Apr 26, 2015


I need to get a phone with a good camera asap. Coz I miss randomly taking photos of people and surrounding. My DSLR would be too big. And a GoPro would not assist me much if I were to use it during the working hours? Lol. The best alternative would be a mobile phone. And my option would always be iPhone. Although I do not like other features of iPhone, but the photos are better when sharing, etc. No distortion.

I don't take the best photos, but moments are always my thing. The difficulty in capturing those, has somehow made me feel empty. Like I don't have so many photos this year because of work T-T and also last year because I was not always around and the fact that DSLR is too much work. I always used my friend's iPhones for that. And that doesn't feel great.

I will buy it soon. InsyaaAllah.


Pergi ke lecture, sahabat tanya "Eh baju baru ke?", pastu rasa sangat terharu sebab dia sedar dengan our presence and our being :')


Funny how since I started working, I don't have online transactions and parcels arriving my house. Like the desire to shop online has gone. Like I already could not see the reason and usefulness of buying those things although they are mad lovely. For example, those hipster clothes that I love. It would be no use buying them because I could not wear them daily. And I already have so many that people don't know of.

But also, I have lost interest on so many things since I started working. The feeling is like giving up everything? I don't know. I don't know what I'm feeling

Apr 25, 2015


Moments I wait for:

  1. The end of the month.
  2. The end of the weekdays.

Being the reasons for:

  1. Salary banked in to my account. And I would feel so rich lol
  2. Time off off work. Especially when you didn't have the chance to learn to do things the right way.

Apr 18, 2015

#82 Engagement Team Members

Lol I am so happy working with my senior in charge. He’s like my guyfriends. Like it is so easy to ask him and like really be myself. He reminds me of Atep. And he’s like Kevin, like a huge huggable bear. Like so kind and friendly.

I should stop being an emo freak when I have a headache. Jangan ikutkan hati sangat. This means I should get myself energised. Mum is right. Aku suka ikutkan hati, tak layan orang, etc.

I think that I was the driver of the noisiness between us three. Coz I’m kind of loud and crazy.

I also like to think that my craziness is derived from the mixture of both of their presence. Without her, I might still be awkward. Without him, I might still be awkward too. Thank goodness for Zela’s presence. I am so sorry for wishing you away lol. Alhamdulillah. Everything happens for a reason.

God knows how I miss that life with the boys and also the girls. Like omg…. I realise that I could be so cracked up. That’s the real me, man. That’s who I am. I’m really thankful for both of them.

And you know what? I could express things like, best GILA, or itu JE. You know, that slang? Yeah. And that makes me remind of my guy friend in University. Coz that’s how that expression of mine begun.

He’s that type of guy. And the first time I really heard him using kita and addressing us our names, or sometimes addressing himself his name, I was like, this is so unbelievable, like, am I actually hearing this?

And what’s good is that, I don’t mind speaking English to him. Like also, if I were to speak in Malay, to explain things, I would cakap dalam cara skema. I like how I just proceed explaining in English, and he just layan, but I reply in English. Like he gets me. He adapts with how I am, and I also adapt with his. And the same goes with the VT.

I also like how he likes to use bro, then I’m like okay, bro. Like layan je ah. To think back, macam berani sangat je iolls respon camtu kat SENIOR? -_- But I also do that with my guyfriends, so actually I was, and being myself. I’m so happy you could tell.

I even got mad at him in a good way, but then accepted my mistakes in a good way. Coz I know I was wrong when he corrected me.

But then one time I was saying something, he thought I was correcting him, so he was like, ‘Siapa senior sekarang ni?’ I was like, that was not my intention. I was just trying to express what I thought, but I think I did it the wrong way. So I need to improve on that.

Idk if he’s the type of person who likes to gossip, but I wonder how he describes me. Shrugs. They don’t deserve my shitty emo behaviour.

Working life would be so great if you have these kind of people to work with. I won’t mind working so many hours with them.

#81 Family

My SIC wanted to go back early on last Friday. I was like, alaaa. He replied with, “I got a family…,” while smiling sadly.

Then it hit me. I am very not excited to get home. Coz of this PTX thing.

Another thing, Avi loves his family. If I ask him which would he choose, being in my shoes, I know he would still definitely choose his family over his idol. I mean, he loves his family so much. Another reason I should not go to the concert…

I am messed up

Apr 12, 2015


I hate listening/reading/looking at stories of my friends about the holiday we went together. Because my side of story was really really pathetic I don't know where to begin

#79 Revision Advice (?)

