Jun 14, 2009

Not as I imagined

Some things have not gone as I planned for this holiday. One big hitch is catching up Biology. This just can't be happening. I can't let myself having zero knowledge about Biology. It's sickening me.

To Syawal, you're still lucky you have watched three movies. At the cinema. I've watched none. Stupid thing is, I have wasted my time at home instead of going out. 'I need to be home with my family,' I thought. BOGUS! Not only I didn't do anything, I didn't have fun with my family.

Say, just 10 minutes ride, and I'm there at the huge house of Atul's, her father's precisely ;P. There I could have done a study group for many times in a week. I realized how worthy it was to go there, though only freaking once, 'coz I got home with some new knowledge. For the first time ever, I have to admit that I need study group partners. The problem now is, to get fond of my new mates.

This may be my last post for the holiday. I'm gonna be there for 3 months. 3 freaking heck of months.

I have to be ready for lessons soon. Coming home was like a delighting fantasy to me. Or was it being there a nightmare fantasy? Vice versa, I don't know which one is true. And time flies without I knowing it.

Dang, I failed to finish the
LAST Pendragon book! So it's just gonna wait for a long dang while. I'll miss you, Bobby. And of course I'll miss all of you!!

You might think, 'Pfft, it's just a school, it's nothing.' Heck, it IS something. This is a freakin' sensitive person blogging, mind you. Having the thoughts to go back there haunts me.

Now, now, let's look on the bright side. *searching for it*... *tapping* *thinking really hard*... *desperately squeezing it out*... Okay I got none. Please, do me a favour, find me one!!!

I'll be coming home with great news.

Jun 12, 2009

A Brief Study

It was brief, yet worthy. I should've done it last week. My precious time have wasted with stupid useless things, when I actually could've have fun.

Studying with Ainaa was so much pleasure.

Jun 11, 2009


Just got back from my dentist appointment, and, my two upper teeth are now gone, forever. There's no turning back. I had to lose those teeth sebab gigi atas dah ke depan sangat dari yang bawah.

Nak cabut gigi tu kenala kasi injection. Dah hampir 4 tahun aq tak kena inject kat gusi. Gila gaban sakittt. Sampai keluar air mata. Mula-mula, bajet dah besar and ada pengalaman, tak sakit la sangat. So try nak tak tutup mata. Tapi hmmphh hampeh la. Kena gak, untuk tahan sakit.

Gigi aq yang dah dicabut tu lawa dehh. Ada dua roots. Aq simpan dedua gigi tu. My masterpiece. Haha.

Masa dentist tu nak cabut gigi, dapat rasa sikit akar tu bergerak-gerak. Nasib sikit je. Yang gigi sebelah kiri pulak tak rasa apa-apa. Yang bestnya dengar bunyi krakk krakk masa nak cabut tu. Badan relax je la. Tak sakit pun. Diri sendiri je saja buat suspens.

Skarang ni aq takleh nak senyum dengan betul, nak gerakkan upper lips, nak sebut words yang ada huruf M, P, and yang sama waktu dengannya. Even nak kembangkan idong pun tak boleh. Nasibla skarang ni aq kat umah. Kalau ada hingus meleleh, sure aq tak prasan.

Slain cabut gigi, kena tukar wayar bracers pulak. Diketatkannya lagi wayar tu. Pergh, memang sedap ah. Rasa macam mula-mula pakai braces! Nak makan susah. Dah la aq lapar nih. Last skali makan pukul 2 pm tadi. Ni nak dinner dah. Takleh jadik!

Ni laa pengorbanan seorang insan untuk mencantikkan gigi. Haha. Sbenanya buat braces ni untuk gigi yang tersesat kat bawah tu. Tapi dia tak gerak-gerak. So kita abandon gigi tu, and buat kat yang lain. Why waste it? Proceed je.

Jun 10, 2009

Disastrous Plan, Yet

" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. "
In this case, that quote does not fit. Many couldn't make it. For sure I was upset. Might as well just go out last week. Perhaps it was because the host was as if a nobody, thus they ignored the invitations.

Swell. Why bother things like that? No matter. It is just the way it was meant to be. And I'm freaking using DJ Machale's words. Can't wait to jump into that world of Pendragon's again.

Nonetheless the plan still went on, and in this journey, I experienced new things. It was more worthy and exciting when I experienced them with my friends. Not alone and scary like in Kuantan.

Whatsoever, I was late, because of someone, again. He wanted to come along but was not so sure and it took me a while to be confirmed. Fortunately we hit the ice when there were less crowd. Najat stayed out from the rink. Seems to me she wasn't thrilled at all to go ice skating. Isn't that right, Najat? ;P Conversely, I was so eager to hit the ice, I wanted to run to buy the ticket. But, of course, I'm still sane and may god let it be like that.

I felt a great sensation as I stepped on the ice for after.. months. Didn't take long to adapt. One round, and I was good to go. Too bad, after a few small rounds, I got a dang small painful blister on my right buku lali, I felt my skin was torn, literally. But I was still in doubt. And I checked it only after one hour had passed. This didn't happen before. I probably skate too early before I could really swoosh the right way. Anyway, the company was kind to give out plasters without a price.

