Apr 28, 2017


Getting older each day at 1:32pm

Apr 26, 2017


What’s happening to my frikin appetite. THREE WEEKS UGH

Apr 25, 2017


Some things are just better be kept private. Like your prayers for other people's safety

Apr 24, 2017


I never like celebrations. For now especially on bachelorette party. I wish I didn't come. I very much appreciate the thought and effort though.

I also wish I hadn't sent out invitation too soon.

Apr 17, 2017


So I have known this a few years ago. It struck me hard when I was feeling left out with my UiTM girls. I mean I chose to be that way but I wish I could have known them better. Like you have this girl crush yakno. And you think it'd be so awesome to get to know them. 

It's the same feeling I feel for the boys too. 

I'm trying to justify this because it's legit. Cause tbh I have squish guy friends.

Ha knows it.

Apr 16, 2017


I realise, Ha never suggested me to wear certain clothes, for example, trendy clothes. He accepts my fashion sense. While I try so hard for him to try on the clothes that I think is so cool and would look good on him. He tried, for only one shirt. And maybe one pair of pants. Shoes, I never got to pursue him. The bottom line, he wouldn't pursue me to wear something. And I should accept that too, yes?

Apr 15, 2017


Is there any term for 'the interest you have into watching how things work' or the fact that 'you like to watch tutorials even though you will not use the product'

'Cos the feeling is something else. Like you're very curious to know. And watch over and over again and never fail to be amazed. Yet still won't use the product. Lol

Apr 14, 2017


You know about people saying banyak masalah datang masa dah tunang. Like there is a third person, or the family suddenly doesn't like the future-in-law and monetory problems and what nots. Rarely I heard people talking about the wedding preparation that makes the problem after engagement. 

Like, one person is busy, and time's running out. You want to tie the knot, but you have your own career to establish. Parents are giving so much pressure. And I should not pass that to my fiance. He has enough things going on.

I should be the one who manages here. Hm

Ps wow it's my first time calling him my fiance *blush*

Apr 12, 2017


I should reply to my own posts when I feel like I have a different perspective on my original post. Like the me then would not necessarily be the me now. Get it? Lol


This hatred feeling towards this certain person is amplified by her twitcon. Ah yes I'm judging way hard *laughs maniacally*. I don't know the story of the other girl she was bashing on, but the way she responded to that is so worst and she even cussed. The other girl didn't even cuss and replied nicely to defend herself. Oh my god wow. You are the typical Malay Muslim who says, 'Kau ingat kau ustazah nak tegur camtu (etc etc etc).' Grrr tak tahu malu ke omg T_T Dah la you show your face to public yaknooooooww. Sisturrrr I hope you realise how silly your actions are.

I kind of understand the anger that you have since your family is bashed. But you need to learn to control your anger. Like, not showing your anger to public. Let it out somewhere else first. Then you'll see how stupid you will look if people see it.

I kind of always do that, here. Letting it out on this blog. And it is still kind of censored. Coz writing makes you sane. Or rather letting things out makes you sane.

Apr 10, 2017


My eldest brother is so ignorant about this house. You have been living in this house for most of you frikin life why are you not giving a shit on what mom thinks of the rules and condition of the house???

You throw away your daughter's dirty napkins in every frikin bathroom. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THE WITS TO THROW AWAY IN JUST ON FRIKIN BIN AND NOT MAKE EVERY BATHROOM FRIKIN SMELLY. 

When we are in your house, you give rules, especially to mom. She understands. So why can't you!???


Every time I see things shatter (especially antique stuff), sofas with scribble marks from that kid, I GET SO ANGRY. 


You must think I don't have the right to say all this coz I never had a kid nor I am married.

Well, I asked mom everything about the above matters. Time has changed but it should not change you to be ignorant about your kid?!?!?!?!?! Using time has changed as an excuse?!?!?!?!! 

I still don't know if you really help our parents financially!!!!!! 

I'm sorry but I currently don't like your kid. I still hope she becomes a better person when she grows older.  I'm willing to take a risk that she wouldn't like me either when she's old.

As far as I know, my other brothers are more concerned about this. Ugh I hate your ignorance. 

Apr 9, 2017


1. I don't like voices like: Shawn Mendez, Aiman Tino. Please find the similarity in their voices
2. I don't like song genre from Aiman Tino


I'm so happy to see my UiTM friends getting together and hang out even though I lost that chance years ago. 

I have said this many times but years ago I have made a choice to not be attached to anyone new. Despite this, things can still turn around. But I won't make that move. Not because of ego. Because I know I will still be the same person who made that choice. 

So every time I see them happy, I'll always cringe. But knowing I wouldn't want my life any other way.


Orang comment/gaduh/hujah/persoalkan pasal agama ni aku takut betul nak masuk campur. Makin baca makin pening. Nanti sesat pulak

Apr 7, 2017


I respect people's views on makeups on a special day, because beauty is subjective. But I know that how I view their makeup is different. I mean, you are already extraordinary. You don't have to be normal. You don't have to follow the trend. You don't have to follow what people usually do for something. You don't have to follow the mainstream.

Hipster means something like, "following the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream." So when a fashion is trendy and you can already see it every where and easy to have it, it is already not being outside the cultural mainstream.

I can't say I'm going for hipster stuff. 'Cause I am not that creative. I'm just...

I hope I wouldn't look like somebody else on a very special day. I want to look how I look when I applied my own 'makeup' (which is always not complete 'cause I don't have foundation and stuff). But I want that look and no other.

Apr 1, 2017


I hate conforming to trends and especially adat. It seems as though we are slaves to these. What is most important is your heart, no matter what people say

Lol this seems contradicted but yea something like this