Jul 28, 2015


You told me to let go. But how could I, when yet you trap me again with your loving words? It's already tormenting enough to hold on to a loose rope. You know I won't and would not dare to let you go. You know I am afraid to say anything. But I always want the best for both of us.


So, I RTed this and my dear friend openly responded

Then lol at her next RT.

Jul 27, 2015


But I never saw you wear it. A bit kecil hati. From that moment on, I will not ever give someone any clothing. It just seems like my taste is so bad that people do not wear what I gave them. It's like a slap in the face.

Also from that moment on, I should ask the receiver of what they want. No surprises. I ain't a good one.

And why give when you do not exactly know their taste in fashion?

I'm just old fashioned I guess. Trends are not what I go for. Or so I thought.

Jul 26, 2015


The saddest is when your friends visit a house i.e your lecturer's, but they never told you and they even posted a photo of it


Jul 24, 2015


That silly feeling of feeling upset because I missed the drama series of Abang Sado today lol and I don't even know if there is one playing today.

Jul 16, 2015


The craziness of my lappy keyboard strikes again. Wh7e3n I -pre3ss 4, th7e3re3 is a g4. And many oth7e3r le3tte3rs. I'm trying4 my be3st to be3 calm about th7is. I h7o-pe3 sh7e3's g4onna okay soon.

I can't e3ve3n ty-pe3 some3 of th7e3 le3tte3rs. _Pe3rh7a-ps numbe3r one3. Yeah7. I trie3d.

G$oodluck reading

Jul 15, 2015


I remember when I was having exam in a few days, that I watched Titanic. And then straight away made a research on Titanic late night. It's silly how I still had the time to do those things unrelated to my sole objective of the semester. Lol

Jul 11, 2015


There are songs that give the vibe of you are having fun in life and it's like you are in the movies while listening to the song. U2's City of Blinding Lights, or Smallpools' Dreaming. Like you really feel as if you are traveling around the world. 

And with Dreaming song, I couldn't help but imagine myself in the lives with Avi and PTX members, while still being a Muslim and fully cover my aurah. Silly, ey? How would a Jew love a Muslim to build life together?


I always feel sad when Ha is going outside of KL without me. But it makes so much sense for the better of his life because he's living alone. He's not living with his parents. I would have wanted to go home too, or just anywhere with any other soul in the house. Me being sad that he left is kind of the wrong thing to do. I should let him be free.

Jul 9, 2015


How weird that I feel a tinge of pain when he talks about the girl of his dreams. I should be happy for him. I should be more thankful for what I have now. Everything happens for a reason. I am still contemplating on whether it was really love. Hahah this all seems funny and silly.

All is good.

Jul 8, 2015


I'm feeling left out of my current job. So I tried to do my work in between the training sessions. But my mom told me, 'Training is training, work is work. You do not need to think about work while you are in training.' Especially when I'm just an AA. And I remembered that one of the trainers warned us to not think about work or reply to our seniors regarding work.

So I think I have made a mistake when I asked my team members about work. Like I want to solve the taxation, but then an SA2 was already charted in to the job, not replacing me but just I think for more workforce. Coz I'm having a four days training and I'm going to chart out soon though. Might as well just have a replacement as early as possible.

SO today, I'm not going to ask for work.

Jul 5, 2015


I’ve been into this one particular book lately, amongst all other books that I bought at one time, which some are religious and some are romantic comedy. Usually I would be so into romantic comedy, but I don’t know why I have chosen to read this fantasy book first.

It’s The Novice by Taran Matharu, a writer from London. As I write this, I was googling the novel. And wow, it’s a popular book, I’m glad I decided to buy it! But I bought it in the hopes that it was a one off novel. But I just realised, after reading a few chapters, that it stated on the book cover so clearly that it is “BOOK ONE”. The sequel would only be published next year. This series would be worth waiting for.

This would be my next Pendragon. Yeay!