Feb 28, 2009

Mocha Yummy !

Mum bought serbuk mocha today! It tastes really good and so easy to make! I've drank it twice at a time. Just couldn't stand the tastiness haha :D

Feb 24, 2009

We Are The CORE

Yaakub relies on us, Form 4's. 'Coz he could see mostly Form 4's have the spirit.

Greens of Form 4. We do have members that we're clique with. 10 people we have now. Only with that, I know we could contribute a lot. We just need to be supportive and give contributions and always be there if any help is needed.

Heck, our seniors who promised to go to complex have broken their promises. Swell. I'm forgiving them this time. 'Coz there was futsal and was raining. I seriously don't want any alasan T_T

I'm getting fed up with the form 1's complaining. But, it's okay. They needed to tell us. We have to know too. To improve ourselves. Till now, I don't know how to handle them. I hope Emi gets them =S

Here's the list who I think they would help Syahbandar.
(Sorted randomly)
  1. Erin
  2. Raihan
  3. Puteri
  4. Saemah
  5. Faiz
  6. Iwan
  7. I.K
  8. Charles
  9. Emi
  10. Farah Izzaty
  11. Syuhada
  12. Ee Ann
  13. Sheril
  14. Edwin
  15. Atikah
  16. Rupini
Basically, we only have 9 form 4's who I believe, really believe that they could contribute. Others, I'm still hoping they have the spirit!

Feb 23, 2009

Welcoming NAJAT

Najat balik KL!!!! Hahah. Yesterday I had a chat with her in YM. I buzzed her, and she said, she was at home already!! She said she'd come to SAB today, but didn't let me tell anybody else.

Surprisingly, Put knew about it too. She asked me if I'm free at 1 ++ o'clock. I wasn't, but I told her I had a surprise for them. And I was like, 'Are we talking about the same thing?' So she replied, 'I had a chat with Najat yesterday.' So only both of us knew! Hahah :D

Then Najat came barging into Physics lab, the second last period. An and Najat hugged so tightly and I saw their tears were falling. They made me wanna cry T_T Alang-alang nak belajar fizik, Najat pun join skali.

Balik sekolah, as a 'welcoming celebration', An ajak Najat to go REJAB Restaurant. Which Najat and Nabilah have never been to. So this was the time!

At first Najat, An, Nabilah, and I went there first. Then Athirah and Atul joined later.

We gossiped A LOT!!! Updated her with everything that happened in the school.

Here they are!
So did when Atul and Athirah joined in!

Going back to school on foot


Whatever Atul. Haha.

Najat cam model haha

Amendeee la yang Atul ngan Najat tgk tu? An plak pandang tempat lain. Terpikat ngan mamat tepi jalan.. :p

Hidup kene slambe, duk tengah jalan :D

Atul ngan Najat sebok berborak >.< Sama tak ngan iklan belakang tu? Hahah

Hahah. I love this picture :PP

To top it all, we had fun welcoming Najat!! She's gonna go back to Langkawi on Friday. So we planned to spend more time with her after school on these 3 days.



Annabelley's Birthday Parteyyy

Venue : Izzi Restaurant, Level 3
Date : 22nd February 2009


a n n a b e l l e ' s b i r t h d a y p a r t y

It was dang fun!! All the guests were familiar but some were not. Yet we still socialized with 'em ;) Excluding the four guys... Yea, they even left early. Haish. Oh well, the world didn't end without them. We still went on doing our thang!!

We were in a monorail. My FIRST TIME EVER, being and taking a monorail!! Hahah. Jakun sat ;)

These photos were captured under the BB monorail. Back there were Giodarno and Izzi Restaurant :D

Third floor of the restaurant!!
I forgot to snap a pic of a sign which said, "Private Function". I was like, "Ooooohh, we are going to a PRIVATE function~~" Hahah yea, Jakun sangat-sangat - -" But at first I thought it wasn't Anna's birthday, until Atul asked a waiter on the ground floor. It was indeed Anna's Birthday party ;)

We were the first to arrive there :D 10 minutes before the party started. Haha

The toilet was indeed cool xD (Semua nak jakun - -")

Those are the four guys that I was talking about. Haha. I think the guy on the far left was Daniel.

And we also sat at seperate tables. Sweat. Thought we wanted to socialize with ALL.

