Aug 27, 2013

Change: Feminine

So a friend told me that I've become more feminine. Like cakap lemah lembut.. as compared to previous two semesters. Now, I wonder why I've changed :"

Aug 26, 2013

Housemate #6

Seeing how my new housemate behaves towards me, it really reflects how sombong I am. Ugh

Aug 25, 2013


The truth of the matter is, the more packed my schedule is, the better I am in arranging my own revising sessions. Busy for me is a good thing. So for this semester, I sense lacking of motivation to study. Work has not started yet, which I hoped to have started since day one, but no. And I am just going on a cruise on a slow pace. Leisure.


I have these wide choice of shawls. Which I know some of my house mate would want to borrow certain of the shawls; which actually I don't usually wear them. So instead of letting them unworn for ages, I brought them here.


Try not to spend too much time on finding faults on others. Spend more on your own faults instead.

Aug 24, 2013


It has been a while since you were around. I hate to say I'm wrong, but I missed you. I should have not taken you for granted.
Whatever you do, be positive

Aug 22, 2013

Hold on

You never knew. But every second, the heart yearns; every second, the heart feels pain. Something the logic questions the heart, every second. But it holds on; out of fear, fear that great things won't happen twice. When the truth is, nothing happens the exact same way. For every second, the heart feels it in every way

Aug 15, 2013

Kemewahan dunia

Kemewahan dunia ni distract umat Islam dari isu isu sensitif macam isu Palestin dan lain lain. Serius, aku mana ada didedahkan benda benda camtu. Yang aku tahu, nak hidup senang je. Istighfar.

Nampak tak permainan hiburan orang barat? Orang bukan Islam? Saja nak alihkan perhatian kita daripada benda benda ni. Haih.

Apa yang boleh aku tolong? Apa? Hm

Tapi memang tercatat pun dalam al-Qur'an yang dunia ni akan jadi bagai nenek bongkok tiga. Betul, kan? Kalau silap, tolong betulkan kesilapan saya ni.. What we have to do is strive towards a better world, although we know that the world is going to an end, anyway. We still have to face the apocalypse; and Dajjal. The signs are obvious, since years ago. We just need to be prepared.

Lepas satu negara, negara lain kena kacau. Umat Islam kena kacau. Israel yahudi tak akan suka pada Islam. Itu pun tercatat dalam holy al-Qur'an.

Bila fikir pasal benda ni, takut sebenarnya. Nak kiamat. Bagusla, kan? Maksudnya kenala persiapkan diri dengan akhirah, bila dah sedar tu.

Seaman-aman Malaysia ni, kena ingat jugak saudara kat luar sana.. Hmmm mungkin caranya selalu update diri pasal isu isu ni. Jangan buat bodoh je. Saudara se-Islam kenala tolong.

Macam sejarah negara, kena tahu jugak walau sikit. Penting sebenarnya sejarah ni. Kalau tak, orang membuta tuli nak mempolitikkan semua benda. Ni random je cakap ni, gua pun tak berapa tahu sejarah. Just a reminder for myself too.

Mungkin ujian mereka, kena ancam; ujian kita ialah kemewahan hidup. Hm

The undead lived

Every time I switch on my laptop, I become paranoid. Whenever the screen is black for too long, I got paranoid. It doesn't let me live normally. It can crash down for good anytime. But I hope the previous crash was just some false alert. Please laptop, don't leave me.

Aug 14, 2013

Rambut hiasan wanita

Sejak guna hair conditioner and hair serum, senang je rambut nak bentuk balik jadi tak penyek, bila lepas buka tudung. Even lepas ikat rambut pun, okay je. Nampak tak perbezaan setelah jaga rambut tu

Aug 13, 2013


Tapi aku selalu doakan moga aku dimatikan dalam iman, dengan cara yang baik, dengan tenang.

Ke salah cara aku doa ni? Salah ke eh mintak dimatikan begini?

Ye lah, pada aku, aku nak dimatikan begitu, bukan dengan mayatku cerai burai. Wallahu'alam.

