Sep 14, 2013

the good

Think about the goods we've been throughNot letting the bads affect the goods

Sep 7, 2013


All this time I injected this thought into my brain, that he was never a part of any surprises I got on that day. And not even an early wish.

How could you not feel upset about it? It was a huge disappointment. But I moved on.

Til one day, after months went by, a friend responded differently to my statement. The different kind of respond when it has to do with him. I was bewildered. But rethinking, I didn't want them to know that I didn't know about it. So I shut.

I started questioning things. 
That the present was maybe from him. 
Who else in that place would ever celebrate me that way, 
after how I am to them?

Maybe he asked someone to buy it for me.

It was possible. 
But he let it hung. For months 
I thought he never cared.