Jul 27, 2014

Kerja #2

Bila dalam kesuntukan wang… barulah terasa ruginya tak kerja setaraf dengan qualification yang ada. I mean, it could be one way to find rezeki. But you were planning to waste it. Rugi je belajar susah susah. Tapi. Hmmmmmmmm

Jul 23, 2014


Tapi kalau kerja goyang kaki makan gaji, tak best jugak. Bosan hidup. Otak tak berkembang. Tak buat benda berfaedah pun.

Mungkin lebih baik buat kerja susah dapat sikit daripada kerja sikit dapat banyak. Mungkin

Becoming a lady #1

I realize that I come to slowly loving makeups, lipstick, eyebrows colouring (eyeliner was all time fav)... And eager to find a matching handbag, plus admiring other women's pretty handbags and at the same time planting wishes to buy one. I even bought boot platform heels for I don't know, special occasions? Like wow. I'm becoming a lady.

And I'm starting to appreciate my face without specs, after realizing my friend is more handsome without one, and my junior is really pretty not wearing glasses.

I'll definitely save for a lasix eye surgery.

Jul 18, 2014

B's haircut

New haircut
Really short
But really stylish
He's following the trend
But I really wonder how he looks like
More handsome I guess

The fault in our stars

I cannot get over the sadness. Why didn't I cry while reading the book, though? Every sadness and happiness seemed so real in the movie.

It reflects so much in my life. The fear of losing is so overwhelming. The bittersweet soundtracks fuel every emotion.

Darn I need a distraction