Just vaining haha

Sheesh, I envy Sherry's laughing style xD The food was GREAT. Especially the PIZZA. Of course, the restaurant is actually named Izzi Pizza. Haha. I loved every food they served. Though I couldn't taste some of 'em - dental problem -, I still knew that they were good!!, just by the smell of 'emm. Hahhh.. ;D

Madihah and Saemah

Charles, me, and Yasameen.
Tangan gemuk yg buat peace tu, tangan madihah ;)

They were choosing a song for the runway. Just look at Mad's expression. Sooo focused on choosing the song xD

We've chosen a song, next we MAKE UP and GET DRESSED :)

Phoebe and Nasreen as... I don't know xD But they did look stunning!

Mad 70's and Atul the meanie Witch. Atul memang menjadi weh. Muka dia dah naturally scary =xx

**Updated** Atul, me(Farmer xD), Sherrie, Hema (Gipsy :D)

Charmaine, and Saemah as FAIRY GODMOTHER. She was holding a 'wand' ;)

Julian The Nerd - 2nd place, Nadia The.. I forgot xD - 3rd place

Umesh as a SHEMALE!!! And he won the prize!! So not fair!
Of course lah he won, he got his konco-konco to help him out xD
That showed how fond they were :P

Where's a picture of me with costume on, you'd wonder?

Sorry people! I can't show you the pics. But I might crop myself and show you other people. Yea, I know maybe some of the guests would post my picture, but, it's their choice. My choice is to not show them. Maybe I might censor the upper part. Well, I know how to edit it, just lazy to do it now xD

I'm taking this oppurtunity to thank those who praised me that I looked CUTE. Hahahahahahaha. Cute GEEK you mean, ey? :p If you're still wondering, I dressed as a FARM GIRL, with a cowboy hat (actually GOLF hat, it was my dad's) and a jeans overall. 'Howdy mate?' Hahah. It was sort of Miley Cyrus kind of style, her evil cousin. Haha. But too bad I didn't do tocang. It'd be more real. And more realistic if I've brought a COW and talked farmer slang, which I didn't know how. Ainaa sure knew. Gosh, I miss 'Ainaa T_T

Well, I made sinSSS last night hahah. Felt like I was in a night club -.-" Swell.

Because at the end of the party, which was at around 7 pm, we danced sampai TAK INGAT DUNIA hahah. Especially Umesh and Rocyie - -" But, derang takpe la, kiterang, Muslims, cannot la haha. Just a bit of this and that. Couldn't shake too much hahah.

Most of the songs that we danced on were HIT SONGS like Pump It, Kiss Kiss, and When I Grow Up.

It was really fun, I tell you. I even wanted to go home late. But dang, I had no choice 'coz dad already arrived at the front of the restaurant. Couldn't let him get sued :p

I went home with Atul. And we were sooo hungry, we had no time to eat b'coz of busy socializing xD After Atul was fetched by his brother at my house, I ate two plates of rice and curry. They were deliciously scrumptious hahah.

Feb 21, 2009

Tercabut Lagi

Wei bongok la brace aq tercabut lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baru SEMALAM, jumaat, 20/02/2009, pukul 5.15 ptg, aq betulkan balik braces.
Tapi tercabut lagi skang ni!!!!!!!!!!!
Tercabut time pukul 8.30 malam hari sabtu 21/2/2009!
Baru bape jam JEEEEEEEEEE



Feb 20, 2009

Aware Me

Tell me to calm down
Say to me that I should turn things around
'Coz I couldn't stand to see myself like this
Isolated by my own thoughts

My mind works too hard
Thinking about even tiny things
That, utterly, should not be taken gravely
I don't even want this to happen
Nor I intend to

So Love,
Tell me to put my problems aside
So you could have the pleasure being by my side


Feb 18, 2009


Brace saya tercabut! Oh noooo! It was all because of the TOBLERONE chocoooo! I ate it just now, out of STRESS. I finished the WHOLE choc. Yea, well, eating a bar of choc is one of my way to THINK CLEARLY.

And you know what? It worked out! But the consequences are just not worth it. Brace tercabut, and more calories and fats. Sigh.

Now I have to meet my dentist again. It's gonna be the second time to fix my braces. I was told by my dentist that there was a 14 years old kid wore braces and tak pernah, langsung, tercabut braces dia. So, compared to her, I'm not responsible and aware of this braces. I mean, it COST a lot!

Yeah.. I'm embarrassed.. Just hoping that she won't detect what made my braces tercabut xD


Feb 15, 2009

Lame Blogger

So I came across my OLD so-called blog, which is friendster blog.
Here's the link: http://edzmnor.blog.friendster.com/

Most of the entries were posted in 2006 and early 2007. I laughed so hard at how I wrote them. Sooo amateur and lame indeed!! xD

I'm really embarrased because of it. However, at the same time, I'm amazed by my bold move! In that lame blog, I've told almost everything what I've been doing and been feeling. I treat the blog as if it were my diary. Heck, I was young and a-miss-know-nothing.

