Feb 24, 2016


Lol from this description, I'd say she's talking about people yang tak sedar diri yang dia pun come and go as they please.

Lol kid, for me, I know myself. Aku sedar diri. I always say that people come and go. Not because I'm upset that people did that to me. But because I do so myself.



That awkward moment when the guy looks way younger (like a lil brother) than the wife.

Like look, tbh he looks like 18 and she looks 25. Although it's a good 25

Feb 20, 2016


"Jadikanlah sabar dan solat itu penolongmu, dan sesungguhnya yang demikian itu sungguh berat, kecuali bagi orang-orang khusyuk."

Feb 16, 2016


People comment differently on a post. Each person has their own view. But I always try to see reasons and make it fair between the opposer and the defender.

He might be stupid to say it the harsh way which makes people think of him badly, but he has a point.

Knowing how myself think, a man could think worst.

Hence cover yourself.

Hence masyaAllah think how Allah has protected you. Eventually you'd feel blessed with His love.

And you can't blame one side. It's both sides' responsibility. Cover yourself, and lower your gaze. Girls could be just the same, man. Think about the girls gone crazy. It could be because they don't lower their gaze hence increasing the nafs.

Idk man. This is so logic. But still the way that guy spill it out was just too harsh lol

I mean, as sunnah, even in Quran, you are told nicely, with wit, with respect.

Theres always two sides of opinions #shrugs


Insaw a popular post but forgot where it was so it's more or so like this:
A woman says, "I know women. And women are all women not nice."
It doesn't givr affect that much to you, but pondering on that post, and living the days in office.... Gosh how true.

And it relates so much with this post:
"The person who gossips with you, can gossip about you."

Subhanallah. Seriously, it's true. They could easily talk about other women staff then when that staff is around, they act normal. And I wonder if the staff could sense anything weird? But honestly said, my colleague, A, (who complains about girl B) is very kind hearted and loving. I lover that girl. And I understand that sometimes you just couldn't stand it and need to tell people. I don't blame her.

But either way, it made me want to be more aware of everyone. People could be talking bad about me.

And well I might have hurt someone's feelings in the office. I might have. And today I humiliated myself by losing my temper to a junior. I made him look bad and myself too. Omg idc how it could mean nothing to anyone but I think that was so bad especially when Faris tegur on skype that I was so garang (though he said it jokingly because he is my friend whom I now and then lost my temper at him too).

But I lost my temper to many people I just felt that today was the worst because he didn't do anything bad to me. Ya Allah please tame my heart 😔 

Feb 15, 2016


My second audit team with group photos (after with Kod and Zalila) !!!

I brought the wide lens just because I knew someone would have their last day with us. It was Ann. But of course, being me, I didn't tell them that I brought it because of her aha.


Titles are overwhelming. They are like a burden you have to carry around, afraid of letting other people down by your own mistake.

But it's also a matter of perspective. You could embrace it. But also be humble. Be thankful.

Don't let it scare you. Always be humble.


I was actually hurting Bayu's feelings coz he didn't like that kind of photo of him to be posted, on FB, publicly.

But in time as I commented a year later, it seems as though he let it pass. Let bygones be bygones. How humble is his heart. How humble that he always praise me to be the best student in school. 

I do not deserve that title. Allah has tested me on all of my achievements He let me achieve. As I know who I am inside, I always feel bad. The ego is too strong. I don't know. I always wanted to be among the top. But then I'm always afraid of being the top.

Anyways, funny how, even in 2015/2014, that he still praised me as the best student of the year. And I couldn't forget how he helped me to wave at the crowd when I was on stage and my life story was recited by the speaker.

Haha Idk how these small things of my schoolmates linger in my mind. 

They are so good people that I looked down. See. It was my ego. They might now be better persons than I am now.

Feb 14, 2016


Hafidz Roshdi. I think there was a post where he stood too close to the actress, or it seems so, because of the angle.

So today I browse through again, but the photo was gone. But then, there was an older post where seriously you would think the actress stood too close that her boobs might be touching his chest. But why don't people comment on that? Or why doesn't he himself realise that?

