Nov 18, 2010

SiRMa 09/10

Credits to Din
We didn't create the magazine, we only worked as assistants. I feel like we didn't contribute much, like we didn't last year. Apparently it seemed as if it was YOUR batch's magazine. But the last days before school ended, I got the chance to see how you guys work. It was hectic, as I see it. At least... I got a lil' bit real editorial board experience being around you guys. Hee :)

The last moments spent, were amazingly haywire <3

Nov 15, 2010

Dance shock

A junior thought I went clubbing. They were like,
bila kak erin belajar menari a?
Sexy gila kak erin menari.
I didn't know you were that smooth.
Kiterang enjoy gila.

Aku sampai menari-nari skali kat tepi ni.
Ish Miley Cyrus Malaysia niii

Though frankly I ain't that good, I'm just flattered :) You guys cheering made me go more boom boom pow. The dance was the way for me to give it all I've been keeping inside my soul. Basically a big thanks to the crowd. You just made my last days so freakin' awesome. Love ya'll! :D

Nov 13, 2010

A'an Mior

Days with you in Kuantan. I had a blast, girl!