Dec 24, 2016


I want to forget what happened today.


I feel nothing.

Dec 22, 2016


Idk man. To me, and for me, tunang tu tak payah kecoh. Biar parents ngan adik beradik je tahu. Kalaupun aku ada banyak duit, aku tak nak buat tunang macam ni.

Kau tengok omputeh dia jemput siapa masa wedding? Close family.

Adat tapi aku tak suka. Bukan semua adat tu bagus. Kalau adab, aku ikut.

In other way, bagus la orang tahu, boleh doakan kita. Ok fine takpe orang tahu indirectly. Bukannya official nak declare semua tu.

I've been hating weddings since my sister's. Maybe I just hate events. I don't hate marriage. I hate weddings and the concept. Tapi bagus kalau dapat jaga silaturrahim. I just plainly hate it tho #shrugs

Dec 12, 2016


It was a disaster from the beginning. But I insisted. I took the risk. As time passes by, things get more difficult. Til the day when it's finally going to come true, the bond hit rock bottom.

It's all my fault. I don't tell people. I don't consult. I don't know how to mend a broken heart. I let it be. I let them heal on their own. I show no effort.

I'm useless and helpless. Everything I imagined us to be shattered to pieces. You won't want me anymore. People change. You will feel like you want to find something that is missing. You wouldn't find it in me. In the end you would choose that person instead of me.

I'm not good enough to be held on.

I might die unmarried. Coz I wish no other than you. And hell, I will never deserve anyone.