Aug 7, 2017


I miss my friends. I want to tell them everything. But I know what they will say; the things that I do not want to hear. 

I want to meet them, and forget my problems, and be happy. But the last hang out was a disaster. I was silent, more than usual. I was not happy. My thoughts were bubbling inside, but I couldn't spill them out. In the end I regretted hanging out. Orang nak jumpa, nak cakap banyak banyak, happy or sad. But then I was so quiet. Tak best.

At first I was surprised seeing photos of last night but then it hit me, it was our schoolmate's wedding. The one that he did not approve in going, when it was due to RSVP. But when the time came, we did nothing on that day. He had something to do, but I didn't. I could have gone there and have some fun time with my friends. But then I missed it. It just makes things worse.

Multiple times that I wish to hang out with them. But then I know it would just be another hambar hang out with me.


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