Aug 12, 2013

RIP laptop

All abroad

Nanti Mad fly.. A'an fly.. Atul fly.. Qila study jauh.. Ainaa pun lama dah fly, susah nak balik.. Ja'i pun takde.
Habis tu, nanti nak lepak dengan siapa kat KL ni?

Aug 11, 2013

Ayra #1

Hahahahaha lawak gila
Anak saudara gua nak tidur. Dia pun baring la atas gua yang tengah baring, tengah sedap sedap tidur. Dia letak la kepala dengan tangan kat perut gua. I was like, dia ni nak baring ke? Maklumla tak reti dengan bebudak. Pastu ayah pun kata, dia nak tidur tu, penat main dah.

Pastu gua pun bagi la dia baring, gua edjas edjas posisi badan, nak bagi anak buah gua selesa. Dia pun edjas edjas la jugak nak dapat comfort. Tapi tak comfort gak. Dia pegang pegang badan gua, tulang je dia dapat. Hahah. Gua tak boleh la nak buat apa. Dah memang takde lemak. Lagi lagi masa puasa ni. Meeeemang keding.

Serius, masa nak edjas diri dia tu, dia cam edjas bantal, tapi takde ke-empuk-an. So dia pun pandang gua pelik like…’Asalla tak lembut pun Mak ni…’

Haha of kosss. Mak dia ni lagi berisi, lagi sedap ah. So dia pelik kenapa tetiba Mak berubah camtu. Teori kitorang sebenarnya adalahhh anak akak gua ni ingat gua ni Mak dia. Sebab muka kami sama. Bila gua tak seempuk maknya… Dia pun pelik haha

Itulah al kisah gua dengan seorang bayi..

Aug 4, 2013

Adult and shoes

Be an adult and throw away that sports shoes if you are not running. Wow terasa. But wait, I'm still a kid! Yeayy

Alaa. Maria Elena pakai sports shoes pun lawa je. Hannan pun. Even some arabics do. So it fits. *shrugs*

It's him

What can I say more.
Thanks Ann, Mad, and Atul.

Coz I can't post too much on tumblr.

Iftar 2013

Breaking the fast with these retards haha
Friendship doubles your joy
and divides your sorrow.
Kindly make your way to my tumblr for more of our awesome photos. Pun intended.

Aug 3, 2013

The other half

Hihihi kbye
"I know that you’re the better half,
I’m just glad I’m the other half."

Aug 2, 2013


Guys or girls with rings on them actually look very attractive


Here, a good leader means knowing most of the students, what the activities they’re doing, and thoughts about the course, the problems. And he’s doing it behind the scenes, that no one knows that he knows.
It’s really good. And he would always ask people, random students, about this and that; the things he could help with.
He wants to know what the people want. He wants to listen. Such leader we miss.

Aug 1, 2013

Housemates #6

I would love a home, just us, known to each other. And when we want to do some occasion, we'll wait for one another and look after one another. We don't leave out anyone. We'll go to places together. We'll try to have iftar together.

Not this kind of home. Some people in this 'home' want to get out and never want to feel belonged. Not even think of sympathy towards your friends. It's sad, really.

Only if most of us were kicked out together at the same time

Housemates #5

Life has been much better without strangers, unfamiliar faces lingering in your house; a place you call home, to settle, to just be you.

Turning 20

Trade in the canvas back pack for a leather briefcase. Be an adult.
- Sincerely by @GentlemenWear
Well, it gets to me. Coz it’s like saying trade in the canvas back pack for a leather HANDBAG or women slingbag. Be an adult WOMAN.

I sensed this since yesterday, hanging out with the Iridiums. All the girls are so girly, I mean the girlfriends of the guys. And I’m there, with a sling bag, and Nike sports shoes like… okay
And anyway, being friends with Teha, with her loving to express how lovely things look. For instance, a lovely handbag when she sees one. And it’s actually true. Something in me loves handbags, Certain handbags, But still they’re called handbags. Maybe I’m close to that phase now. I even loved my sister’s handslingbag. Very lovely. But I’m still not with the handbags with short string. Haha I’m becoming a woman. I’m 20 years old for god’s sake.