Buat Saudari,

Hmm aku tahu aku boleh buat/jawab soalan exam nanti. Tapi aku tahu jugak yg aku tak boleh nak jawab kalau aku tak buat revision atau kurang revision.

Like, banyak kali gak terjadi, kalau aku tak buat revision, aku menyesal masa exam, and I know exactly why I couldn't answer the questions. Coz I lack revision. And what more that you know your capability to comprehend what you have studied, you just need more practice.

So I don't want to feel that way again? And the fact that I don't want to repeat anything and waste the money invested during the semesters. AND TIME!!!!

And like, kau ada list of syllabus untuk cover kan? Spread it to until maybe two-three days before exam. So that you have that list of shit to do. Lol. Like kalau kau postpone gak benda tu, lagi la menimbun revision kau kena buat, NEARING THE EXAM DAY HJAKFLHKSFAJSD

You don't want to feel gelabah, you want self-assurance. (but of course whenever nearing the exam, you can't escape from that extreme anxiety), BUT at least you would have self-reassurance.

#78 Golf

We played golf on Friday, somewhere in Gombak, using Ha's brother's golf kit. Or whatever you call it. And I couldn't get over the phobia of breaking the golf head like I did when I was like 6 years old.
Seriously, man. Since then, I never even want to try playing golf. But because it was Friday night, and Ha was around, I was like, why not?

He told me, that when he was playing golf with his brother, they would target the car collecting the golf balls. And it was not a buggy. It was Kereta Kancil yang dah nazak. No lol actually yang dah hilang tingkap, hilang belakang, tapi enjin, tayar, stirring, etc, masih tip top gitu. 

Before we arrived the golf place, he told me about a khutbah by khatib, talking about "Always Have Hope". So he applied that to playing golf, coz he was a noob too, and teaching a noob like me and our friend/senior, Mus. And he added, always have hope, tapi niat kena betul....

Me: Okay... ATTACK KERETA!!!!

Of course you would not understand my story but I'm telling it anyways. It was funny. #mudahterhibur


Okay I found ways to bully my senior haha


Again I'm really upset of people supporting LGBT and such.

#75 Accent

A friend once said, that I have a perfect English accent. Like the American accent. Like, it sounds natural and whatnot. So I was really touched 'coz that just boosts my confidence to a whole lot of another level, especially when my friend is from Poland. And yeah, she has that European accent. And I don't know how I have developed American accent throughout my life. Lol

Apr 11, 2015

#74 PTX Concert in Malaysia

I'm so excited for this. I really hope I could make it.


I could not comprehend why people like Sex and The City. Isn't the storyline boring? Despite all the hot scenes. Like, is that just it? The hot scenes. Sigh

Apr 10, 2015


Thank goodness to the senior, I've found the best sitting position using the office chair. Like, I love it to be at the highest as it could go. I like it coz I tower over the laptop, and that my legs are not too bent, which I really dislike when the chair is not tall enough.

However, if I needed to eat or do something personal, of course, I lower the chair so that I could hide my face behind the borders. Lol

I'm loving this office. Like, they have Ikea chairs yo. Own cubicle, free wifi. How cool is this shiz.

Apr 9, 2015


New Laptop
I'm so happy today that I got a new company laptop, an exchange for the previous laptop they have given me before.

It has always been hard for me to answer anyone's question about section F. Seriously. Coz I have never done it before, but it seems simple to me.

So when people ask, do I know how to do section F? I hesitate. I take a moment to think of do I really know? Do I tell them what I've actually done?

I only did cross ref. That's it. Receive confirmation. Look at bank statements. Like it is so simple, I could do it in my mind. But I hesitate, of course.

So when I answer, I end up looking like I'm scared to answer. And this already happened to both of my senior. It's like, how I answered made them like, "Okay, chill. You don't need to be scared. Just say it. Takut takut macam cakap ngan boss pulak." I was not scared. I was just hesitate and thinking and it would be the same if my friends ask me.


Apr 8, 2015

#70 Stat Audit Report

Soooo. Today's stat audit. Funny. Coz my senior explains things in the car, and I tried to make sense of all of it, but nothing does. Then he was like, aku cerita tadi kau lupa, kan? *gelak* I was like... grinning coz it's true. I could not remember things I couldn't digest.

These are the things that I could remember only by actually seeing and doing it. And I made a mental note to write a report on what I've done for stat audit, for my own benefit.

For all I know, in ACCA, since it is international, it does not include local regulations like what Forms do a company need for Co. Secretary to keep.

