Jan 28, 2017


Ramai sangat orang. Aku pun takut sesat. Tapi takpe, kalau sesat tu sesat ke hati awak 😳

I always have my own pickup line to my own thoughts 😂

Jan 15, 2017


You know when your friend ask you to not be so anti-social?
I’m not anti-social. I’m selectively social. And I’m just not the person who goes out on weekend without a motivation. Yeah, bummer.
Because here at home I do socialize. See. I’m selectively social. You just can’t see it from social network. I refuse to let people easily know about my doings and who I am with. Shrugs.

#387 Expensive stuff to cover aurah

Expensive things to cover your aurah.... sure you're not the market. But in view of aurah, just for the sake of that, it's pretty downgrading the religion. Yes when it comes to jihad, you don't care the price. But expensive things to own, for yourself.... kind of contradict to jihad of putting your money for the better of Islaam (menginfakkan harta ke jalan Allah).

#386 You know you are pretty

I don't like to show to people how pretty I am or how prettier or prettiest myself could be. It takes away the mystery and specialness to be shown to only special people.

"You are pretty, do you know that?" Ha asked.
"Um.. Yeah.. I do."
"Well good, 'cause I'm going to tell you that for the rest of our lives together."

Ha said I'm pretty. I kind of know that.

Seriously, when you are pretty, you yourself would know. Please don't lie to yourself.

Of course there are times you look frikin bad. But still, you know you are pretty.


Idolising someone who's too famous is boring unless it's Chris Evans xD


Last night I had a dream dancing to a song, at a mall, on a stage where anyone can go 'perform', just for fun. I regret not remembering what song it was, but thankfully I could remember who I danced with. It was CHRIS FRIKIN EVANS. CHRIS EVANS. Not Captain America Chris Evans. But Chris Evans with all beard.

I didn't wear hijab of course. We were like from sports event, then straight wanted to try to dance. It was me and my siblings at first. Then when a new song played, I suddenly got so hyped that I started dance first and when I turn around, it was CHRIS EVANS T_T

We danced happily until the end of the song and after we finished, I hugged him so tight but only from his left side, with my right arm hugging his waist. He was wearing this usual grey shirt and it fitted him. Hahahah



You know there's always a character in a movie which is portrayed to be in 20s-30s, old enough to work, but then they just sit around at home unkempt unshaven & always with pajamas. Eat. Sleep. Watch TV. Play games. Like they have no goals in life.

Definitely me


I find it silly to have different courses for different 'level' of guests for events. No matter they're family or the most IP in the world... If you wanna give a person a certain course, you give to all. But that's an indirect political stuff in human interaction. Sad.


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Social anxiety is fueled by ego, it’s fueled by that terrifying sense of ourselves as the center of everything. It’s huge burden to be the core of the world. It’s no wonder we freeze with terror at the thought of doing anything at all, of standing out, of creating ripples that might be felt.
The thought that there are other worlds out there just as fragile and large as ours can make the terror and dread even worse. What if we bump into someone else’s world and it shatters our own? What if we shatter someone else’s? What if they don’t even notice or acknowledge that we bumped into them? It’s best to just stay as invisible as possible, to say just enough to not stand out. That’s teenager Greg’s trick in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. He has discovered that easy fix of blending in without disappearing, to just get by, to cover up uncomfortableness with humor, and never really admit that you love anyone or anything. Caring is vulnerable state to be in, and as his friend Earl points out, maybe Greg never really had a role model to show him there was another way. This type of living is aggressive in its mildness. It’s cutting everyone else off at the start.
I personally like this perspective from Source 1. It really tells about Greg and what I've been wanting to know about him that I couldn't catch throughout the film, or my lack of ability to assess his nature.

First off, such a freaking good movie. I hardly ever get seriously emotional during movies but I actually teared up a little during the end. The scene where they're watching the movie on the hospital bed with Brian Eno's music over it... damn. 

7 Differences between Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Fault in Our Stars.
From this article, I have to admit that I like MEATDG more than TFIOS :)

Jan 1, 2017


Lets see if I'm gonna fall into those... makeups.. I mean I don't want them but MUA's have a way of persuading you that it's very difficult to object not because they're right but because you don't want to hurt people's feelings 

I want my own face
My own eyes
My own eyebrows
My own eyelashes

Yes you can definitely get this if they just understand