Nov 30, 2015


We've got work in the morning
But it's nearly 5am.
Is this really what we envisaged?
We won't be 21 again.


Maybe we'd marry and we'd work it out fine,
In some other time, some other time
And we are happy when I'm walking that line,
It's all in my mind, all in my mind
I paint the ceiling so that nobody knows
I cover it slow, cover it slow
It's like you've never even met me before,
How little I show, little I show

Nov 25, 2015


There are always times when I know and realize that I'm not doing well for my own being. I'm not person I visualized myself to be. It's the point of time when I think I am no fit for anyone. Because I am just useless and hopeless as a person. Even the closest person has lost faith in me. And there could be a possibility that... I don't know.

Change is inevitable. But it seems as though I have changed to the worst.

Nov 19, 2015


I received a quite number of head-shakes because of my driving.

What I remember is that I got two from motorcyclists and one from a pak cik.

From motorcyclists:

1. It was because of me changing lanes. So this Indian pak cik geleng geleng kepala like I did really wrong. Like WTH dude, I gave signal light, then the traffic light was red. WHAT DOES IT DO GOOD FOR YOU TO SPEED UP WHEN IT WAS FREAKING RED. THINK BRO.

2. It was because I tried to make one lane to become two lanes. The traffic jam was terrible. Cars are crawling on the road. And the one road lane was so huge that it could fit two big cars, not just some Viva or Kancil. To my logic, you should maximize the road by compacting cars side by side, to let the cars behind not to queue so freaking long. So dude, WHERE IS YOUR FREAKING LOGIC

I really dislike some of motorcyclists. Like, sometimes you guys also need to anticipate drivers' thinking. We have really bad blind spot. 

From a driver:

I think I have already told this before.

So there. It's just bothering me that what I think I did right, they saw it as wrong. But whatever, people think so differently.

Nov 14, 2015


"Kreatif Menutup Aurat"

Kreatif Menutup AuratBy : macamcantik.comMore : Sukan Star TV @ Sukan Star .com @
Posted by Sukan Star TV on Thursday, 12 November 2015

The comments who said this fashion is stupid, seriously, GTH. Ok jk. No, I mean, this has helped me a lot in terms of tutup punggung. And wanna know something else? It has already existed in the early 2000's because I know my sister wore it this way back in the days when she was a student. 

Like dude, to me, it's not serabut. C'mon. Kat luar tu dah ada famous designers yang buat baju shirt, then jahit ngan kain lain sampai dia tutup punggung and atas peha; just to give the double layer effect.

It's also not about 'Baik pakai jubah, senang, berangin, sejuk.' or 'Pergi la beli je baju dah siap tutup punggung semua, murah je sekarang ni, ada banyak.' No no NO. It's about using what we already have.

So what if it will look weird to other people, if you comfortable with it? So what if it does not conform to the current fashion trend? You wear what makes you feel good to live the days out there.

Honestly though, I've done this fashion so many times in my life, that it's funny when famous designers this year are just starting to pick up the pace.

This might seem 'berlagak' but oh well, you guys are my friends :P