Aug 30, 2015


As I look at the photos of Mona and Haz together, I couldn't help smiling like a goof and keep telling myself that this guy has married, has become someone's husband. Like, this is the first time someone close to me has gotten married. The near tears were real. I fell in love with all the simplicity. I don't know how else I would tell this. I'm run out of words that this should be what it is in humanity.


MasyaaAllah how simple was the nikah. Especially when the guests were the people who sincerely came for the majlis ilmu to gain knowledge and barakah, not the people you invite. How simple that they didn't need to bring any hantaran along with them, only the rings (and perhaps the mas kahwin which I didn't see in physical lol). How simple that they just wear simple clothes for nikah. Knowing how kind of rich my friend's family is, everything about the nikah was so simple. And having Sheikh to tie the knot for them is such a huge blessing masyaaAllah.

I hugely respect this nikah. Nothing ever can top this.

Cakap orang sampai mati. Kenapa kita kena kisah?

And oh we went to Farah's afterwards. But not all of us. It's a trend that we do every year for Raya. I can't believe it has already been a year since I went to Farah's. This one is no kidding.

Aug 25, 2015


I always got angry or giving faces with my seniors. Padahal sebab kerja je. As a person, they're nice people. And actually, as a person during working, they're nice persons too. I really need to learn to contain my feelings lol

Aug 23, 2015


The thing I like about DeFam's Supergirls is that they didn't confuse the pronounciation for between Malay's letter R and English's letter R. They are pronounced differently and they did  it perfectly. Especially the Malay rapping. Coz honestly, I feel sick listening/hearing people using English R in Malay conversation lol


So, as of 23rd August 2015, I have renewed my IC and passport at UTC in Keramat Mall on the lovely Sunday morning. Not crowded. Not long to wait. Not like back at the time I was doing in Shah Alam in around 2013. That was nightmare. I had to go there twice.

Operating hours are different for each Jabatan I think. Coz I saw for Jabatan Imigresen, it's opened from 830 am to 930/1000 pm. As for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, on Sundays (and actually everyday), it is opened from 830 am to 830 pm only. They are definitely closed if during public holidays.

So thank goodness for UTC

More info

Aug 22, 2015


The best would be that, people don't even know you are engaged until the day you tie the knot. Oh worldly


It's always not fun tweeting. I don't explain things much. Elaborations are a'ways in my blog instead


Do you understand the joy when you see your guyfriends being too handsome you feellike crying coz you're so proud of who they have become like
My kids are growing up *tears*


Masa takde kerja, tak nak bagi kerja. Sibuk nak siapkan benda lain. Pastu suruh orang kerja masa weekend. Pui. Subordinate management tak bagus. Kenapa la tak boleh rate your senior ini tidak adil.
Penat woi duduk depan laptop. Nak guna saja saja pun dah malas blergh

Aug 17, 2015


What I learnt, don't just say okay after someone asks you to do something. Process the data, and actually do it.


I wasn't nominated by anyone for anything, even for best gifs (?!)

I got so many positive feedback from messages. But no one or more than five or two nominated me :(


Aug 14, 2015


i forgot what i wanted to talk about
lol i really love to bother the seller with my item. like it's already 3 months and i'm waiting for refund and you are local not overseas
then like for babyshawl wth dah dua minggu patut sehari je ok wth salah customer sedih ah gini

Aug 11, 2015


I really like the outfit of one of my senior here. Like, she got the coolest clothes man. I wish I'm that rajin to wear mine.

Aug 10, 2015


I know it's a trend. But I should stop doing and buying things because of Instagram. It's sick. The world is sick. The cruel truth.

(I'm talking about my phone and how I always think of IG when I want to post photos)

Aug 9, 2015


There were too many things to tell. But we got so little time.

Aug 8, 2015


Apparently I'm the kind of staff like what Cik Ta described. Forgetful or just too shallow to think further. I only photocopy the tax information for one company, and not the other two companies. As for this one co, the tax comp and other forms were not in then file. I only found the refund. But man, I know I should have made an inquiry to the client about this. Sigh. Tapi aku sanggup je pergi balik client base.


Okay so I wore shorts and short sleeved shirt and no scarf on my head. I went out to the car inside the gate, to find out my neighbour just came out at his door house. And I kind of buried my head in the car to get my sis in law's brother's satchel. Then I was like do I hide inside this car or just ignore everything and walk into my house? I do the latter. I didn't freak out running dashing into my house tho. Lol so much for keeping it cool. Now he knows what has been hidden T.T

Today I woke up at 1030 am still feeling reluctant to get out of bed, thinking if I should go to Bukit Jelutong or not. But then it was already 2 pm. Like around 330 they were already going to Nilai. So I was like ok jumpa sana.

