May 9, 2010


Erin, you cannot be ignorant with your upcoming results. There's still time.
You need to maintain your reputation. And live up to teachers' faith.

New crush

Currently in love with Kurt Hugo. Since Thursday. Hahah!
He's soo handsome, like the younger version of Jason Mraz.

Too bad I'm going to leave him soon! For a month!
Don't know if there would still be an admiration for him. Hmmm.

May 8, 2010

All green

New stuffs. Green sports shoes, green bottle, green towel. What else? I'm obsessed with green. That's why shopping gives me a hard time sometimes. Greens are just so limited.

p/s : I ate Nando's for dinner today. Now, how can I not be fat?

p.p/s : And some full-spoon of Secret Recipe's cake as what - my supper?!
Luckily I'm leaving home by tomorrow morning.

Study Of Life

You never aroused me. My heart did not once welcome you. It was locked and only the chosen ones survived, with all my care.

I took a gamble by taking you as my tenth. Just for the sake of staying there. It was gut-wrenching.

Never did I care to put you high up in my chart. Never did I care to aim you for the moon when perhaps you could fall on the stars.

You were sickening me. Reading you lines by lines did not make any difference. It was to no avail.

Upon a critical level, I had to love you. So I tried. I poured out all the bad things about you. The gate of acceptance was hesitantly unlocked - I opened my heart for you.

It was indeed a wise thing to do. For I have loved you so dear, and craved to know you better. Slowly you were within my grasp.

I knew actually, that there would be one time where you would interest me. And you were faithfully waiting. It was just a matter of time.

But you should know, I will not let you lead my life. I will not gamble again for my future. I fear you.

You are interesting, you really are. But my heart. There is still a small portion deep in my heart that does not deserve you.

And you should know, I am not my sister.

May 7, 2010

Junkfood after junkfood

Carl's Jr. for yesterday and Pizza for today. You're not home to gain FATS, Erin! Darn. Anyway, how could I refuse to accept free pizza?

The pizzas were actually for Syahbandar kawad. I stuffed in three slices of pizzas, and even brought home half of the whole pizza. There were too many extras. Alhamdulillah, rezeki. Bukan tak malu eh, Atul! :P

As you can see, I wore SAB ko-q t-shirt. So it made some of my peers there could not recognize me. Perhaps they just saw another SABian. I just blended in the crowd.

Some teachers gave me strange looks when they glanced at me and looked away. I kept on looking at them, just waiting for them to take another look.

And so they did, "Eh, you!"

That kind of notice made me flattered ;) I always won't miss the chance to visit SAB whenever I come home. And so I was labelled as a frequent visitor. Others didn't have the chance to do so. Well, it's really easy for me to visit my old school 'coz apparently it's a walking distance.

"Siap main tennis lagi," Afiq Danial said.

It's a bonus for me I guess. Anyways, what should I do with this fats?

4 days in Terengganu

KEJORA Zon Timur
Regardless of missing too many lessons and my bad results in Standardized I, there was no turning back. There were three things that made me determined to go:
  • to visit Kuala Terengganu,
  • to know how it actually feels to represent a school,
  • and plainly just because I was the chosen one so I thought, if not me, who else?
I got back to Kuantan without contributing even one medal. PATHETIC -_- Honestly, I didn't expect to win anything. No proper training and the teachers could care less. It lead us to abandoned so-called athletes.

But what made it all worthwhile was when I did a 4x400m dash.

Best gila dapat potong dua orang masa dah 120m terakhir. Aku ingatkan diorang bertahan, atau nak lagi pecut. Rupanya dah pancit! HAHAH. Dengan senang nya aku membuka langkah and potong diorang. Diorang dah memang tak larat nak potong balik - terpaksa pasrah memberiku jalan. Bwahaha. Tapi aku hanya mampu memberi tempat ke-4. Sebab orang yang ketiga tu dah jauh sangat. Takkan la aku ni yang lari tah apa apa, nak pecut kejar dia kot? I know my limit, based on the trainings (tak training gila mana pun).

Aku rasala, yang aku lari relay 4x4 tu la yang paling laju pernah aku lari untuk 400m. Sebab aku bukak langkah all the way, siap potong dua orang lagik. Takde nak simpan simpan lagi tenaga. Memang all out, yang aku mampu. All out sebab tu la acara terakhir yang akan kubertanding masa tu. Malangnya aku tak tahu rekod aku berapa. Tapi tidak mengapa, kerana aku yakin bahawasanya aku telah buat yang terbaik untuk maktab dan untuk kepuasan diriku.

Perkara yang paling menarik duduk sana bila dapat makan keropok leko banyak-banyak apatah lagi bila bukan dari perbelanjaanku sendiri. Memanjang je orang belanja. Wahaha. Lagi satu bila dapat air MILO free. Memang balun 3-4 cawan la kan. Siapa tak nak air free? MILO pulak tu. Marvelous habis lah.

Oh oh, aku rasa itu yang kedua menarik. Perkara pertama yang menarik sekali bila aku dapat bergambar dengan sorang mamat ni. HAHAH. Hensem gila. Dia memang bertuah sangat. Dia patut bersyukur dapat appearance macam tu. Malangnya gambar tu ada kat member aku. Jadik, lain kali la aku tunjuk ya! (Kalau aku nak la).

p/s: Best la pulak blog dalam BM walaupun tak asli.

**More pictures to come soon. Well, for a month.

May 6, 2010


Like it's no use of having a blog when I don't update for more than a month. Actually I would not want to update my blog when I'm there. Just connecting to the internet is suicide enough. But if I didn't come home, there would be another month for abandoning this pity blog. Nonetheless, what's important is the present. So let's roll!


It turned out that I got there first. Fortunately his late arrival gave me the chance to survey the dresses - for after so long. The dresses were so lovely!
Yet, going to Padini made me think of Atul. The blue and green checked dress reminded me of 'Ainaa. And the heart ached for missing the old days. That's the way it was meant to be. At that instant, I realized how boring it was not have someone to accompany me. I've always been alone in the college. Sob. Ja'i was guilty too for coming late.

And you made me wait further when you were checking things out -.- I was starving man!

Carl's Jr.

So at last, this was our main goal. For lunch. Precisely, our heavy branch. Because of Ja'i craving for Carl's Jr. and no want else to accompany him - pity youu, I did him a favour. Dude, you should thank me for this :P **Bukan nak belanja! Anyway, it was my first time.

The burger I ordered was so delicious! But after some bites, not even close to half, it felt like I've eaten the whole burger. FYI, we took more than half an hour to finish the burger. Longer for Ja'i anyways :P He seemed tormented when finishing the burger. HAHAH! His burger was very yummy but too big and fat that you have to open your mouth really widely. Well, that's what you get at higher price.

It was worth it for once in a long time. Note: Not to eat frequently. Coz there's plainly too much calories!

Later we made our way to Hang Tuah station.
It was a new adventure and discovery for me. Baru nak kenal KL dengan mendalam xD Frankly, I didn't feel it was that far. Perhaps a companion could make me feel that way. And the fact that it was drizzling. Is it usual that it's raining in KL every evening lately? Yet the distance burnt some of our calories, like Ja'i said.

And so we parted to our own ways. Tak kesah pun. There's another more than six months seeing each other. Note that sarcasm.