Mar 31, 2009


Jelesnya tengok diorang yang dapat nombor 1. Muka tak nak happy lagi. Bila diumumkan diorang pemenang, cheer bukan main lagi seronok.

Baru skarang saya dapat rasa camne perasaan PBSM skula kita. Sakit hati agak membuak-buak. Memang tak puas hati betullah dengan keputusan tu. Rasa cam tak adil langsung. Kiterang agak confiden untuk dapat first sebab kebanyakannya kiterang nampak lebih baik dari diorang...

Ni la yang slack nya. Kiterang confiden cam confirm betul kiterang dapat first. Perasaan sama yang melanda member2 PBSM. Seriously I felt that we did act like we were the winners.
Hmm, I don't know about others, but that was how I felt. If only we didn't do this and that, we would've get the first place.

Mar 30, 2009

Pumped Up !

Eh, I only knew that Yee Seen asked us to sleep at 10 pm. Can't help it, I do things at the eleventh hour! Just finished preparing the stuffs for renjer.

Oh gosh, I'm so pumped up! Tomorrow will be the second time I represent school for some competition. Heck, it's Kawad ZON PUDU competition! I am really looking forward for tomorrow.

I believe in my squad, I believe in us, and we shall prove to people what we're made of!

I wonder how newcomers for KRS are doing..


The Joy of Cooking when you see people enjoying your cooking!
And even finish them all! Hahah

Ni baru family yang makan, belum kawan-kawan lagi =))

Dear friends, you shall taste my own cooking, soon. I won't let you down.
Just please do not be hard on me, I'm just a noobie ahaa ^^


Mar 29, 2009

Interclass Drama Competition

2 6 M A R C H 2 0 0 9

It was compulsory for every Form 4 class to take part in the competition.
But it turned out that 4A had no representative.
No offense, but it'd be easier to get place then :P

We, 4 Cekal's, were rehearsing the scenes in 4 Jaya's class.
A'an, Vinosha

Mind you, they were playing dead. Tapi.. cheong sempat lagi tengok amera xD

This' the part when Umesh's parents (Ah ma and Ah pa) were dead.

Real, huh? I almost cried although it was noisy :p
Party hats for the birthday scene ;)

Tunku Abdul Rahman and Communist

4J's playing with my camera - -

Farah and Farah xD

Athirah Iylia

Madihah and Aqilah's brother (cute boy ^^)

Muka sakaii haha

Ending of 4 Budi's drama
Dzaed, Adib, Dany, Sree, Lina

4 Kamil
Annabelle - Tinker Bell, Charles - (Hot)Peter Pan, Afiq - the kids, Vinodh - the kids

Jun Hao and Harjeet (black) - the bad guys, Hema - some character, I know you'll know :p

4 Jaya
Iwan, Regent, Alia, Farah, Victor, Fara
Eric's dead!
Surprise birthday for Bryan(red tie)?

In between the drama presentation
Aqilah, Atul, Adlene

Cheong, Umesh, Farah, Shida, Zhan Wei

Dzaed, Cheong, Umesh, Farah, Shida
Izham, Zhan Wei, Calvin

4 Hemah
You know, somehow I am thankful that 'Ainaa was not around to take part in the drama =x
Front guitarists: Hanalene, Faiz, Razman

Sook Shian was singing I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Her voice was lovely.
We sang along =) Here you could see Wei Lin(hood) being the drummer xD

'I got a letter...(it showed THE END)' ^^

Vinodh, Annabelle, me, Saemah, Charles
Thanks Suri =)

So, we have yet to discover who's the winner. I so can't wait.

By the way, I'm listening to TV3 live show, Sure Heboh I think.
It's damn annoying. They sound really bad. - -'


Experiencing Earth Hour

So the TV was on beside me. Mum switched the channel to TV3.
By the time it was gonna be 8.30pm, the host of TV3 was counting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..
And so the place gone dark. So was mine. Still, I was wondering, do we have to switch off the PC?
'Coz I really didn't wanna do that. Switching off PC is as if switching off my LIFE.
At first I saw my neighbours didn't switch off their lights. Maybe they weren't aware of the time.
I just continued surfing the net... and heard my brother - I couldn't recognize which one -
was shouting at my neighbours to switch off the light.
I secretly made the look -.-'. What would people think after then..
After a few minutes in earth hour, mum reported that the neighbourhood had already gone dark. Some still had the lights on, but that was still good effort.