It seems true that from a comment, saying his posts doesn't fit his IG bio.


The statement of yours, owning her. For now it doesn't affect me. But I don't know. I don't know.

Update. MasyaAllah it has been a while and it has nothing on me. Alhamdulillah ^^

#183 Water-rafting

Have I told you about this coordinator for our water-rafting activity? Gosh, you have to know.


Seriously tho if you need me to get ready for a photoshoot, I don't have clothes that are in trend or maybe I do, but I wouldn't want to wear how it is worn to follow the trend. Because I dislike being in trend. I don't like being same.

So in the end somehow my photos wouldn't market as much because people just don't dig my fashion sense.

But of course. I love my fashion sense.

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

Feb 12, 2016


Selamat pagi sayangku,
Apa khabar dirimu?

Birthday treat which was expected to arrive at my doorstep on the 5th but arrive too late the next week. Lol


Wakaka kecik gila pleaseee. Kalau tak hilang bekas jerawat ni tak tahu la. If it doesn't work, imma use Sparkling Skincare. Pacaking dia pun lagi best


Hahahahaha ni pebenda nampak tembam macam orang mengandung 😂 wrong pose wrong hijab style man


Birthday eve, Thursday, 4th Feb

Feb 11, 2016


JmasyaaAllah I just witnessed an honourable bus driver being so kind to animals. At firstbii thought kenapa diantetiba nak brake mengejut. Then I saw a cat lying in front of the bus, seems dead. Then I was like, ok so the cats dead... 
Then the unthinkable happened. He got off the bus and took the what was not clear to me, I could see it that it was a kitten. He took the dead limp cat on the pavement of grass.

It was a noble thing to do. At least the body wouldn't be hit by cars and so it would stay in one piece.

Good people exist

Feb 10, 2016


Offer to Monash U in Melbourne. You know that feeling when you are so done after waiting for so long? Like when I was waiting to get into MRSM?

This gives me the same feeling. I just feel comfortable with my life now, with everything I have. I'm grateful already. And it's not like I'm giving up the opportunity. Sometimes you just need to think wisely and not just go for it yakno


I have a junior from high school that reminds me sooo much of Benjamin Button in his young age.

You know, when Benjamin was working on the sea? This junior, he works maybe as an engineer on the sea. Why it reminds me so much? Coz my junior has this long hair and glasses which is almost the same as Benjamin.

What more that he looks better lookin than the last time I remember him in high school when he was only 16. 😱😱😱😱 ok enough fangirling

(But it really bothers me the fact that he follows me on twitter and likes to reply or RT my tweets lol like why are you still in my life, dear high school crush? 😝)

Feb 9, 2016


Then and now - 2011//2015
I had a crush here as you can see in the photo and he didn't even know at that time (like of course duh haha)

I got skinnier??

Feb 8, 2016


I don't know why my brother doesn't like greens in photos for minimal posts on IG like dudee greens are nature and beauty!


*posts hipster photo*
Friends: Cantiknyaaaa beli kat mana?
Bff: Kau angkat seluar nak elak banjir ke camne

Feb 4, 2016


Manager asks you too many things because that's what the partner would do to them so calm yo shiz

Feb 1, 2016


On a side note, actually, you know how you think you could be cool like your friends, like how you could actually be good at dancing, be good at swagger, be good with crowds? And you're not and you defending yourself by saying it's just because you chose not to be that way?

Well now, I kind of think that that's just who I am. I couldn't be those in my imagination even when I tried. Maybe I could. But it's always with practice. And I don't practice. I don't make it happen. Coz I'm comfortable with who I am. So change for me, it's hard. #shrugs


Earth to Echo. I hate the ending coz it gives me tears and that heart ache, that feel of longing, of an adventure with friends and how when it all ends, you'd still be best friends forever. It's just so heart warming I just can't. It feels the same with the movie Paper Towns.

Man I'm a sucker for these kinda movies.