Dec 30, 2015


Hahah funny how I'm in love with young Luke Skywalker in the 80's. He's so handsome in his own way. I can't get over this.

Wow this is like Avi Kaplan all over again. Mark Hamill was so handsome! And getting to know him made me not unlike the old him because he is such a sweetheart.

Dec 16, 2015


I know what's going to happen.
I know what he is going to tell me.
The eagerness that he shows in phone messenger is too obvious.
He actually just couldn't wait to tell me the good news.
To tell me about the girl of his dreams.
To tell me how wonderful she is.
To tell me how it went from thereon.
To tell me how it got to being serious-to-marry relationship.
And I will just have sit there across the table
and listen to all his happy sappy stories about the girl he loves.

Oh I am sure. So sure, that even though I know what would happen,
I also know that I wouldn't know how to respond.
As a friend. As a close friend.

I keep playing the what-could-be scene over and over.
But I couldn't seem to visualize myself of how I would react.

Well, Erin. Get ready to hide everything you feel like you want to show.
I suppose things are going to be left unsaid.
Where lips are sealed.
Just like all these years.

Dec 14, 2015




My feels hahah


The rules of forgetting a person whom you think you like, are:
  1. Do not write about them
  2. Do not talk about them to anyone
  3. Do not mention or utter their names
  4. Do not contact them unless it's work

Dec 13, 2015


So many times in my career, I realized that I had to work at one place, so I could learn what I needed to know, to excel at the next. It’s a process. So much knowledge comes with age and simply living life.

Take your time. Read. Breathe. Live. Someone is always going to be ahead of you. That’s their story, their path. And if you don’t “make it” until you’re 30, 40, or 80 it’s what was supposed to happen. It doesn’t mean you failed.

I find that if I try to rush my progress in life, I just hit a wall. Something bigger is at work here. We are always moving into what we are ultimately supposed to become.

 Heidi George


I agree. It's the sad truth. But when I think again, for muslims commenting on muslims, one of my pet peeves is that based on a photo yang MasyaaAllah mendatangkan fitnah, people praise their relationship. I don't know how to elaborate this further, but I just, it annoys me.

I admit I do express relationship goals, especially on non muslim posts. And it's basically goals for when I'm married. So actually, how does this differ from muslim expressing relationship goals on muslim's haraam relationship? Hahah whatever. My justifications would always have my side.

Maybe it's the fact that it seems to me as if people want that before marriage relationship when they say goals and when they praise too much of their idols when actually it shouldn't be something you wish for? Religionly speaking tho? Anyway, a certain source says it's not wrong to have a relationship before marriage, considered that you do it right.

And I think the source of this problem is mostly on a photo uploaded for the whole world to see even if you don't intend to. Coz well. People talk.


Those times when you want to tell a really good joke but then you have to hold back coz only your family and extended would understand it


No filter makes a picture as natural as it is. But then I simply enjoy a photo with a good coloring.

Dec 11, 2015


I thought of sharing the photo of our selfie but.... I just really don't want to immortalize him on my blog lol

Dec 10, 2015


I hate that I'm too attached to your songs. To the songs you have introduced me to. To the songs you're in. It's not relative. It's from those you appear in videos with that background music. And what more to the songs you just randomly talk and tweet and sing.