Jan 30, 2016


Usatz Don kata diri kita ni aset. Tak usah duk fikir aset tu rumah, kereta, duit. Kita sendiri ni aset. Kita sendiri yang boleh hasilkan aset aset yang lain tu. Apatah lagi bila 9/10 rezeki itu adalah daripada perniagaan. Apatah lagi bila berniaga itu sunnah. Allahu.

Tapi persoalannya, bila aku nak mula berani apatah lagi rajin untuk menceburi bidang perniagaan ni hmmmmmm

Jan 29, 2016


Wow I think I have always hoped to get a job and be in the same team as him. I mean like he's this drop dead gorgeous person how can anyone not be hopeful? So my prayer has been answered. 

Jan 25, 2016


Wait what? Kau pentingkan RT (buka aib orang) dari jaga aib orang? What?

Jan 24, 2016


After a great session with my friends Adli and Atul, sharing stuff with friends (or anyone in general) really makes you realise things about yourself.

Like how I have been so introvert and my social life has gone south. It is no wonder that my 2015 was so plain. All I did was trying to survive without living the days. I didn't connect with people, with my colleagues. I didn't make the best of the days of my work. I always wanted the day to end so quickly that I forgot about growth.

Like Atul and Adli said, it is all about my mentality, the way I want to live my days. And I've made the wrong choice since 2012. I need to get out and mingle more often.

Oh and you know, sometimes I feel bad for my friends having to listen to my life stories because when we hang out, it somehow feels like it's always about me and that I didn't listen to them well. Idk. I need to change on that too.

Jan 23, 2016


2011 vs 2015

Okay this comparison is real deal hahahah.
Tanned + braces + bad hijab style + glasses vs oh you know the opposites.


2012 vs 2015
Same place she works at but different third person.

Atul said she didn't look good here but it's okay not everyone sees this hehe. 


I feel so blessed to have a friend who is bright in doing business. She has sold many types of stuff and as I see it, they all went well. One thing I see is because she did it honestly and the plain joy in doing a business. I'm proud of her.


2015 vs 2011




Ah later I'll quote it neatly using my laptop. But this status,
"Jangan la like gambar tak tutup aurat tu"
"Ar-ridha bil ma’siyati ma’siyatun."
"Redha dengan kemaksiatan adalah maksiat."

I kind of always felt this way. But seriously some pretty pictures are hard not to like.

Why do I think liking those pictures is not a good idea? Coz one, in most social media, if you like the photo, people will know. Either it becomes a popular post or it appears as a friend likes this photo. Hence more people would know about the photo which is bad for her if it's non mahram.

Jan 22, 2016


Yesterday's ootd. Wore a really huge moss crepe shawl and my aunt's baju kurung. I even altered it to make it smaller the night before yesterday.
Lol and wow I'm so grateful to own this phone because blogging is much more easier I'm a happy kid


That ew moment when a sudden foul smell comes out when you open a food container 

Jan 20, 2016


Finn talks American: 'Who in the world is this guy?'
Finn talks British: 'Omg check out this hot dude'


Well of course reality looks different. Naturally we just want to share beauty. We choose what we want to share. That's why to me photograph is an art. Your perspective when you look at something. It doesn't need to be a professional photographer. You just need your own perspective. I'm not at all against instagram photos which hide reality. 


I guess I won't get over the fact that My schoolmate has become so famous and even going to be a special appearance in Anugerah Juara Lagu lol it's like every time her name is mentioned, I went like omg wth what in the actual world what else is she going to be in for 

Jan 12, 2016


I can copy dance moves but I can't do it with much swag and attitude.

Jan 9, 2016


I have a thing for guys who randomly tie their hair. Be it like samurai, a man bun, a ponytail, whatever. It just seems cute

Jan 6, 2016


Yes, to all the people who said Mark Hamill aged bad >:(

It's called age! It's called REAL- and in a town and profession where FAKE is everything I'm glad Mark isn't VAIN enough to try to look 20 when he's nearly 60. He was THE MOST GORGEOUS man I've ever seen on the screen-nothing can take that away from him! He's aging as he's aging- it's always sad to see what time does to people, but botox plastic would be sadder still! A great guy, well liked, stable family, ONE WIFE, no scandal. How many in Hwood can say that? Bless you, Mark- love you still!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1372171/What-earth-happened-Luke-Skywalker-The-Force-longer-Mark-Hamill.html#ixzz3wO6OkNgD

Jan 4, 2016


mark hamill is so handsome T_T
How could Ha even dare to say that he looks NOOB ASDHFJklhklasjdfha
I never had the people close to me denying the good looks of my celebrity crush.
He didn't deny Avi, coz Avi is cool. (Well no doubt on that.)
But I understand why he denied Mark Hamill. I mean, MH is like 1D boys yakno.
But still, he is so pretty ;~;