Feb 24, 2015


I don't know what we are, but I still refer you as my man. I am that psycho ex-girlfriend. I don't write much lately because I have realized how important and how I miss my living diary, my man. (And actually my best friends too). I even get a response from a living diary. I am not sure if I would remember to post anything after this.

Feb 15, 2015


Thing is, Allah has His way of doing things. Sometimes you ask for something and in your mind you think things will happen 'this' way but Allah answers in another way that is beyond your imagination. You see, we only know this much coz that is what we have experienced or have known before. We don't know the future, we don't know anything about what has not yet happen but Allah knows everything.

- Aunt Ta

Feb 11, 2015


Life was escaping me.

And if my best friends ever know my darkest side, the eternal inner war. They would have gotten fed up about my entire being. And I wish they knew. Distance has hidden things away.

And the art of not revealing, is not lying. I lived a pretentious life.

The worst part is that I have always known what was wrong with me, but I did not ever act upon it.

Saying this now, would I even change myself?

Feb 8, 2015


If this is what I call home,
Why does it feel so alone?
Call me when you have figured out what you want in your life.

These hit right in the core. She ditched everyone else for unbeneficial obsession. Which has lead to unacceptable way of life.


Alhamdulillah, I passed P7 with 62 marks. It is way much more than I could ever asked for. I feel like I always forget Him, that there are so many things that I do wrong. Especially what happened to nals. But then He always gives me all this blessings and beautiful family. It might also be my mom's prayers. Doa ibu sangat makbul. I am forever in her debt.


Roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes left to ACCA results. Hm. With the wrongdoings I have done to nals committee, I am not so sure about the results. Coz anything can happen when He wills.

Feb 7, 2015


Maybe, just maybe, that we are the at the verge of the cliff
When I know I will never jump off
With anxiety that you might have always had the urge to


I really need to remind myself not to blindly comment on a guyfriend's photo. Sometimes it could lead to a silly misunderstanding. #facepalm

Feb 6, 2015


You do NOT model your clothes with pretty accessories when the accessories are not for sale -.-

Feb 5, 2015


Me fangirling on the fact that Mad fangirling on me quoting her thoughts, reposting my quotations of hers



Me on a lonely night after work:
Purposely miss the station where I should have stepped out of the train, while listening to my favourite songs, while almost crying because I am emotional with a mix of happy and sad and anxiety

And Letting myself drown in my own feelings until the end of the train line before I step into reality again

Feb 4, 2015


They bring me joy

Well you wanna know something?
When the boys came, when I saw Faris and Atep at first, I was so excited! I was like FARISS!! ATEEPPP!!
Then the others got to the peak… man it was a magical moment. I couldn’t believe what I saw. If you saw my face, you’d know how obvious of how happy I was when they came.
It was dark, and I couldn’t recognize who is who. Altho I knew it was them.
Then I squinted my eyes to see this one guy, and he pointed his torch at me, and say, ‘Hye, Erin!!’
Just hearing the voice, I knew it was Ha. Lol such a charmer dude ;)
Frankly I’d rather my girlfriends just hang out around them and mingle, not just stay at our place. Lantak la what Rashad say lolol
Yeah, I was like, nak lepak dengan diorang je. I missed them so much to be honest. Really miss them.

05:01pm on Nov 11th 2011
 Dear beloved.

Feb 3, 2015


Tomorrow's the first day of work for February. It has been already one month of the year. How time flies so fast.


Some household things that I learnt during living with different roommates/housemates throughout 2009-2014.

2010: I learnt how to clip your nails correctly (by Alia)

2012: How to fold your undies so you can have tidiness and save space (by Hannan)

2014: I learnt how to eat bananas according to Sunnah. (by Teha)
- How to cut pineapples (by Teha)
- How to fold scarf so it is tidy on the rack (by Amal)
- Hang your undies using hanger instead of put it on the rail (by Mom)

I'll update if I remember more ^^


Queue song: Feel Again.

Literally every time I see you.


But omg the original Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars is just so much better


Thank god for true friends. I owe Pian a lot.

Feb 2, 2015


Honestly I do not think it is appropriate to post intimate wedding photos, like kissing the forehead, hugging, then showing where the hands fall at, for example at the woman's hips or lower back. Like really focusing on that part.

Then there's the almost kissing scenes like so intense nooooooooooooo they are so sweet but so inappropriate. People should watch Nouman Ali Khan's talk about this (not exactly this, but something about the photos of your private life.) I can't remember the video but I will update this post soon.

I know this is a mind of someone who might be too horny but I think other people think so too. I hope I wouldn't be needing to do all those stuff. Or even if we do, it would be just for both of us.


At work be like: typing so loud and fast then smashing the enter button

Annoying level 999


My hair is at the stage where it is in the middle of short and long and I can't tie it up, which is very difficult for me when I need to shower without getting my hair wet.

Feb 1, 2015


When someone changes their way of wearing a scarf, sometimes I feel like she looks so much better with the previous style. But then who am I to judge. If she's comfortable with it, then that's all that matters.


*British accent* Would you like some cheese on the burger?
The one quote that I could not forget from my eurotrip in summer 2014. In Willowbrook Farm.
I randomly said it in front of my girls and they said wow, you nailed it!
I miss them


Entering any company for a job but working without guidance or experience from your seniors is really not worth it. Better just leave and find a better employer. But then, I think even when your senior sucks, you need to make due to get that knowledge to complete your task. It would be your own initiative, be active, not passive.

I think it applies to anywhere you work. Even if I change to another company now, if the senior sucks too, and I don't do anything about it, then the result would be the same. Life ain't that easy. Hence I need to have my own initiative to study things like those difficult ones. Hmm


Great journeys are made with the right people who you travel with