Since it was a past, I tell you, that I was left alone at home.
Cuak gila weh @.@ Killers or thieves could barge in anytime!
Only Madihah knew that I was alone by myself. I thought about everything, even ghosts!
To get me feel relaxed, I turned on the TV. Just craved for a human's voice.

Others went out to Pizza Hut.
The reason I didn't wanna go is because it was hard to get ready with lights off.
If Pizza Hut didn't switch off the lights, so I wouldn't wanna go there supporting them.
They should've switch off the lights. Somehow I think that was a childish thought, but I needed reasons to make me stay at home and surf the net :P

Days before earth hour, my family and I had a chat on it.
I shared them a piece of my mind, 'Who would make sacrifice to switch off the lights?' It seemed impossible. So I thought maybe the main power would be turned off and you couldn't do anything, even using the phone. Stupid, right? What if we were to S.O.S?
Come to think back, we only needed to switch off the LIGHTS, not ALL of it.
Think before you say, baby, think before you say =)


Mar 28, 2009

Totally Moody Day

Yesterday I was indeed in no mood at all. My friends were the main preys.
Sorry I've showed you guys no interest, responding with only one or two words,
and giving you guys the bored look.

Charles was really increasing my moodiness. I was so mad when he didn't turn up at anywhere usual.
And when I got him to try the outfit, it seemed very wrong. Not the look that I've imagined,
the other reason that increased my moodiness. Sigh.

I even showed my glumness to my cheer buddies! They really didn't deserve it!
Sara was like, 'Hye kak Erin!!' All I did was faking a smile and angkat my kening.
Yea, doing the second thing is my habit :p Fortunately my mood was good as the time slowly went by.
P/s: I loooooooooveee lifting people a.k.a FLYERS!! It's so fun!! Hahah. Though I know being up there is more fun than watching it from down. I so envy light people T_T

Despite having to think about my assignments, I suppose I was being moody as the matter of friends.
How could I ever doubt them? They were the ones who were there when I was alone.
I'm being a fool to doubt them for a small thing.


20 Minutes Visit

Today's a bit special. I walked home from school with Put and An.
They came over to my house for the FIRST TIME!
I'm just glad that I didn't have to walk home alone. It'd be scary and lonely :s

The girl behind there is Put. She was washing her dish while we were being vain :P

As for a treat for my guests, and a thanks for walking me home,

they made themselves at home and treated themselves a drink each.
An made a half of a mug of mocha, and Put.. I couldn't remember.
Maybe just a plain cold water 'coz she can't drink coffee. Too bad, huh?

I had fun walking home with them. The distance didn't seem to be far away.
Time went by without us noticing. Such a joy to have friends along.
I wonder, why am I not close to friends who live nearby?
Whatever it is, it must be a really good reason. Ada hikmah di sebalik segalanya.

Although they only got to visit my house for 20 minutes,
it was still a pleasure to have them coming over. If only I let him come over..

So, what were we doing at school on Saturday, the day we should just stay home and relax?
Well, as for us, we shouldn't be relaxing at home. We had to practice kawad.
The competition is so near around the corner, next Tuesday, like 2 days to go.

I only kawad for an hour, maybe less, and it was darn tiring.
If I was in that state after an hour, just think about others, whom have kawad for like, 6 hours!

The thing I liked about the new changes is that our hormat terima sijil, and hormat ke hadapan are now fast. It was easier for us to synchronize.
Just that, I don't like our bullet-train-hentakan when we were doing formations.
We knew we were tired, but still we didn't slow down our hentakan. Hmm.
I suppose it'd be slow if only Maggie was there ^^. She always said it out loud.

I heard the squad were marching around the school compound.
Like, belok kanan, belok kiri, belok kanan, over and over again.
Bunyi syiok gila!! Despite the tireness, too bad I was not around T_T

Moral of the story, come EARLY :p



Oh gosh OMG erin, OMG!!! I burnt my finger for the SECOND time!! Such a fool!! Oh danggg! Well, at least it's not as horrible as the first one. And the bread eggs I cooked were so not delicious like my mum did T_T

Hmmm I'm sitting here at home acting as if I don't have a kawad practice, which actually have already started hours ago - -. "I have things to do at home," I said. Right. And what's that? Sleeping. Haha. Sigh. My muscles in arms and back are in pain! Out of lifting flyers and making stupid painful grips.

And now I don't know how to divide my thoughts into four. Kawad, 400m, mascot, and cheer. Oh dang, I know kawad is very important. And I know I'm being selfish for not coming to practices. Anyway, I don't come for practices not because I want to sleep at home, to go for tuition or any of my OWN self-benefit. It's mostly for Syahbandar! And I've divided the time for both. It's equal, so please do not get your thoughts that I'm a selfish brat.