Reading my old entries in my old blog, I miss chatting with Jo in friendster. And replying comments to Syawal and Famira. They were like my blogging buddies! I don't know how they managed to read my broken english and malay. Hahah.

Despite that, who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe I will laugh at this one too :DD

Feb 14, 2009


Toothache, not literally. Just that braces hurt my teeth but thankfully it lasted for only 3 days. I thought it'd be longer. I've already visualized myself starving for two weeks thus would make me extra skinny.

Well, it won't happen. The pain gradually lessens and I'm slowly trying to eat delicious foods.

Therefore, I've eaten Nasi Paprik today, which I must say the price was dang expensive - it cost RM3.50! Just so you know, I could already eat rice for the first day I've put on the braces. Just that I had no guts to do it. It was still painful!

Not to mention that I've stuffed myself with Hersheys Kisses :D They were so yummy!! It's been long since I ate the toblerones chocolates. Got them from a'an, thanks an!!

Now. I have two bouquets of LOLLIPOPS from aqilah and nabilah. I suppose I should not eat them, 'since I have my braces on' :P I don't enjoy lollipops that much anyway. So I'm planning to give 'em to my friends and... him. Hahaha.

Very colourful, huh? :D

Feb 13, 2009

Boarding School

Ainaa's and Najat's stories are freaking me out. They've been crying so terribly, like 24/7! They didn't know a single soul, and could hardly bond with other students. At some times, you have friends to communicate with, but other times, you're left alone.

Dang, you have to think about everything yourself! You know, if other students are facing the same thing, then my friends should not be so sad.

I just don't like to think about how I'm gonna do in one month time, which at that moment I'd be crying and feel homesick and all those things. Optimistic is all I have to be. For after some months, I'll survive and have a good life in boarding school.

My friends are actually lucky to be there. Hmmm.


So u asked me my opinion. I think u feel lonely, since Ainaa isn't around anymore. Even lonelier when u have to go through the situation in your class - no particular person that u clique.

Feb 12, 2009

Jogging Relaxes My Mind

Today 4B's and 4C's gotta run 1500m for UDTA. Before I even changed to my sports attire, I've doubted I could do it, especially with the braces on. They're absolutely painful, I could hardly eat! Yet I went for it. One reason, so that I need not wait for another week to run. I've been waiting for this day, anyway.

I began running not on the starting line, but 2 metres away from it. I wasted like 10 seconds just to wait for the others to run first. Aqilah was dang fast. I couldn't catch up with her but just maintained my slow speed. I started last, and for one or two rounds, I was far at the back of the line. I heard An shouting, "Erin! Lari larii, cepat sikit!" Girl, I'm sorry. Imma stick to my plan. Hehe.

Slowly, I passed a few people. Just couldn't stand to see them ahead of me :P To cut the que, I needed to increase my speed. It's the same like on the road of one lane - a car passes another car and it needs speed for that. Just so you know, Aqilah was half of the track ahead of me. I so couldn't catch up with her xD

I was panting hard but didn't let myself to breathe through mouth. The last round, 12th round, I gave it my all, like running for 100m. All the way before the finishing, I was smiling broadly and stupidly, thinking I was gonna end this torture :p, and of course thinking I was gonna make it BEFORE 10 minutes.
Below 10 minutes = Grade A.

Unfortunately, I didn't. I was late 34 seconds. I rushed for a B T_T But it was worth my satisfaction :D

After a while, I didn't feel tired, but I felt lively! It was as if after sleeping for 8 hours to be in a good condition. I just, felt, GOOD!

Even better when I've seen the class got cleaned up. A lot better when I have FINALLY bought files for account classmates. Hahah. Funny reasons to feel good of :p

Mum noticed I seemed more energetic today. Likewise, dad advised me to jog more, so that I would constantly feel lively. Yyyyeahhh.. I'll think about it.

* * * * * * *

Before any of the above happened, I had choral speaking for Cluster School Committees. It was okay, but a bit fast. We only practiced the script TWO days BEFORE. Thankfully the script was not long, or I could die there, seeing as I only had the braces on, like only three days before the performance. I must say, it was difficult for me to pronounce words properly. The ache didn't bother me but the fact that I could hardly say the words that had letters like p, m, and b.

Our performance was really brief. And it amazed me the fact that, for only that brief performance, teacher belanja us mi, a can of water, and a bread.

