Mar 22, 2015


I freaking forgot to pay my drink at MARA Japan Industrial Institute which is located in Semenyih, Negeri Sembilan. What the heck???? It's so far for me to go there just to pay my drink. ARGH I'm in dilemma.


He is not telling me stories. He is not excited to tell me. But then they have so many stories to tell each other, but I don't have any. Zero new knowledge. Zero. I'm upset with myself.


To be honest, caffeine does not help me much. It's actually the enough of sleep that I get and the enthusiasm that I put in the work.


Remember when Puan Faridah said Jumuah is the best day to learn? It is not only because it is Sayyidul Ayyam, but also because it is a day full of Barakah and the fact that the next day is holiday. People are happy, they are in a good mood. No matter how bad things are, they don't feel like scolding you much, because plainly, it's Jumuah (:


I haven't been exercising or even a jog or even a fast walk since last December. That makes it 4 months to date. I haven't been fit. I'm always sleepy. And when I got home, the muscles at my knees are always in pain. I hate it. I don't feel healthy when even though I'm underweight. But duh, underweight IS unhealthy already.

I don't know when I would start thinking about my health more seriously.

Mar 5, 2015


So the technician guy was fixing a long bulb in the office. And he was like taking quite a long time. His friend told him, Cepat la, lamanya.
"Kejap la. Tak nampak lubang dia ni."
"Ala kau masukkan je."
"Tak, dia kena bagi dia kangkang sikit."

So, like almost the whole middle section of the office could hear them.

And I was like... Gosh.... could their conversation be any more awkward

you get what I mean

Mar 4, 2015


Being gay is not something natural. It's what you choose to feel and be.
So I'm really upset like, facepalm, to who says that it is. #shakesmyhead


Situation: Train packed with people, you have no choice but to stand in front of a guy sitting.

Before I settle myself, I think I literally stopped for a second to examine him. He was reciting zikr. Like admiring him I think he noticed. Guys always notice anyway. So I was like istighfar sister, lower your gaze. But I AM lowering my gaze. Hahah


SivaStory: When you just started working, you'd be so excited when you got emails. But eventually after long period of time, you'd get tired of it and the excitement is gone.

Mar 3, 2015


A story told:

The other guys asked him to lunch together. But the he said, Korang pergi dulu lah.
Then the other guy said, Makan ngan awek la tu! 

When I he told me this, I was like, close to blushing. Lol

Mar 2, 2015


The amount of people supporting LGBT is ridiculous...
The world is really ending