boleh ke?' Baginda jawab, tidak.

'Orang tua tanya baginda, kalau nak cium dahi isteri pada siang hari dalam bulan Ramadhan, boleh ke?' Baginda jawab, ciumlah.

Menurut ustaz, jawapan berlainan adalah sebab kalau orang tua ni... temperature dia dah tak spark dah.. Kalau orang muda ni, bahaya... Heheh

Benda camni senang la pulak nak ingat kan. Haha

Apr 20, 2014

Corner #2

Till then I know, life won't be the same again.

Apr 16, 2014


It’s amazing to see someone you have a crush on transform to a ridiculously attractive guy. And the fact that he is someone you would spend the rest of your life with
Funny thing is, I always love to envision the guys in my batch being the better appearance they could be. Because each person has their potential. They just need some driver to transform them.

Apr 8, 2014

Blue ink

That feeling. The feeling of not wanting to see someone anymore, or talk or hear the voice of that particular someone. That after the incident, you just hope that s/he is gone, or you live in a place elsewhere. Just so you wouldn't have to see him/her anymore. Just so you don't feel the pain again. Just so you could be free, not pretending, and be you, yourself.

Apr 4, 2014


I know my skills are not that great. I'm not creative anyway. I only have the know-how but not the creativity. Thus that does not make that competent with other potential students. I knew this since the juniors published something for themselves. And I had the inkling that the batch would definitely be actively involved in the student rep body. They are really good anyway, really creative and modern. And guess what? Those creative people are boys, not girls. I've always asked my guy friends for advice when I was making some posters or such anyway. Including my creative SABian best mates. Some boys you can really trust their taste.

Seeing their posters up is kind of a slap on my face, but whatever. I had my moments.

Broken retainer

500myr in Desa Pandan, 600myr in Shah Alam, but thankfully we found only 200myr in Kg Pandan (a clinic where I used to go when I was little) for a retainer for upper teeth.

Going back and fourth during the weekdays is not something pleasant. It's tiring. With the classes of the next days and all. It was a hard decision of when to make the retainer and when to take the retainer. But the longer I wait, the worst will happen to my new set of teeth, and bye bye 6k.

So I thought... Biarlah penat diri ni, janji tak belanja duit berlebihan. I am still really surprised of the way cheaper price it offered, especially with really good quality than the expensive ones.


Banyak. Banyak untuk dicerita.
Tapi masa. Kita kesuntukan masa.