May 31, 2015

#103 PTX in Malaysia

Hahahhahaha I can't believe I've witnessed Avi Kaplan's beauty that close. I know the view was not that great, but I should be more thankful that I could watch them live that close. Honestly I don't even know which standing is the best. Middle? Or at the side? But if a cameraman is blocking your view even a little, at the side, definitely not the best standing.

It's funny to know they're going through jet lag. I feel like going to Singapore and watch them agian lol

The show was only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. I should have just video-recorded everything even if it'd be shitty and shaky. Not audioss.

I would never want to go to a concert alone tho.. I should have thought of that earlier. Thankfully my friend came last minute. Such a bless.

Excuse me while I tried to look at Avi the whole time during the concert like a frikin stalker and Avi was literally making out with the mike asdfghjkl

Well I did say this before, like how do you choose who to look at? Tbh even if Avi is my favourite, I still wanted to watch all of them as a whole but then you could not focus all at a time.

But still, Mitch slays. His high note. His killer dance moves. But he didn’t go to our side. Kirstin is so pretty her voice is golden. Kevin celloboxing was rad!! Like damn his Julio piece is beautiful. Scott, oh man. When he did these dance moves I died. He also likes to come to our side (on our left) and I think we made eye contact, then again I died

Aviiii asdfghjkl I was so close to Avi so I could see his face complexion. Like his skin is so flawless, his beard is well trimmed, his hair is so neatly tied to a man bun, he is frikin handsome in that all black outfit

He takes my breath away every second and in every move that he did. Because Avi was always at our side, I was like waving so mad at him to get his attention and we made eye contact a few times
Idc if he actually look at someone else but I could feel his eyes on mine asdfghjkl

I feel like yesterday was a short vacation to somewhere, like a dream, but then now I’m back to reality.

It was frikin awesome, I’m glad I put my sorrows away

Thanks to my new friends Aida and Cynthia, and my officemate and friend: Fatihah.

Teha bought the ticket coz she thought I didn't have anyone with me. That's when it hit me, I should be with her, not standing with my new friends. But I hope they understand, coz I really didn't want to leave Teha alone. She was like sitting at the back before the show started. I was like, why didn't you want to stand with me, but then wth.

Alhamdulillah I still got a nice view of close up Avi ^-^

May 21, 2015


Anak: Mak, nak berhenti kerja kat sini lahh...
Mak: Ish.. kamu baru berapa bulan je kerja... baru 4 bulan. Tunggu la. Sabar je. Tu la kerja. Mak ngan ayah lagi lama. Berpuluh tahun.

Anak: T_T

May 16, 2015


I have once heard a person saying this, 
"Do you like physics?" 
"Physics said, when things are pressured, they find space."
I guess I need that "space".


I hate how these people in the house freely use the AC in the living room, in which it has the biggest horse power hence use the most electricity like wtf can't you find another way to save the electricity?

Who's going to pay for it? NOT YOUR CHILDREN, SADLY. Because they are freaking oblivious and ignorant about paying the bills for this house in which they do not own and seldom live in since they were married.

'Don't be stingy when it comes to paying for your parents.'

But hey! What about don't waste your money when you can save it by saving the electricity?

The bad thing about parents is that they NEVER ask for money from their kids, and in the end they suffer. I know my part. But I could NOT handle it on my own????????????????

I hate this.

May 9, 2015


Media preview 
Hmmm what if those are actually the goals to do with your mahram (spouse) in the future? It's always different how people interpret things anyway

May 8, 2015


A friend is so crucial in your life. For instance, in my work life now, I'd be most comfortable to ask a friend even the silliest simple things. Like, what if you were there having no friends to ask, and you had to ask strangers/superiors... who might judge and look down on you

Like... these silly things, sometimes you know the answer, you know the logic, but there's always that little voice in your head that doubt your judgement. And from what I know, it's human nature to obtain assurance by other people. So that you would feel more comfortable with your decision.

