Sep 19, 2016


I always compare myself to other less fortunate people. Since the day I made complaints to mom. Coz she said she had gone through worst. What more my dad. And if my parents had gone through worst, other people have it more worst. Like how my friends are having a hard time finding jobs. Like how they have to commute via public tranport. Like how they don't have a car. Like how they are in another country far away from home.

Not only my friends but I don't have to compare so far. I just need to see my colleagues. Not all are under good situation. Some need to study, become a part time student. Some stuck with the job because of bond. Also the fact that some or most of them live by themselves, renting places while I... I have so many priviliges.

A home. A car. High pay. Free time. Parents are around. Dad sending me off and picking me up to and at  the train station. They still provide me food. I don't have to pay for the house. (But tbh I have the feel of responsibility to still give them some money and for the house).

Also I look at other people's job other than audit. Alhamdulillah I have what I have. No excuse for me for being spoiled. (Like how I had no excuse for being spoiled during MRSM days coz I have every kemudahan that my parents paid for me??)

Even more, my jobs are not that hard, you know?? Coz I have amazing managers?? Sigh.

That's why I don't complain to my colleagues and friends especially. It's not that I'm not being real. It's because alhamdulillah I have all the things even when I feel so down. 

When people ask how's audit?
Uhh yeah it's okay *shrugs* stressful but okay

And anyway honestly I forgot about sorrows when I'm in the free time mode. Seriously. I forgot most of the stressness.   It's silly but I do. 

So alhamdulillah. I'm thankful for what I already have.

Sep 17, 2016



RnR Seremban will always be nostalgic.

The place where I first drove a car. MyVi with Ann beside and someone at the back. Maybe it was Ha.

Also the fact that we were on our way back or going to Klebang. It was night time.

The fact that that was the first road trip with the people I love to hang around with.

The fact that the road trip included Ha in it, altho I was partially having a crush on Akhyar lol (which is now happily married to Ada).


I realize that people would buy what famous people are wearing. Like to me it doesn't look special at all but there are still people who would buy them lol

Sep 9, 2016


I'm the kind of person who remembers people's good deeds towards me or remembers birthdays and important dates, but doesn't show the appreciation

Like, you would think I'm an ungrateful child or student or friend but honestly I remember everything 

Sep 7, 2016


I feel left out even in my family
And the same reason this happens
Because I chose to be that way

I'm an idiot 

Sep 6, 2016


I'm done with my friends. 


Idk tbh it's slightly a disgrace to actual hijab ie covering aurah

Mata overdone, baju ada curve, lengan tangan nampak bentuknya. Yes she's pretty. Fashion. Freedom of fashion. But, just for an event? Okay