Apr 7, 2009

Tensed With So Many Stuffs

1. Flag
We should have a LOGO. Instead we put stupid childish Syahbandar letters.

2. Stupid headgear
We had no LIGHTER to matikan the headgear. We can't jahit them, it'd be really small then. I gave up so we ended doing only like 10 of 'em. Gave up because Mr Tan was not in his office to be asked about the lighter and the purple lighter was lost. Thankfully when we were to go to Add Maths class, Izham found the lighter. Dang it emi. And charles' headgear belum buat lagi! Zzz

3. Mascot
Painted Nab's taekwando shirt. When it dried, it was hard as a rock. Charles just can't wear that. We're depending on Putri's friend to bring SILAT shirt.

4. Skipping classes and tinggal banyak benda
I couldn't focus on helping my friends to do the flag or the sepanduk or the headgear. 'Coz I know I've tertinggal many things especially ACCOUNTINGS, PHYSICS and ADD MATHS (I was in the class, but I was too tired to learn what Mr Tan taught us T_T).

5. Cheer - extreme cheeky moves
There was a SBS' cheer song that had words 'Booty Drop' in it. The cheer moves are to me, very cheeky. Why the heck Put wants stupid cheeky moves? And always talk about it? Rant about it and complain about it? We don't have cheeky moves, so what? I know Virgini is very pro but can't you give other songs?

6. Average timing for 400m
I still don't know the average timing for 400m and Chan Tung Kwan, the olahragawati is running for 400m. Oh heck. And I couldn't run macam dulu. Only 1 minit 29 seconds. Skarang ni paling laju 1 minit 44 seconds. Hmmph.

7. MRSM.
Actually, I'm totally letting go of the responsibility to handle things for MRSM. I wanna focus only on Sports Day. Letting them know I'm going was really stupid action. I was so hyped to skip classes but when they already knew, I became moody and I didn't like it. I shouldn't be moody on my last days in SAB. Sorry, nab, it just came to me =( Sorry najat too, 'coz I made the thinking look :p. Basically, MRSM was making me more tensed than I should be. At least if I didn't get MRSM, I would still be happy.


Apr 5, 2009

Same Cashier

Dammit braces aq tercabut lagi. Kali ni getah dia siap terkeluar lagi. Ni semua gara-gara kelazatan ayam goreng yang mak aq masak. Bukan tu je, tapi jugak sbb niat aq yg nak makan lagi walaupun dah SENDAWA. Istighfar...

Good news is, I'm gonna meet my dentist in 5 days. 'Coz in five days, it's gonna be 2 months I'm wearing the braces. Phew. Wait, next Saturday is SPORT'S DA
Y. Oh gosh, I hope the dentist will make an appointment A.S.A.P.

Dang it. Thanks to my playful tounge, oe of my braces dah tercabut KELUAR. Zzz

* * * * * * * * * *
Okay, let's start with the real thing. 'Same Cashier'? Same CUTE cashier, I'd add. He wears specs, has a lil bit moustache, average body, higher than me(though I was wearing high heels), and bright skin just adds extra toppings on the ice cream! We were queuing for the cashier. Then I saw the same cashier the last time we bought things there. So I was staring at him all the time, saying to myself oh my god, he is soo cute. He seemed to be preparing to open up the counter, and I really hoped so. 'Coz I'd be the first one who will go to his counter.
When he lifted the sign 'Counter closed, please go to the next counter', I knew I was right. Then he caught me looking at him, and all I did was (maybe) a blur-questioned face. He responded to my weird expression with a nod. I mean, he looked at me and nodded at me!! It's hard to get attention from CASHIERS who were busy doing their jobs. But yeah, of course, or else the queue would be very long.

After he nodded at me, he looked up and I followed his gaze. It was the counter's number, and it was blinking. He just wanted to make sure that the light of the sign was switched on, meaning the counter has opened.

Without thinking much, yet still a bit blur, I called my dad and smoothly drag the trolley to the counter. He asked for a J card. Seemed like it was far for dad to give the card, so I took the card gave it to him. Teeheee.

After finished taking out and putting all the stuffs we wanna buy, I went to the back of the counter. I've forgotten his name thus I moved a bit to change my angle so that I could see his name on his nametag. I saw it. His name was Fuad. I wanted to read what else written on the nametag, but I failed. It's just hard to stare at the people 'I like' and knowing the other customers could see what you're doing.

Hahah sigh. Sometimes it's boring to know every single detail you've done or seen of whom you like.


Apr 4, 2009

Merentas Desa

Dang, I thought they'd give certificate for top 15 like last year, but they didn't.
Mentang-mentang last year Jubli Emas, buat sijil utk tahun tu je. Sigh.

Just so you know, I got 14th. Quite good, right? As I held and read the card (upside down and out of breathe) that stated what number I got, I still couldn't get it into mind, so I asked the penjaga, what number. 'Empat belas,' she answered.
'Empat belas? EMPAT BELAS? Wahhhhhhahahahah empat belas!!!!' I shouted ALONE out of joy. Thankfully no one familiar noticed that. Why big deal? 'Coz for the past three years, I only got between 55th and 60th, (very depressing).

Somehow I'm not satisfied with MYSELF because I know I could've done better. I just stopped running and watched PK1's passed me. My spirit dropped a bit because I lost Sherrie in my sight. What d'you expect, Erin? Sherrie was so dang fast.

Still, I didn't notice Syud (6th) passing me. Perhaps I was too busy holding my chest, untuk tahan sakit. Nonetheless, I'm grateful with what I got.

And rups, don't worry. We still have the glory ;)
Overall, we won the first place.


Apr 3, 2009


1. Fa dengar cita that my handphone and camera kena rampas.
Quite popular, huh? Hahah.

2. Najat praised me saying that I could remember dance steps quickly.
Teeheeee *blush* But Rupini has a better memory.

3. Sara and Phoebe praised me and A'an because we were like the strongest base.
Maybe it's because the trust you've put on us, Sara.


Apr 2, 2009

Third in Zon Pudu

I think most of us were very confident that we get the first place. We somehow acted like one, didn't we? Maybe our overconfident brought us to this. Maybe not.

Before it was our turn, frankly I could feel the heat and pressure that were put on us. It was the first time I got butterflies in my stomach, kecut perut kot!

This was where it went wrong. We didn't do tepuk semangat, we didn't chill, instead we just stayed still and quite. Dah la tengah gelabah sebab derang cek uniform accessories and semua tu kan? Tak sempat kiterang nak baca doa sama-sama ke apa. Semua layan diri je.

But it was the past, let bygone be bygone. Perhaps we only got what we gave.

Whatever happens, we shall maintain our kedudukan =)