The thing is, now, I have not run for 400m and jog since last tuesday. I have not build up my mucles since last tuesday. And I'm confused; which one should I focus more? Kelenturan, or my strength of mucles? Kelenturan is for cheer. And I've longed for it since I knew I couldn't touch my toe. I can't even do BRIDGE! My hands are not strong enough to push my body. When I tried doing bridge from standing, I couldn't, as I don't have good kelenturan. You know what? Rups did the bridge like it was the easiest thing to do in the world, I really envy her! She got up from it so easily and we were in awe! It's very depressing. It really needs my whole heart to this. 'Coz I'm not fired up to practice dekam lunjur. Sigh. I envy farah for being able to do split.

I really wanna be the base, 'coz it's fun!! I love it! Hahah. Now that teacher allows us to do songs, I'm having doubts on us. Can we dance gracefully, following the beat of the song? In just 3 minutes? Sorry for having doubts on you guys.. I just can't help it. Hmmph.

By the way, I'm not thinking about tennis now. Coz I know meeza doesn't. She's like focusing more on bola baling, bola tampar and cheer. So, I feel like a burden has been lifted away from me. Aaa ^^

Mar 27, 2009

Not Happy

I basically do not have anyone. I got mad to easy. I showed them no interest in their stories. I told them the same problem and they could get bored easily. I'm just slacking off...

Mar 19, 2009


Jogged 3 rounds of the track today. It felt dang good ;)

Mar 13, 2009

Kawad Competition

11TH MARCH 2009

Just so you know, I've made soo sure that two of my camera's batteries were full. Soo semangat to record all the formations from any unit.

I asked my friends to do so but they didn't. Instead, they took many pictures of kawad and other things. Pictures are still precious! ^^ So I thank Najat and Afiq D!! Hehe.

For your info, we got our school magazine on the same day. I'll say it's cool ;p
Eh, seriously, Emi (KRS) looks so gay here hahah

Preparing ourselves before the competition. Vain sikitt haha

Lepak-lepak lagi. Huhu

Eleh. Poyo la mu, nab haha

Yee Seen making sure all of us had the complete accessories :P

Najat tauke jam tangann haha.

Pandu Puteri

Fara dan Mad menggedik sebelum kawad

Pehh, ketua platun terbaik kitaaaa. Yaaaaa

PBSM. Shaz pun mengvain sebelum kawad ;p

Jeles tengok gambar ni. Smart sangat haha. Tu anuar and effendi. Lagi siapa? Haha

Farhah ngan Hana. Hana masuk kawad ke? Nape cam tak complete baju huhu

Puteri Islam! Setelah sekian lamanya menghilang, kini kembali!!

Last but not least, RENJER!! Before kawad!!
Eh, dang, scouts picture is in another card.

Click to enlarge weh. And take a look at the third floor, the banner ;DDD
Suba was like, 'Turn around, and if you guys like what you see, shout as loud as you can.'
When we saw that banner, we all went, 'WOOOOOOO!!!' and scream like heck haha.
Semangat weh. Hahah.

Before starting to show the basics. Semua muka ketat onee haha

First formation

Second formation

Third formation

Third formation. Hahah everyone was finishing the word 'Unity'.

After renjer, the last team to finish kawad.

After kawad, drizzling. Lepaskan tensen hehe.

Atul mesti tersesat weh. Haha

After announcement of who's the winner. Semangat je haha

Form 4 rangers whom will rule the Ranger for next year! Hahah

Tetap mengukir senyuman walaupun dilanda kekalahan.
Cewahh haha.

Atul tensen mak tak boleh amek kat skula haha

Alaaa kan ada the best ketua platun en. Bagus la tu!! :D Mana tak happy nya haha

I love my dad's new camera. Tengok, lima orang pun boleh fit haha.

Perasaan teruja pabila memegang piala JOHAN kawad. Hahah.
Dang, ada orang buat tanduk.

Last picture of us with the trophy haha.

Kesian mereka-mereka ni. Berjanggut menahan teksi!

That's it! Renjer got the first place! Never in my whole life in this school, that I could feel the great happiness to actually won the FIRST PLACE for kawad!!! I mean, two years of kawad, we did not get any place ;( So now I feel sooo terharu bila dapat first. Tears of joy T_T ;')))

Frankly I tell you, I've never been so semangat to prepare TWO cameras for kawad competition. Dunno what has got into me hahah.