I was still in pain and that made me lose focus. Okay, that sounded like I took this too seriously. I just couldn't get myself to skate well and not care about the blister. So I made no improvements. And always unbalanced. Fell two times. Scored 2-0. Well, Atul won. She skated a weird way, but she still moved and felt the cold breeze. That's the best thing about skating, you could skate smoothly and feel the cold wind brushes your skin.

Then again, big whoop! Worrying about it was not worth 'my' money and time. I put myself to ease and went through it blissfully.

Just so you know, we already felt the pain for only after a few slow rounds. It showed that we didn't exercise. I don't like that. I HAVE to exercise. Thinking that skating could do me a lil favour, I made it through the pain and that's one of the reasons. What's more, we never failed to make time for pictures :D

And we were caught red-handed! xD

Lepas letak plasterr.

Faithfully waiting for the ice rink to be well frozen. Really faithful.

Oh heck, I forgot to take pictures in McD. Atul and I had lunch there after we got out from the ice after 2pm. Pity Atul, she only ate biscuits beforehand. For sure la gelojoh makan haha. So McD was the place where we met Mus together with Faisal, who seemed to be a quiet guy, and a few minutes later, Ainaa, who, out of the blue hugged us from behind. And what time was that? Around 3 pm. Looking at the bright side, thankfully she arrived safely.

So we talked nineteen to the dozen until ATUL didn't realize that she finished her french fries! Gemok la atul! :P Wait, Ainaa helped Atul to finish it. And I ate mine alone. Well, I ain't fatty 'coz as you guys said, I need 'em fats. Hehe. Let's just say McD's french fries were soo delicious than any other. Dipping it with salt was the extra flavour. Atul, if I ever get high blood pressure, it's because of you. You taugt me, you're the blame :P

After eating, of course we got some business to do.


Na, not me. I give 'em privacy. Not like atul perrrverrrt :P

My pretty sixteen year old friendss ;')
Mus, Atul, Najat, Ainaa

Gotcha!! SMS ngna siapa la tuu. Ahaa.

There might be two meanings. The small cute button on the bag, and the background.

The picture obviously says it hahahah!

Laugh out loud, bebeh! We wandered around the mall. There wasn't anything - that made me go, 'Aww that's cute!' 'Omigod cool gila!' - attractive to me just then. Maybe I was too tired. Heck, I was walking unsteadily as soon as I stepped outside the ice rink. Then again I gotta walk with high heeled sandals. Plus the blister. Plus the muscle pain. Plus the bruises on both knees and thighs. These always happen excluding the blister.

Anyway, I wasn't entertained by anything except for one - chocolates. They were too yummy to resist!
"I got to have some sweets," Ainaa stated.
Yeah, that was undoubtly true, despite almost two months of no chocolate (yet still gained some weight).

Really attractive wallpaper xD Tell me I'm not skinny!!!

After Mus and Faisal and us parted, we were off to take the bus.

Friends till the end, buds!

This' Najat wearing Mango T-shirt, which I just knew (or remembered) that MNG stood for Mango. Like, what a loser haha. Don't any of you know a clothe brand called Orange? I'm pissed off (not entirely), that my friends don't know the brand and haven't heard it till I told 'em. Swell.

We took a bus to KL Sentral. This picture was taken when we had to change to another bus, which we waited for what it felt like, hours! What a relief when we saw the bus driver coming.

When we first got on the first bus, Najat only realized that the red button on a pole in the bus could be pushed. Heck I didn't laugh at her, coz I figured out just before her. We were on the same page and like waayyy behind. Ye lahh, jarang naik public transport. Walaupun dah 2-3 kali pergi Sunway ni. Haha.

The other thing that we figured out was the first bus went further into Shah Alam, then only make a U-turn. Why didn't it cross our mind? Not that we had other transports other than taxi. We've gone through it before, with Athirah, but how could we forget?

It took 2 and a half hours for me to get to KLCC, and then waited for my brother for another half hour. Others, from what I heard, till 1 am, 'coz they were brought to some place by.. someone's sister. Ainaa's maybe. Pfft. 1 AM? How did you guys hold it?

* * * *

Phew! What a dang long entry. I think this' the longest entry I've written. No matter. I haven't blog for longer than I thought, until I almost give up on it.

The Pendragon series also made me write this long. Well, whatever!

Jun 1, 2009

Make Believe

Hey people!!! Goshh, it has been more than a month since I changed school to MRSM Kuantan. Still can't believe I'll be home only on holidays. One thing I hate when going back and forth to college, is that I have to drag this big baggage as if going to umrah. Hmmph.

Just so you know, I joined navy 'coz no offence, I got bored being in Pandu Puteri. Hehe. I wanted to try something new. It turned out really well, 'coz I got to go to Navy Camp Zon Timur! Pretty soon to be active in a new school. Heheh. Let alone the academics, I was in tense! The camp cooled me down a bit.

Alhamdulillah, I had no trouble fitting in. The girls were so nice and willing to help me. I was so eager to be the leader for navy girls. Such a pleasure when they agreed on me being their chief. Heee~

Navy kawad is wholly different from Pandu Puteri. Thankfully I could adapt to it in time. Though it's different, whenever I marched, it always reminds me of the moments I marched for Renjer. Such nostalgic. Hmmm.

The girls and half of the boys.

That reminds me.. my Zon Pudu certificate! I have yet to claim it! I'll deal with that later. SAB is like a stone's throw away from home.

p/s: I'm still in green house in my new school!