For audit purposes, you only need to key in data for relevant financial year end and remove the previous audit work. This works like a checklist. Just answer the questions from the template given, and key in either N/A, Done, Yes, or No.

So today I learnt the Book of Registrar, which consist of many registers like, Register of Members, Directors, Secretary, Options, etc. It is to be checked against the most bottom of the word file.

Second, it was the Book of Minutes Meeting where they keep the summary of the meeting held. Common things like AGM, and what happen in AGM. Any re-elections, any new bank accounts, etc. To be photocopied.


Things to do:
  1. Read checklist in the word file and answer. Check accordingly to relevant books/documents.
  2. Photocopy a few documents.
  3. Cross ref (with red pen).

Things to photocopy:
  1. Minutes for the financial year end (found in Minutes logbook)
  2. Annual Return (found in black ring file)


Hmmm why are all mat salleh tourists in Malaysia that I've seen are all good looking???? Despite any country which they are from, they all look good. Like, where are the average looking mat salleh's? Are tourists supposed to be good looking and would that mean average looking mat salleh do not travel?

Lol excuse me

Apr 7, 2015


H: ada 3 AA
   erin kena jdi AA yg paling top

E: -_-

H: (y)
  nnti time AR1 mesti senior akn compare

E: nak average je
    lambat naik

H: =.=
  cepat2 la naikk.. gaji pun naik.. erin nak kahwin pun boleh awal2

E: pastu boleh berhenti kerja cari kerja lain :D

H: itu la
    buat apa buat acca kalau decide nak slow2
    you have chosen this fast lane in the first place


Perempuan "tercantik" di dunia is so overrated. Coz beauty is so different for each individual.


There's a manager here who looks so laid back, a bit slouch, not the really professional segak kind of guy, not tough, not skinny, and comel and good looking at the same time. He also wears spectacles. And like, he looks so young, for a manager, he is already married like wow his wife is so lucky

And suddenly I'm picturing my guy being the manager. Coz he's so laid back like that, like, he could be a great manager. lol


Can't believe we made it through 3 months or working and now waiting for shifting of office to another building. Alhamdulillah for everything.


When I was a student, it was sooo hard for me to remember what GAAP stands for. Like, now, or recently while doing paper AAA P7, I was like, this GAAP is so common sense that I thought I was so silly not to remember what it stands for

Apr 5, 2015


Why is bromance more attractive than the love girls show to each other?


I had a crush on a junior during MRSM days and I just find it so hilarious now. Like, my boyfriend is way better 😂


I can't even begin to smile or do good for my parents. How messed up am I? Even if I do good, they still won't let me go. But I know I should do good no matter what the circumstances.

My upset and anger are just taking over me too much right now. I am upset with myself too.

How long will I contain this? Of course mother knows the reason behind me acting this way. 


The second mum wished me in R&L WhatsApp group, I already despised it, so much. I didn't even say thank you to everyone, because one, I was thinking of what to reply; two, I have forgotten about it until it was too long already to reply and the fact that other topics already came in.

In the end I just let it be hanging like that. I hate wishes. *shrugs*

Apr 4, 2015


It's funny how I always wonder how it would be like to be a girlfriend of some other guys that I know. At work or university. Why do I think that way?

But in the end, I could never let go of the one person who already knows me too well.

And actually I want to talk about how for these three jobs sofar, that I am always assigned to nice seniors for my team. Especially when they are men. And like, I had to work in a room at client's place, just the both of us. And sometimes go back and forth from office together in a car, just the both of us.

I don't know, I'm just too silent and held back the things I feel, the things I want to say. I'm too alert, I end up making things awkward between me and my seniors. Especially when for example they are randomly humming or singing something, then I was like just focus on my job, not responding at all. And they end up being just silent afterwards. Like, pity them, coz they were trying to be themselves etc but then my response restrained that. lol

But I don't know for this new Malay senior I am assigned with. Maybe he's more laid back and doesn't care, 'coz he's more senior than my previous seniors. We'll see. 

#58 Kahwin

Macam mana nak berserdehana untuk majlis perkahwinan/pertunangan bila dah jadi adat orang banyak mulut untuk membuat perbandingan?

Apa pula kata kawan kawan? Nota: Bukan sahabat. Apa pula kata Boss di tempat kerja? Apa pula kata saudara? Apa pula kata lecturers? Apa kata cikgu? Apa kata jiran jiran?

Apakah perlu untuk mengadakan majlis pertunangan besar besaran? Majlis inai?
Walaupun memang kita sangat mampu, apakah perlu semua itu?