Jun 24, 2017



As I'm writing this down, I want to warn you that this post might be quite cheesy. Well this is really unnecessary but I don't care I write what I want to write. I've been restricting myself from being all affectionate and PDA-ish on the internet pls excuse this one. There's no special occasion for this post actually but I just wanted to write what I feel for this specific person.

When people ask me how I tolerate with his behavior, I think people should be asking how he tolerates with mine. Hahaha. Well it goes both ways. Yes, at times he can be annoying but that's just his way of being funny and making himself happy. Sometimes I think I'm too uptight for not getting his jokes.

Trust. Often relationships fail because of trust issues. Along the way obviously there's bumpy rides but through it all, we've finally reached that point where we both trust each other enough to let one another live our lives to the fullest. No envy, jealousy, or any feeling of the sort.

Honesty plays an important role too. Ifor the past 4 years, we've been nothing but completely honest with each other and it feels great! Not having to have secrets ot hide anything from one another. I truly respect my man for being honest with me.

Long distance relationship sure is hard but with the right person, it has its cons but its really not a big deal. Distance do makes the heart grow fonder ;) It makes me feel like I want to live everyday to the fullest, knowing that I'll be seeing him soon.

Can't thank God enough for making our paths cross❤️


You started it, Erin. Now let him live happily.