Izzat, Razman, me, Emi

Since I'm this person who barely communicate with people, I had trouble talking to my choral speaking mates. I only had Emi, but he was always with other people, and I don't blame him for that. Just so you know, I DID try to communicate with the girls. Just didn't get the chance to go further ;)

Braces are worth the suffering xD

Feb 11, 2009

Got My Braces On

It was on 10th of February. The pain -_-

Feb 9, 2009

Problem Solved!

I thought I had extra RM10 in 4 Cekal's fund. TEN RINGGIT. I re-counted for, I think, more than 10 times, just to make sure. I mean, who has extra ten bucks? If it were RM3, that's still considerable. But RM10?!

So I played around thinking it was REZEKI. Chyeah, right! Even if it is, you would still wonder where it came from. It'd be illogical if it came from nowhere, like POOF! It's there! ... Tch, NO!

This thing has been bothering me, for some days. I CANNOT be wrong! I've written down every, single income and investment. Literally. Call me a freak, but that's how it works when it comes to MONEY.

Today, out of unsatisfaction, I've recounted the money. I looked back at the previous notes again and again. But then, I came back to the latest counting and...

DANG, the 10 bucks were NOT extra money! I was relieved and pissed at the same time. How could I miscount the money?! I almost thought I was an untrustworthy treasurer T_T I felt soo guilty to my dear classmates. Anyway, it's their money! Pissed at myself because I couldn't do SIMPLE MATH. Sigh!

Now, I can rest my mind a little (still have to think about other school stuffs!).

Feb 6, 2009

A Need For A Man's Company

I admit sometimes I always wonder about a guy accompanying me, being there by my side. Well, of course most girls do, right? It's just the same as building castle in the air with any movie star or crushes.

Berubah Angin

As quoted by Pn Wan Noraida.
This statement is on the very top of my list of 'Reasons to Move Out'. Thanks to Puan Aida for reminding me.

Hahah. Yeah. I just want different surroundings and hope I'll change to a better person. I don't say my surroundings in school NOW are not good. Heck, they are AMAZING!

They've shown me many things about life especially about FRIENDSHIP.

Just that, I feel the need to have different surroundings. I craved for it and still do.
Anyhow, I'm writing this as if I'm really sure I would get to go to MRSM. Sweat. Hahah.

Feb 5, 2009

Cloudy Day, Special Day

I'm hoping for every practice - on particular days - to be on cloudy weather. It's neither HOT, nor rainy. Just the average. Like the three previous kawad practices.

Alhamdulillah, I wasn't starving and tired because I didn't take my lunch. The thing is, the weather didn't take up much of my energy. Just the need of A bottle of water for A day and I'm good to go.

Hope this cloudy weather is
consistent throughout the month. Or better, throughout the year. Heheh.

Before I end this, I wanna thank all of you for your birthday wishes! It means a lot to me, since I'm already SIXTEEN.
Tho I still don't feel like a sixteen.

Feb 4, 2009

Too Much Energy Used

I believe I used too much of my energy on the fact that I still have a slight headache when I've already eaten a plate of fried rice, an orange, pieces of watermelon, and a hot dog.

That's much already, right? How could I have a headache when I've eaten that much? Yea, it's a slight headache, but still.

The best part is, I DO NOT have any homework for today. How great is that!

Tomorrow's my special day. 12:01 p.m. is the special time. Hahah.
I hope I won't get moody like I
dang usually do.

Feb 3, 2009


I'm feeling her pressure and burden on me. How the heck do you do it, 'Ainaa? How do you handle those responsibilities?

I can't even handle to THINK about ONLY Syahbandar while you could think about MANY things. It's just that I'm the person who FOLLOWS and barely LEADS.

Still, you've put too much effort to just let it disappear when you're not around. I believe you've shown faith in me to ONLY handle this. ONLY Syahbandar. ONLY.

This is what I hate.
Always get on my nerves, every single year.
I'm getting tired thinking about it.
And that's ONE of the reason
S I wanna get out of there.

Okay. So I noticed people are thinking that I really DO hate Syahbandar. Hahah. No blame is put on you, as my statement is obviously on hating syahbandar.
But people, let me remind you that I hate because of love. It is somehow the way for me to go for them: HATING. Yup, hate them to love them.

Minda Kusut

Frankly, I hate taking RESPONSIBILITIES. They're just a pain in the arse.

Feb 2, 2009

Noob Blogger

Norkhalizatul Akmal

Yeah, she's a newbie in blogging! Influenced by Madihah and I, she said. Hahah.

Click this: http://nabmj.blogspot.com/

A piece of advice: Be "easy" on her. Hahahha!