Then I google mapped Mek Reel's place in Nilai. From my home. Wth 45 km with 50 minutes journey. Alone. Then reaching home at night, alone. I might need to pass this trip. If it was a convoy, I would have made it. But then, to even reach to the meeting place is too far. I've sacrificed myself too many times to travel to Shah Alam from home sobs

Aug 7, 2015


Please accept your mistakes. Throw away your ego soooo far. Please.

Aug 6, 2015


I'm watching If I Stay again. The beginning. About her best friend taking random pictures.

And it makes me remember how I was in high school. I was the person who is always with a camera in my hand. And the fact that I was also a photographer for the school's magazine, I just took any photos I wanted. Any people I want. Mostly of course I took photos of attractive people, girls and boys. And I like to see how they enjoyed being captured. And they deserve it.

But hey, my main point is capturing attractive people. Especially guys. I push away all my cowardice and shyness and just snap. I kept my poker face on, while sometimes they responded with delightful, sometimes they didn't notice, and then I just whisk away, feeling giggly. Hahah silly me


That stupid feeling when I ate lauks yang dah berusia hampir 2 minggu (14 hari) and the fact that I think they still taste okay..... lol Sue me


Drama Silir Kasih ni, diorang based in kawasan kampung. Sorang mamat baru habis sekolah ni bermasalah. Suka kacau perempuan. Yang sedihnya sebenarnya,mcara ex schoolmate dia ni tolak invitation dia. Dia dah la bermasalah, pastu asyik kena bandingkan dengan member yang dah banyak berubah. Kena pulak ditolak perempuan dengan marah marah. Mana tak lagi dia nak buat jahatnya. I do think one way to affect people is with kindness. Not harshly.

Aug 5, 2015


Me writing in English: A+++++++++++
Me talking in English: F beyond the deep ocean


Bila performance materiality level naik, FAHAM TAK PERASAAN GEMBIRA TAK PAYAH BUAT BANYAK KERJA AHSDFLHASJKDLF thank god T_T Alhamdulillah

And tomorrow is finally the time to use my one time experience of stat auditing with Mr. Qad. I hope everything will be smooth.

Aug 4, 2015


Kalau kamu betul sukakan dia, jangan lepaskan dia. Kalau sekali kamu lepaskan dia, terlepas sampai bila bila.
— Calon Suami Novelis

Don't judge (laughing historically) 


I always got really pissed off with my seniors. They always detect the things I did wrong when I thought I was right.

Stupid right. This actually indicates my egoism. Gosh, habits really die hard.

I still remember how I was so unsatisfied when my claasmates found the error I did in Maths. I confessed to them before SPM the next day tho, that I'm that ego kind of person, so that I just wanted to make it clear to everybody so they could forgive me.

I guess I need to try harder to change.


As I watch the drama Silir Kasih, baru nak hati bunga bunga dengan babak babak comel ni, pastu tiba tiba ada orang tak puas hati, benda buruk mula berlaku. Weh baru nak gembira ngan hidup, berapa minit je berubah.

Then I was like, hidup... camnilah...

Lately I keep on laughing to myself whenever I relate the things I see, that those nostalgic things quickly crossed my mind. Those bittersweet memories. Hati berbunga.
Then I wish, I wish to go back from the beginning and wishing to never have met you. The problems between us were so obvious, yet we were oblivious of the future. We only lived the present (we went with the flow).

But then again, I have learnt so many things. Like how a best friend teach you things, you have always done it. I do not regret a single thing. Going to separate ways seems impossible. And I've been hanging on a loose rope.

Aug 2, 2015


"I'm going to sleep early tonight so I can go to work early and do some work."

But this always fails.


Now I understand how mum feels when she does not care to sacrifice her resting time in order that she could provide the best treat for her beloved kids. She does that so her kids would want to come home on the weekends. She wants them to feel welcomed and at home. Because living alone without nobody at home, waiting for husband and one lazy daughter to come home is very lonely (at least it does sounds so, to me).

So when my siblings come home on the weekend, I have the need to stay at home to hang out and just be around them. Not with other people. I know I would miss meeting my friends, but I have the feeling my family is more important. I yearn for the presence of my family. And especially when my parents are getting older.

It's all sad thinking about this. I should be strong. Have faith in Allah.


Out of all guardians, I'm more inclined to get to know Groot's history. He is very interesting to begin with.
I believe his race’s language is so difficult to interpret that to the untrained ear the noises they make when they talk just come out sounding similar to the words “I am groot” to people not speaking his language
- Soure quote

In conjuction to this, what I understood was that, Groot grows so much that his form became firm and inflexible thus it's hard to speak as what people understands. Also, people who always communicates with him could eventually understand him, just as raccoon does.

In one source, he is a former king. In another, he actually just proclaimed to be a king from Monarch Plant X but that's only his claim.

I like the quoted above, of how complex they are. Their species deserve so much respect.