Mar 7, 2014

Facial mask

Wearing facial mask the second time, alone. And this is the time where giraffe cekak from Sunway Form 3J trip come in handy. It just makes me mesmerize the first time I wore it with my girls, and those laughs.

Mar 4, 2014

Comments and skills

Dari dulu masa kat MRSM, sampaila sekarang, hati mudah terusik bila dengar kritikan orang pasal karya diri ini. To me, I think their critics are helpful, but I couldn't help to feel unpleased at first. Because you know, you have tried and did your best, and in the end, people comment on your work, of what it lacks.

But I understand, the comments can help me improve my skills and such. Still, it seems like my skills have not improved much... coz til now, I keep on receiving those deceiving comments. Le sigh.