Jan 21, 2010

Hectic early year moments AGAIN

As usual every year in school, I'm always busy with school programs.
  1. Kawad Kadet Laut
  2. I want us to be fired up to do this. I hate to hear people saying that only Girl Guide, KRM, and Boy Scout can win. Anyway, not to get low self-esteem, but only around three weeks of practice to brush up the basics + one formation is too short to date.

  3. House practice @ Tok Sira @ Green
    Which, happens the same way as in SAB. I'm like so unfortunate to be in this kind of rumah sukan. The leader is no offence but does not know how to lead us. See, just the same.

  4. Civic portfolio
  5. Have to send it next week, and I haven't even start a thing. A simple assignment always the hardest.

  6. S.E.M. Project Type III
  7. One goal that we wanna achieve is to finish this freaking project. It's not like 'melepaskan batuk di tangga'. Just that, I think our project is not original and we're too late to change it. So we're just going to move on with it.
So many things to tell to my parents and dear friends but our rare meeting would make it more memorable. But it's alright, it's okay, I'm the artist in my world. I paint it how I want it to be.

"Crush, you will always be my could-but-never-will-be." - letterstocrush
I think it's impossible and I like it just the way it is now ;)

Jan 2, 2010

Packing up

Darn. I have so many stuffs to bring to school. Many books, precisely. How am I gonna stuff the pile of books in my room? They're just too many. Swell. I need to sort them out. I think I have crap books that I'm bringing. Oh what the heck, it's going to be my second home. I'll barely come back to hometown. Hmm.

Anyway, this notebookdoodles, she inspires me. Now I'm so determined to write a lil bit of my every day life. Twenty ten is going to be my last year of schooling and I want to cherish it every day. Like I said in my previous entry, time's running out. This determination suddenly comes to me because I was kind of frustrated when I couldn't know what exactly happened in my new school, like how my progress is going and how the heck I like being there?

Back in Japan, I wrote everything that has happened for every day I was there. It's like a traveling journal. And it was worth it. Because when I relive the past by reading them, I'd know what I've done right and wrong. That as a reminder of myself to not do the wrong thing again and learn from my mistakes. But then, since I stepped into this boarding school, I've never had time. There should've been because it is as if I'm 'muhasabah diri'. Jolting it down is much more a relief than whispering to myself at night.

Blogging can do me that favour but I won't have a simple access to wi-fi or laptop. So now I'm determined to have that fancy ringed diary. I'm on a mission, which is my next new year resolution:
Summarise every day with simple words; short and sweet.

Jan 1, 2010

The past year

I should be hanging out with my siblings like we usually do. Sadly, they are away from home. So this year is just another year. I don't get excited neither do I get nervous. Heck, I was doing my assignment as the firecrackers went off. Sounds pathetic, huh.

My friends are posting about 2009. I find them interesting. Let me share some beautiful experiences.
  • Ended my 1 year and 3 months specs - a record that I've made among other specs. Gonna make this new one longer :P
  • Having metals in my mouth - a trend nowadays.
  • Survived staying in Kuantan for four weeks - should I try more?
  • Did a public speaking in front of a quite big crowd whom I see every day - I got positive responds. Thanks guys ;)
  • Once played tennis at night until 11.30pm. It was heck a lot of fun! - Hard to repeat that in SPM year (just a stupid excuse).
  • Got three 100% marks straight for accountancy subject - just lucky.
  • Entered Petrosains for the first time - just because Atul was there.
  • Had the best hang out with my close friends from MRSM!
  • Bought too many handbags. Haha.
Hmm yeah. As Atul said, it's hard to think of the things happened. Well, I could always browse through the blog archive. The ones that I listed are those that I didn't have the chance to talk about. It was heck of a year ;)

My one important new year resolution?
Just live every day like I'm running out of time.
I learnt it the hard way.