Mar 25, 2012

Have some changes

I want to increase my skills in photography. Well not actually skills, but some new.. well I think it's called a skill. Lol whatever. Anyways, new things to learn :-
  • Bulb photography
  • Levitation
  • High speed capturing images
  • Some skills with the speed light
I'd like to try some. Just a hobby, or things you do in free time, to release stress.

Mar 13, 2012

Don't stop once you've started. Don't give up when you're halfway there.

If it's your passion, if it's what you love, if it gives you joy, do it. Go with it. Don't stop. If it's what you have been wanting to do, to achieve, do it. Regardless your intention to show to the world, to entertain people, but it's for your ownself. For the sake of your own joy. Don't push away your little dreams, with the little effort you made for the first time, go to waste. Don't let your failure to do how it is supposed to be, get in your way. Just remember that practice, improves whatever you are doing.

Mar 12, 2012


They never fall for any guy but you. No one, but you. Perhaps I'm just tormenting myself with sweet moments we used to have. Because I am sure as hell you didn't make me as happy as I with back then.

With that being said, I'm back to my happy self. No mourning on the past.

Feelin' like a newborn

So far, everything falls into place. I couldn't have thanked more to Allah for everything I have right now. My girlfriends and boyfriends, I'd never wish for someone else :)