And I feel so blessed to be working here. Even when a week like this is hard to come by, I still feel life's good so far. Whenever I have the chance to be at the office with these awesome people, or also the chance to be in a team with awesome people, I need to remind myself to always be at my best state and not grief. Like, "Just make ourselves worth knowing." I'd like to be that person.

"Be yourself." The one thing that the partners from Flemmings Chartered emphasized on. It's very much true.


I feel so excited when I heard my office-mates talking about current issues. Like today, I heard about TH making revenue and investing and whatnots. I wasn't sure what was actually the issue, coz I was not in the discussion and I was just eavesdropping, and the fact that I was a junior I couldn't just butt in.

Then back home, I read a tweet about Dr M's post on the issue. And now it makes more sense.

Actually I really crave for current issues coz I feel empty since after I finished my studies. In fact, I crave to groom myself into another level and not stuck with the mind of an ACCA-graduate.

It's funny how I feel empty whenever I don't have work to do. And then complaining to Ha like, 'I FEEL SO STUPID I WANT SOME WORK TO GET MY BRAIN WORKING'. But I think no one (or most poeple) would like no work to do and just surf the net the whole day, or just sleeping or whatever. Like..... what is the meaning of life if that's what you do daily?

I won't feel useful at all if ever I have no work to do.


This means so much to me, you have no idea. I always tell myself that I'm all these negative things as a person. But when other people like them look at me, they see me the other way. (On a positive side,) I might seem to be downgrading my own existence.

Like Ha said, some people are dying to be like me. Like completing my ACCA in a short time, and other things. I'm more than what I've given myself credit for.

I should be more thankful.


I'm happy. I'm happy that I ended the week with positive vibes. I got the best of both worlds.

May 7, 2015


Oh man, these Chinese auditors are so pretty like model pretty. Like they are so going to go far in this career or in their life

May 6, 2015


Since when I started to care about what to post.. zz I should avoid this again

May 5, 2015


Ada bagus jugak selalu rotate team. Since I've teamed with my current senior, I feel like I talk so harsh, because he talks that way. And I'm the person who behaves like how the person I work/hangout with. He affects my attitude hence I should surround myself with girls more -.-

May 4, 2015

#92 Tumblr

It's so unsafe for me to have a FREE TIME because I would use it to NO GOOD.

Like all I care is to watch PTX videos and make gifs out of them, or stalk for quality photos and edit them, then posts the gifs and/or photos on my PTX tumblr. Then I'd be raping that Activity button to check out who likes or reblogs my posts. Are there any tumblr famous like or reblog my posts? Like, I would be worried if there's only little notes. But then I would be like WTH, I post what I want, what I like, and personally, honestly? My edits are neat and awesome. It's just a different view to other people.

Coz what I see from a tumblr famous, she also has posts with only a few notes. Hence learning lesson: Post whatever you want or like, just for the sake of your own being and interest.


When you perspective on a movie is different from your friend's 😒

May 1, 2015


I notice myself wanting to hangout with friends, girlfriends. I don’t care guys or girls. Just not only the two of us. Coz the only time that I got to meet my friends is when I could work in office and not at client’s place. Yes, my friends. And I also miss their jokes and laughter.

I know it’s hard to meet him too. But then, having the plan to get married in some years, we could prioritize friends first. (That's why you have a bachelor party). The fact that we started having lunch together with other office mates makes things better. We got the both of it. Anyway, that happened coz the other girls were out of office.

I wanted him to choose the guys over me, anyway. Coz I miss my girlfriends. I wanted to hangout with them.

I want to feel again for every chance I can get, the feeling of hanging out with your friends, with jokes and laughter, stories, good or bad. Because we don’t only need each other, but also friends to live by.

Especially when my weekends are always so lonely because I am a person of lack initiative.


What makes you keep on writing?
In hopes of people to discover and read your thoughts, without the need to announce it.


Me on weekends: Shut out from the world.

But then that's a lonely world to live in, even for a day.


It's not about you are bored with the person. You just need to colour up your life. You need friends and get positive vibes. Because every time, at the end of the day, it's with them that you would have the best laughs of your life.